Another No Heat Curl Try (Bantu Knots Outs)

This past weekend I decided to give another no heat curl method a try (this was the first I tried). It is called bantu knot outs and is fairly easy to do. You can find a tutorial here. It’s something that can work for every hair type. I wasn’t sure my hair would be long enough to stay in place, but they did. I kept the knots up with bobby pins. My daughter thought it was funny and looked like I had noodles on my head. Love that girl! She makes me laugh.

For this first try, I prepared my hair as the same way I did for the headband one. My hair was pretty much dry and I just used my hands to put on water to make it a little damp then added some hair gel (lightly). Then I did the twists. To play around with it, I did the twists in various sizes.

For my hair, short/thick/layered, the smaller knots made more of a curly look. The bigger knots created waves. So, even though it wasn’t super curly, it came out nice. The best thing about this for me was how much body it gave my hair. It was ridiculous! I had to bobby pin it back and own because it was crazy! In a good way though :)

Two Buns Up Hair Tutorial

This is a very long overdue post :) This is a hair style I have had in pics on the blog over the last 2.5 years and I had been asked quite a few times for a tutorial and kept putting it off. It was mostly for a lack of having someone to take pics for me, but then the other day I decided I need to just start using some of my friends instead of waiting for someone to have time to help me. It’s a lot easier and less stressful that way for sure. So my kind friend Nina helped me out.

Back of my outfit

Let’s take a look back at some of the variations I have done. In the two pics above at my brothers wedding, I am wearing the two buns up style, but I have added a bump it and I parted my hair to the side when pulling it back.

Holding my lovely new clutch (I made a tutorial for it!)

In the pic with the green shirt, I have the two buns in the back, but I just twisted the front top part back before making the buns. In the other one above, I just have my hair pulled straight back but added a bump it and a headband. That being said, there are many things you can do to the front of your hair to add to the back part. It can be worn with casual clothing or even with fancy. I find it very versatile and perfect for those days you don’t have much time to do you hair but want it to look special :)

What you will need:
- 2 hair elastics
- bobby pins that match your hair color
-hair spray
-Optional: bump it, headband, etc…..

{PS you can find the bump its at places like Walgreens, Claires, etc.}

The first thing you will do if determine how you want the front. We kept it simple with Nina since she has beautiful bangs. If you are adding a bump it, you will want to do that first. Then make two pony tails right on top of each other. The top one should have more hair than the bottom one because you want that to be the bigger bun.

The bottom one needs less so it will be smaller than the top one once made.

Once we had her pony tails in place, we pulled some hair forward to create a little bump and pinned in place.

Then I took the hair in the top ponytail and twisted it around to make a bun. I bobby pinned it in place.

The thicker your hair is, the more dramatic the buns can be.

Then create a bun with the bottom ponytail and pin in place as well. Make them as messy or as neat as you like. Spritz them over with a little bit of hair spray and it’s as simple as that! You can even do this with your hair wet! (I have done that plenty of times ;)

The Easiest Curls Ever

Thank you Grosgrain for sharing a link to this fabulous tutorial on no heat curls!!!!!

Easiest Curls ever!!!!!

Once I watched the video I knew I had to try it. I love playing around with my hair, especially if it is something I can do real quick. All you need is an elastic headband to pull this off. Well, and some hair gel and hair spray, but it’s so simple. I used one of those elastic headbands you see the sporty girls wearing (think soccer players). I highly recommend this. I have super long and thick hair and it worked great, but I do have a few tips if you have a lot of hair like mine.

The Back

She shares to make sure your hair is pretty much dry. Seriously, make sure it is if you have a lot of hair. Otherwise it won’t dry. I have done this a few times and the more wet it was the less it worked. She shares to use some kind of stuff before wrapping the hair. I have used nothing at that point and hair gel. Slathering in some hair gel made it work a lot better for me as well. Since my hair is very heavy and thick, I also used some bobby pins in the back to help hold it in place. Then once I got up in the morning and was ready to do my hair, I took it out and sprayed it with hairspray that is suppose to fight humidity. I live in humid Florida. THIS IS A NECESSITY. It helps keep my hair from getting real frizzy.

Just like she says, the curls stay in really well. Of course, there will be some hair this won’t work on, but I think if you make sure your hair is mostly dry, use enough gel during the rolling up part and spray it good once you take it out, it will be great.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Maybe even try out something new for your hair?

Something Old and a Lot of New Headband Tutorial

Hello from Florida! I’m back, well I have been for a few days, but my parents surprised me and came back with us! While they have been here, I focused on some alone time with my hubby (hurray for dates!) and really cleaning the house. I keep it clean, but I mean really getting down and scrubbing hard. I don’t like to use my free time (when they are gone) to deep clean, so I try and wait until they can watch the little one for me. It’s been fun. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’ll see them again soon. Here is a little headband tutorial for you. I saw this headband at Tarina Tarantino and I immediately thought of this vintage pin I had. I figured it would be the perfect thing to use it for. It’s just been sitting around waiting to be used. I really love how it turned out.

All done!

***If you make one, Please Post it in the FLickr Pool so I can see the wonderful things you do!***

What you need:
-Hot Glue Gun
-Vintage Pin (or whatever you want, or you could even just put the flower on and call it a day)

What you need

1. Glue ribbon onto headband on bottom of one side. Wrap the ribbon around the headband, but glue it on about every wrap around. It will help make it secure.

2. Cut two pieces of ribbon. One that is 9 inches and the other is 10 inches. Glue them together to create a circle.

3. Glue the middle of each ribbon circle together.

4. The the smaller ribbon piece onto the middle of the bigger one.

5. Glue on the flower. I took out the middle part and a bunch of the petals from the bottom and top until I liked the size of it.

6. Glue the ribbon/flower piece onto the headband. I glued mine to the side, but you can put it wherever you like. I also cut another small piece of ribbon to be glued over the big messy glue part I made while gluing the ribbon/flower on.

7. Add on the vintage pin (button, rhinestone, whatever you like). I just pinned mine on because I wanted to be able to take it off if I wanted. You can of course glue it on as well.

All done!!!!

Isn't it lovely?
On me :)
Me sitting in our new glider! Thanks dad for putting it together for us!

Simple and Quick Updo How To

I was asked how I have done my hair as pictured in previous posts, so here is a quick how to. So you know, this takes me about five minutes to do now. It’s my almost everyday hair style for many reasons (doesn’t take long, looks better than just pulled back, it’s soooo hot right now I am not wearing my hair down!!!)

You will need: Hair gel and bobby pins (lots of them)

1. Start with wet hair. Flip hair over and scrunch with gel. This will help keep the hold, give it some volume, and for those with wavy/curly hair, it will help tame it.
2. Make a side part and grab a section of hair in the front to clip to the side. This will be used to create the front swoop bang look.
Hair How To
3. Visualize the hair on the crown of your head in four columns. You are going to twist and make four “buns” with them. I started with a 1/4 section on top. Take it, twist it, place on top of head like a bun and pin in place.
Hair How To Hair How To
4. Do the same for three more, one on top and two on sides.
Hair How To Hair How To
5. Take the front part that you had pulled away and twist it back. Pin it in place in front and make a bun with the leftover (I just integrate it into what was already done).
Hair How To
6. For the rest of your hair: Just grab sections of hair, twist, and pin down in a bun.
Hair How To
Hair How To
It looks cute with a headband too.

Variation 1: In the necklace tutorial, I just did the front swoop thing and then pinned it all back in one bun.
Variation 2: Do the front swoop thing, then take half top of hair to make bun and take the bottom half of hair to make a smaller bun right underneath of it.