Rustic Arrow Theme Baby Shower

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

Last month was a very full month for me. It was full of so many amazing events, one of which was a baby shower I hosted for my friend. I have always been so blessed to meet and become friends with such incredible people in all the places the military moves us. There really are great people everywhere. It might take time to find them sometimes, but they are there.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

I found out my friend wasn’t having a baby shower and knew immediately I wanted to throw one for her. Every child is a gift, so I wanted to at least have a celebration party or something if gifts were a concern. You know, like one last big party before her little boy arrives. I was inspired by some lovely ladies I follow on instagram to do an arrow theme. Some moms reference their children to being their arrows based on Psalm127:3-4 so I was going with that.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

This will be my friends third arrow :) I had wanted to do a little bit more with the arrow theme, but I just didn’t have enough time. I’ve learned by now to just let things go and enjoy instead of stressing out until the very last minute over little details probably no one else will really notice anyways. So I cut out arrows and sewed them together through the middle and used things from all over my house to decorate with. Hooray for arrows!

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

The tablecloth is actually a piece of fabric I had in my stash. The chalkboard is one my hubby made for me to use for the mini sessions I did (and I also used it at a craft show I did last month as well). It’s come in real handy! He made it from old fence boards. Then I sanded the middle some and painted on the chalkboard area. It’s a bit bumpy but it works.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy           Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

I hung lights all over like crazy too and it got me super excited for decorating for Christmas. I love twinkle lights! I kept the food simple and added different dishes and bowls I had for some variety to the table.

Rustic Baby Shower for Boy

In our living room, I added a big banner on some craft paper (well, it was technically gift wrap paper) with her sons name on it and taped up pictures from their family/maternity session I photographed. I will share pics of those soon.

We had a fun night and I didn’t even make them play any games! I did try a craft, but I should have tried to make the bracelet myself first because it did not go well at all. But it gave us some good laughs and was funny watching us all trying to figure it out. 
I hope all my US readers had a good Thanksgiving! I should be having some Christmas type posts up soon. In fact, I just made our front door wreath tonight. We are keeping things simple and purposeful this year. It’s going well so far. Have a good week and be a good friend :)

Oh, and I forgot I wanted to share the invite I made. We just did a facebook invite so I didn’t need to print this out, but I made the left side with the Studio app. I love that app! It’s free and just AMAZING. Seriously. Then I put it with a pic in PSE real quick. Simple and just right.

P Family/Maternity Session

P Family Session

I was blessed to do a fun maternity/family photo session back in June with a wonderful family we know. I was so impressed with how open they were to my ideas :) I like being able to throw in some fun pics.

P Family Session

We started the session off with some family photos and then they agreed to the yarn. The littles and dad wrapped up mommy’s belly. I also got some pics of the kids covered in yarn to create the below photo (template is from Paint the Moon’s facebook templates). I had always wanted to do a yarn theme, so I was so glad they obliged.

P Family Session

The rest of the pics are fun, but my favorite is the black and white one of the dad praying over his child while in the womb. It was so precious and I got a little teary eyed when taking those pictures. It was beautiful to see a family together that was full of so much love for each other. You can see more pics from this session here.

P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session
P Family Session

Now I need to catch up on my own photos! We recently went to New Orleans, celebrated miss J’s birthday, and have miss E’s birthday coming up as well. I feel like my to do list is extra long at the moment. But, it’s full of very good things so I can’t complain.

A Special Maternity Dress Order

Custom Maternity Dress

I had the honor of making a custom order maternity dress last week. I don’t normally do an order like this, but I could tell the girl really wanted it for her sister who’s pregnant. She had seen the dress I had made for myself when I was pregnant with miss E and liked it a lot. I also figured since they are local, if there were any fit issues, it would be easy to meet up and address that.

Custom Maternity Dress
I had fun with the design process as well. She said it had to be blue and to also incorporate brown and cream as well. So I did my very first fashion drawing. I used this tutorial to help get me started. I made two basic ones first, then scanned it into the computer and put a few on each page. I went to color it in with ideas with crayons, but we didn’t have any in these colors. So I whipped out my girls water colors. That was fun. Makes me want to give water painting a go. Here are a few phone pics of that process.
Since it’s a maternity dress, it needed to be as comfy as possible, so I used knit fabric. It offers lots of room to grown and even looks good without a pillow underneath of it ;) Because, yes I did try it on since the measurements (except the belly) were super close to my own. haha. I hand stitched the lace flowers on. I cut them out of a fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. I looked and looked for some vintage curtains to use like in my dress, but alas, didn’t find any here. It all worked out though. -Jess
Custom Maternity Dress
Custom Maternity Dress
Custom Maternity Dress

The Beattie Family/Maternity Shoot


Back in February I had the pleasure of taking maternity/family pictures for our neighbors.


We were so blessed where we lived in Pace! Our neighbors were awesome. Especially the ones right across the street ;)


Miss J is the same age as their son, so it was instant friendship when we moved in. She misses him so much!


They are having their second child, a baby girl (a little princess). They let me take so many pictures and “practice” photography.


Kelly was so awesome entertaining all of my requests. Here I had made her lie down for the pic with the crown and then I got her prince charming hubby to kiss her.


They brought some cute little baby things to use in pictures. I just love little teeny tiny shoes!


We walked around the downtown Milton area and took pics at a bunch of spots.


Some family, some individual, some couple.


And let me tell you. We experienced so many weather changes during the hour and a half we did this!


It was drizzling at first, but thankfully that cleared up quickly.


Then it was cloudy for a bit.


Then, of course, the sun came out in full force! So, we got all kinds of lighting that day.


They had fun and my little family joined up with us after church and we all went out to eat.




I’m so happy for you Kelly and Brian!!!! Congratulations on your baby girl!

A Special Blessing

About a week and a half ago, I was honored to take maternity pics for my friends. I’m so happy and blessed to have people like them in my life (thanks for letting me do this you two!)


I was a little worried at first that I would have a super hard time with it being right at the suns peak time, but we made it work. I toted them around to a few different locations to try out. We went to a field with these pretty white flowers, an old farmers market (orange building) that had a field behind it with the tall grass, a dead end street, and my house.


I feel like each time I do a photo shoot like this I’m finding out more of who I am and what my style is when it comes to photography. This learning photography road is going to be long, but I’m enjoying it. I really do have a lot of fun doing it.


I also feel extra connected to this pregnancy which made it even more of an honor to do. We met them when we first moved here and our friendship with them just took off (he’s in the Coast Guard with my hubby). When we met them, they were trying to have a baby and they were a bit sad it wasn’t happening.


They had gone to the doctor and nothing was “wrong”, but it had been a long time and they had moments of wondering if it might not happen. I remember praying with and for my friend a lot. I knew how much she wanted to be a mommy and him a daddy.


Months later, I had a dream. In this dream, my friend had sent me a picture of herself with a little girl. It was her daughter. She looked more like her daddy (dark hair, olive skin) and she was about 4/5 years old in the dream. I wrote this down and I told my friend I had a dream but I didn’t tell her the specifics. I just said what I had felt in my heart very strongly for a while, that God was going to come through for them.


That He would give them the desire of their heart. A little later she was at my baby shower and made a comment about being the only woman there who was childless. We rode home together and she shared how she had completely given it to God and was just not going to even really pray about it anymore.


Little did she know that at that very moment she was pregnant!!!!!!! She called a few weeks later to share the good news to us!


I then told her I had had the dream about her being pregnant and I didn’t want to share what the child was just to see what would happen. Well, wouldn’t you know, they are having a girl! And I bet that she is going to look like her dad too :)