Knotted Bow Tutorial

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

I have two little girls so there are never enough hair bows. I have about two boxes full, but I still make and buy hair accessories all the time. The bonus is that they actually like wearing things in their hair. I wanted to try a different way to make a hair bow and was quite pleased with the result. The best part? It’s such an easy hair bow to make! And it’s a great way to use up scraps too.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY
Easy Knotted Bows DIY

I made some big ones and some little ones. The bigger ones were easier to do when it came to the knotting, but the small is doable. It just might take a bit more strength getting it pulled tight enough. Especially if you are using a thick material.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

First, let’s talk how to make bows with non fraying materials like felt, fleece, and thicker knit fabric. These just need to be cut into the correct size. Grab your scissors and cut a 1.5″ x 4.5″ piece for a small bow or a 3″ x 7.5″ piece for a big one.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Then just tie them in a knot. Make sure the knot is in the middle. Fluff out the edges and you are all done.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

If using fabric, it’s best to sew two pieces together. You also want to cut the two fabric pieces larger than what is stated above to make room for the seam allowance. I added about one inch to each measurement for this. Place the two pieces together, right sides facing. Sew around the edges, leaving an opening in the middle of one of the longer sides. Cut small notches on the corners for a prettier point when it’s turned.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Turn right side out and fold in edges at opening. Sew opening closed. If you made sure to leave your opening in the middle like I did, the sewn part will end up in the knot and not be seen. Otherwise you can hand sew using a slip stitch to shut the opening so no thread will be visible.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Then knot the fabric. I found it harder to knot the fabric as it didn’t have as much flexibility as the other materials. It is still cute though and works out in the end.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Now that you have your bows you can add whatever you want to them. I used some hair accessories I had in my stash like an elastic headband and different hair clips/bobby pin. You could also make these into bow ties if you wanted or add it to a present. They are so easy to make they are great little presents (or present toppers) when in a rush.

Easy Knotted Bows DIY

Silhouette Hair Bow Tutorial


If you can’t tell, I had tried to get this done before Christmas, hence the Christmasy colors. Better late than never though!

These are really simple to do and are really cute. You could use them for other things besides hair clips as well.

I like using them to hold her bangs back.

And they are also cute clipped onto a headband for baby!

1. To begin, you will need to gather a few supplies. You will need scrap fabric, coordinating felt, sewable iron on adhesive, scissors, thread/needle, hair clip, and hot glue gun.
2. Choose a bow silhouette you would like to use. The ones I used are from the Silhouette online store that is available to those who own one. You can also do an internet search for “bow silhouette” and have images come up you can use. Of course, you could always draw one yourself as well.
2/3. Trace the silhouette onto the iron on adhesive. Make sure you trace on the side that is smooth.
4. Iron on tracing to the back of your fabric choice according to adhesives directions.
5. After it has cooled down, cut out the bow.
6. I used manicure scissors to help with the really small places.
7. Removes the paper backing from the adhesive and place bow right side up onto felt. Iron in place according to adhesive directions.
8. Cut around bow leaving a small amount of felt.
9. Add any embroidery that you would like and then glue on a hair clip with the hot glue gun.

*I love seeing what you make! Share your creations here. Please feel free to make and sell these.*

*PS……looking for some people to offer something up for Giveaway Day if you would like to join in!*

Growing Up

 Amidst all of the things going on, my not so little girl went and turned 4 on us this summer and started Pre-K. She was so excited about school! She asked almost every day if it was time to go back.  

She was off with her too big for her book bag and a big smile on her face. I think it is really helping her with the baby being here as well. She gets to go and have fun that I can’t offer at this moment.

We celebrated her 4 year old birthday one week before baby came. It was perfect timing! It was a sort of make shift party, but the theme was Rapunzel.

I was taken aback by how shy she was when everyone sang happy birthday. She’s such an outgoing child that always has attention that it was a shocker. I thought she would really revel in it hahaha.
We had a pinata which was a fail. My hubby had to go and get a golf club to break it open. See that bat in the picture? Yeah, he ended up breaking that first trying to get it open. The cardboard was stronger than a bat. That reminds me, we need to get a new one for our neighbors as it was theirs.


Here I am with princess. I was so big and preggers and my ankles were ginormous! Good thing you can’t see them in this picture ;)


For her birthday outfit, we got a cupcake shirt and then I made the pants to go with it. They are so cute! I love little pants like these. And of course, I had to make some hair accessories. You can make some like these yourself with this tutorial or I have them for sale in my shop too.


4 years. Whew. The first part went by slow, but now it’s flying by. I am so happy to be this girl’s momma!

Fabric Bows Tutorial

I have a little tutorial to share with you all over on Whip Up.

Fabric Bow Tutorial

I had on my calendar it was going up today, but it’s been up for a while. Oops. I must have had a moment :) So, if you follow Whip Up, you might have seen it. If not, head on over for an easy tutorial on how to use scrap fabrics to make hair bows.
*Another mistake I made is in the fabric lengths. The 5 pieces are only 3 inches long, not 4.

Off to Auction

Back in the fall I committed to whip up a few things to go to an auction for my old high school. It’s a Christian school, so they do a big auction every year to help raise money and all.

Pretty Crocheted Hairbows

I finished it all up and got it in the mail this weekend! It feels good to finish something. Especially when it’s been on the to do list for a while. I made a bunch of colorful bows using this tutorial.

I also just had fun making a bunch of different headbands with things I had in the craft room.

(Tutorial for center in pink flower is here) (The round things on the middle one are called yo-yo’s; here is a good tutorial) (Use this tutorial to make the blue flowers)

A Pretty Necklace

And my most favorite thing, this pretty necklace. I was so tempted to keep this. I love the whimsical fabric necklaces that one can create. It was very fun to put together. Maybe I should go make one right now? Hmmmmmm…….

(I used this tutorial for the rosette flowers)

Crocheted Hair Bows (Tutorial)

Ever get an idea in your head and you just have to make it happen? That was these hair bows. I’m sure it’s been done before, I mean really, it’s a crocheted hair bow, but I wanted to make some! And, I wanted to share you how I did it and put some up in the shop for those who can’t or don’t want to make them but want some. Let’s look at some pretty pictures first :)

Now that you have had to endure all those pictures, it’s time for the tutorial! This isn’t specific, just a basic how to. You can make them however big or little you like.

What you need:
-Crochet Hook
-Hot Glue Gun
-Fabric Glue
-Yarn Needle
-Optional: ribbon covered hair clip

1. Start by making a chain.
2. Then sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc across.
3. Then turn and create the next row on top with sc stitches. Make as many rows as you like.

4. Once you are done with the last row, start to sc around the whole rectangle, except for the top row you just did. This cleans up the edges. I also try to crochet over the beginning strand of yarn that is left.
5. Then take your yarn needle and thread in the end(s). Make sure the ends are coming out of the back of the rectangle as you will then cut them and dab a little bit of fabric glue over them.

6. Create the middle piece the same way as in steps 1-2. Make it long enough to go around the rectangle to glue. Then tie the ends together and trim excess yarn.

7. Dab a dot of glue from your hot glue gun on the middle front large rectangle.

8. Quickly place the middle piece on it, making sure the middle is on the glue.
9. Then turn over and do a dab of hot glue on the middle back and quickly pull over the front piece and hold in place until dry.
10. Repeat for the other side, but this side will lie on top of the other end of the middle piece.

And there’s your bow. So nice and cute.

If you like, you can glue on a hair clip or whatever.

One is perfect to hold side hair back.

Or add two onto ponytails!

You can find these available in the shop. I will be posting all of them throughout the next two weeks.

A Different Purpose

Things are made every day for a specific purpose, but sometimes that thing finds it has a different calling. It isn’t like the others. It wants something more, something better out of life.

Hairbow Jar

Then every now and then, a shopper sees this something yearning for something more and gives it a chance. Take this cookie jar for instance. It didn’t want to be just a cookie jar. Nope. It wanted something more exciting and I gave it that chance.

Our new bow holder

It now has a purpose of holding my daughter’s beautiful hair bows, hair clips, and headbands (aka hair candy).

Look at all the pretties!

Sometimes the little one gets caught with her hand in the hair candy jar too!


Not all hair clips made it into the jar though. These are a baby present soon to be given away. But maybe, if they are lucky, one day they too will find a home in a hair bow jar.

Mini Clips

Big Clips

Roses and Ruffles- The T-shirt to Toddler Dress Tutorial

I decided to do another variation of the toddler t-shirt dress and also do an official how to make a toddler dress out of a t-shirt tutorial. There are many of these out there, but I wanted one to go with this. I was also asked on how to make the ruffles for the purple dress I did, so I have that included as well. And, I also did a quick how to on how to make these little hair bows with the leftovers. Have fun :)

What you need:
-T-shirt (mine came from the Dollar Store)


-Sewing machine, pins, all that stuff to sew it together
-Child’s dress

Ring Around the Rosies Toddler Dress:
1. Lay out your t-shirt and fold it in half so that the front is facing you.


Lay the dress on it, also folded in half to find where you need to cut. If the dress is tight on child, try and allow a little extra room in the cut for a seam allowance. I try to make as little as possible for myself to do, so I always have the bottom of the dress on the bottom of the shirt. I didn’t cut mine exactly this dress shape, but used it to find the basic shape I needed. Also, since my girl is tall enough now, I was able to line up the neck with it too, leaving the front already done for this one.

2. Cut out dress pieces.


3. Place the two pieces right sides together and pin in place.


4. Sew down the sides, making sure not to stitch where the arm holes are. You can finish them up if you would like to give it extra hold (I use a v-stitch and sew the inside edges together).

5. Sew the top of the shoulders together and finish seams. Turn right side out.


6. Optional: If you are blessed and have a serger, you can serge the edges. If you don’t, you can use a v-stitch to finish the edges (if you have enough, fold the edges under a bit while sewing it. It looks smoother). Or, just leave them raw.

7. Cut the two sleeves off the part of the shirt that is left.


Cut in a little bit at the bottom of one sleeve and begin cutting the edges.


Continue in a circular motion all around the arm sleeve, as long as you can. I keep the width of the strips pretty thin, but you can do larger if you like.

The little piece on top is what I had left over.

8. Cut the two now long pieces in half. Three of the pieces will be used to make the roses. The other will be used to make the hair bows.


9. Start with the rose in the middle. Make a circle from the end part and pin in place.


Continue winding the piece in circles around until you reach the end.


Tuck the end underneath. Pin.


Beginning at the bottom, sew with a smaller stitch setting (the length on mine was 3.0). Make sure to backstitch a bit before and after sewing. Sew in circles around until you come to the middle. Backstitch when finished.


10. Do the same with the other two, placing them on opposite sides of the middle one.

Stitching from the back

Hair bows:
Take the long piece of leftover and cut in half.
Hairbows 1
Cut two small pieces from the other leftovers as well. You will need it to tie with. Wrap one of the halves around your hand.
Hairbows 2 Hairbows 3
Tie it in the middle with the small piece you cut.
Hairbows 4
Cut the loops on each end open and trim/pull the pieces until you achieve desired look. Sew them onto a hair clip.

Hairbows 5

Make the dress the same way as in parts 1-6. I used a different dress to cut out the shape for this one. It was shorter and the neck was more of a scoop. Cut the long strips to ruffle from the sleeves, or any other way from the leftovers after cutting the shirt out. You want to cut five pieces. The middle will be the longest, the two beside it will be the same length (but shorter than the middle), and the last two on the outside will be even shorter.

Ruffle 1

There is no definite width or length. Just do it to your liking. Baste down the middle of each strip.

Ruffle 4
Ruffle 3
*If the fabric doesn’t feed through well at the beginning, help it along by pulling the tail.*

This means, no backstitching at all. Leave a long tail at the beginning and the end. Make sure the stitch is set to a large width (I put mine at the highest, which is 5).

Ruffle 2

To create the ruffle, pull the bottom thread (this is the thread that came from the bobbin).

Ruffle 5
Ruffle 6
Ruffle 7

To help me out, I tie a knot at one end, and do the pulling from the other. It helps keep the ruffle in place for me. Then, pin the middle one on the shirt. Make sure it is directly in the middle of the shirt. Sew it on. Then, add on the two that go beside that, ending with the smallest ones beside those. I sewed them close together (I had to lift up the side of the one already sewn on so I wouldn’t catch it in the stitch).

Preparing for pictures

Something Old and a Lot of New Headband Tutorial

Hello from Florida! I’m back, well I have been for a few days, but my parents surprised me and came back with us! While they have been here, I focused on some alone time with my hubby (hurray for dates!) and really cleaning the house. I keep it clean, but I mean really getting down and scrubbing hard. I don’t like to use my free time (when they are gone) to deep clean, so I try and wait until they can watch the little one for me. It’s been fun. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’ll see them again soon. Here is a little headband tutorial for you. I saw this headband at Tarina Tarantino and I immediately thought of this vintage pin I had. I figured it would be the perfect thing to use it for. It’s just been sitting around waiting to be used. I really love how it turned out.

All done!

***If you make one, Please Post it in the FLickr Pool so I can see the wonderful things you do!***

What you need:
-Hot Glue Gun
-Vintage Pin (or whatever you want, or you could even just put the flower on and call it a day)

What you need

1. Glue ribbon onto headband on bottom of one side. Wrap the ribbon around the headband, but glue it on about every wrap around. It will help make it secure.

2. Cut two pieces of ribbon. One that is 9 inches and the other is 10 inches. Glue them together to create a circle.

3. Glue the middle of each ribbon circle together.

4. The the smaller ribbon piece onto the middle of the bigger one.

5. Glue on the flower. I took out the middle part and a bunch of the petals from the bottom and top until I liked the size of it.

6. Glue the ribbon/flower piece onto the headband. I glued mine to the side, but you can put it wherever you like. I also cut another small piece of ribbon to be glued over the big messy glue part I made while gluing the ribbon/flower on.

7. Add on the vintage pin (button, rhinestone, whatever you like). I just pinned mine on because I wanted to be able to take it off if I wanted. You can of course glue it on as well.

All done!!!!

Isn't it lovely?
On me :)
Me sitting in our new glider! Thanks dad for putting it together for us!

Back in Business

It has been a while, blog world. We are finally mostly settled in our new home in Florida. It’s an adjustment for sure. I lived my whole life in Virginia, so now I am in a complete strange place and know no one. I have a found a play group that I want to try out and we have church hunting on high priority. So, hopefully I will find some friends here soon. I haven’t been able to work on anything new yet, although that will be changing soon. Until then, I still have plenty of things I made for Christmas presents to share. Here are some cute bows I made:
I thought I used a pattern from here, but I can’t find it there any more. There are still a lot of other hair bow tutorials though if you want to check it out. I cannot wait until my daughter has hair and I can make some bows for her. (Well, I could stick them on a headband, but she usually pulls it off anyways *sigh*).

These are some dolls I made for my neices. They wanted ballerina dolls.

Brown hair doll