10 on 10

10 on 10 | Happy Together I’m am determined to keep this 10 on 10 up. Even if I skip a month or am a day (or more!) late. It’s fun to share a little bit of life along with craft stuff. My oldest got out of school in May and we have been having a fun and very full summer so far. 1> I started it off with finishing up some Fourth of July projects. Yes, I actually did something way in advance for once. Go figure ;) Those giant pinwheels were mostly made from wrapping paper. Believe it or not, I made them all during a two hour nap time. I had never made them before and was a bit nervous it would be time consuming. I was really surprised when they weren’t. 2> We have been able to visit with my sister and I loved seeing her artwork (see more here). I have one painting she did of miss J and plan on acquiring more over the next few years. 3> We like to pull over and watch the animals sometimes. Both my girls are big time animal lovers. 4> Miss E went on a carousel for the very first time at the Kemah Boardwalk in Texas. My hubby had to go work right outside of Houston for a week and we swung over there and hung out one night. It was a lovely time. 5> Miss J is currently obsessed with having a parakeet and a hermit crab for pets. The hermit crab is in top place though since it will be easier to take care of. One of her uncles found her some at the beach to play with one night while she awaits one of her very own (you know, one that doesn’t need to live in the water). 6> I have always wanted to be a better drawer and I have been wanting a new logo for a while. I decided to just try and see what I could come up with. I found with some better drawing supplies I pleasantly surprised myself with how I could do. Hopefully one of these will be my new logo soon.

10 on 10 | Happy Together 7> Our garden has continued to give us all kinds of yummies. Especially our tomato plant as of late. I’m so glad I actually stuck to it this year and really tried. The girls have been much more excited to eat their veggies when they go and pick them from the garden all by themselves. 8> Another pic of my family having fun in Kemah. 9> We went to a Lego store for the very first time and I think you can see the “big kid” of the family was in Lego heaven! He was one of those kids who was really into them and he still really likes them. Maybe I should get him some for Father’s Day? 10> With the girls getting older, we have been trying to incorporate them more into the big people chores. It’s usually so much easier and faster to just do things ourselves, but they need to learn. Plus they actually enjoy it right now, so we definitely need to take advantage of that.


A Birthday in New Orleans

Birthday decor in the hotel room.

Our girls both had their birthdays this summer. Miss J was first and turned 6 on me. I can’t believe she’s 6.

The birthday princess in Anthropologie. She loves it there as much as I do.

This year she asked to stay in a hotel for her birthday instead of have a party. I was totally down with that. We decided to use it as an opportunity to see New Orleans with the girls (my hubby has to go down there a lot so he’s been many times already). We had to make it a short trip, but that was plenty for us.


We went to the zoo, the aquarium, the mall, a cute restaurant for breakfast, and had lots of fun at the hotel.


It was a nice break and a good time for our family. We usually save our trips for visiting family, but we are trying to do more just ourselves to explore new places while the Coast Guard has us moving around. Might as well experience all we can while we are in different places.

Happy Birthday sign
IMG_0707 copy

Since this trip was her birthday present, we only got her one gift that we had been talking about for a year. A sewing machine. Well, actually we gave her a picture and are hoping to go get one soon lol.

IMG_0705 copy

Miss J started school back up again. It’s a little more quiet than normal. Although miss E definitely makes herself known. Along with getting into a new school routine, we are prepping for a family wedding coming up soon! I’m making flower girl dresses and taking the pictures, so I can’t wait to share all of that.

Staying Busy with Kiwi Crate

What good timing this little Kiwi Crate had for us! Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so miss J is home from school all week on holiday. I needed some things to help keep her busy and this was the perfect thing for today.

For those who don’t know about Kiwi Crate yet, it’s a company that puts together these awesome themed crates for kids 3-7 that contain materials for inspiring, educational, and fun projects. They have a monthly subscription service here or celebration crates here which can be purchased just one at a time. Right now they have some crates geared towards the holidays. We received the Gifts by Me Box c/o Kiwi Crate.

J had so much fun creating her pictures in the paint and then transferring them to paper. This was such a fun technique! I want to do some myself now :)

It was so sweet listening to her decide what she was going to make and who it would go to.
She also got to stamp on ribbon with the paint and the snowflake stamps that came with it.
We used some of the prints to make cards.
The others were added to these really nice journals. I have to say, I’m always impressed with the quality of products that they put in these crates. You are not getting cheap stuff. It’s name brand items and high quality materials so that means what is left over is great to keep around for other projects. These make great Christmas gifts and I highly recommend them. 
Now I need to find something for us to do tomorrow! lol 

Fun with Our Kiwi Crates


I’m sure you all have heard about Kiwi Crates by now with all the attention they have been getting over the internet. If you haven’t, it’s a company that first started with a subscription service that delivers new hands-on projects each month for kids ages 3-7. Well, along with that, they are now offering gift crates and party packs for birthdays and other events in their Celebration Shop.


We had a chance to try out two kiwi crates of party activity projects. Of course I couldn’t say no to these for my daughter. Dress up and a hands on project all in one? I knew she would love it. And that she did. We first opened the space hero box and were happy to find three bags with a different item in each to create.


We started with the mask. It came with really nice markers for her to color with. She did this all on her own while I was taking care of baby.


Then we moved on to the space hero cape. The cape was already made and is of great quality. It came with all of those fabulous felt stickers to decorate with. You don’t have to use them all, but my little one wanted to and did just that.


This little dress up outfit was so her :)


But she really had fun making the comet, which incidentally became “glow-bo” the space hero sidekick. She saw in one of the instruction’s drawings that they had given the comet a smiley face. She then learned a lesson in personification, as she gave the object human qualities. And the name she said was from a globe and she added an o. So I guess I should really write it as “globo”, but I figured the previous was easier to pronounce.


Her and her daddy had fun throwing him around. He now travels with us in the car.


The second crate we opened was the wings crate.


It comes with two, already cut, pieces of strong crepe paper for the wings, many round felt stickers, an oversized pipe cleaner, and elastic to go around the arms to keep it in place.


I let her put on the felt stickers herself and she put them all in the same place ;)


She fluttered around like a beautiful butterfly.


We had a lot of fun with these and I would recommend them. They are such great quality.


You can see all of their new party packs here and as an introductory offer, shipping is free for orders over $100 in the Celebration Shop (see right side bar on the shop page for details). Check them out if you like :) And thank you for letting me share!


What does a child know about grandpa? (or dad)

When prepping for Father’s Day gifts, I came across this printable for kids to answer fill in the blanks about their grandpa (or dad). I thought it would be fun to do with my oldest daughter for her two grandpas.

For Father's Day

It was cute to see what she said (and I didn’t help with her answers at all!). I’m sure they will get a laugh from some of the answers when this arrives to them. PS- glow-bo is a superhero she made up. But trust me, you all will get to meet him on Tuesday :)

For Father's Day

If you are looking for a quick fun activity for your kids to do for dad/grandpa, this would be a good one!

Natural Kids Art Supplies


If you read this blog, you know that my daughter is totally into all things art. She just loves to draw, color, and paint. I just let her create all day now. She has learned boundaries of where she can do things and the right times, but she seriously makes things all day. So I was more than excited to receive some fun organic kiddie art supplies from Abe’s Market.


They sent over some Clementine Art Natural Crayon Rocks and Wee Can Too Veggie Tempera Paint (the finger paint here is similar). Both of these items are 100% natural. The crayons are non toxic and made from plant and mineral derived pigments. The paint is even gluten free and dairy free, using organic ingredients and vegetables like beets, pumpkins, and spinach.


Let’s just admire these crayons for a moment. They are spectacular. Miss J carries them around everywhere since we got them. They are a good size and I like how one reviewer of the product said her son can’t break these apart like he can his other crayons. That is a plus! All of the above crayons are from one box.


These are just a few of the many pictures she has drawn using them. The crayons are very good quality.


The paint was fun as well and I like how she could eat it and be okay. This will be good for when miss E gets a little older and starts exploring in the world of arts. You do have to mix the powdered paint with water. Miss J wanted to paint her wooden alligator, which of course this paint wasn’t meant for, but I let her have at it. She painted on some paper as well. The only thing she didn’t like was the smell :D But I explained to her it smells like the plants they are made from and that made her feel better.


I do recommend browsing around on Abe’s Market if you are interested in products that are natural, organic, vegan, eco friendly, etc. There’s jewelry, pet things, food, beauty products (seriously you could be on there all day looking around). And it’s nice to have it there all in one place.

One of my Favorite Gifts

This Christmas has been super full of events. Lots of family things going on and we aren’t even done yet! My daughter will end up having 6 Christmas’ by the time it is all said and done. The girls are doing good though and I’m so proud of how they are hanging in there and bringing so much joy to our families. Our first Christmas time was just us (me, hubby, and kids). My daughter made this wonderful painting at preschool and gave it to us. I just adore it. I really like how it’s a fox (although for a while she was being silly and insisting it was a buffalo ;). It’s one of my favorite gifts this year. If you participate in the exchanging of gifts, did you receive one that is your favorite?