Wood Vase Holder DIY

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
I love sewing, crocheting, and all, but you all know how I like to create with all kinds of things so today I’m sharing this wood vase holder diy. A few weeks ago I saw something kind of like this but it was made from metal. I really liked how it looked but also figured I could make something with that same concept but for a lot less money. I was right! I made this out of wood and since I had almost all the supplies already it didn’t cost anywhere near the amount of the metal one. I liked how simple this was to make using minimal tools.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
You can see two different types of vases I had on hand that fit in it. It’s a generous size but you could always change the sizes of the wood pieces to suit a specific vase you want whether it be smaller, larger, wider, or not so wide. Here is your supply list to create your own wood vase holder diy:

  • 2 pieces of 3/4 x 36 poplar square for the legs and top joining pieces
  • Wood for the base (I used a 1×8 scrap piece I had. just make sure it is at least 3/4″ thick and 5.5″ wide)
  • Four 3/4″ x 1/2″ corner braces with screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Pre-stain wood conditioner
  • Paint brush
  • Wood stain
  • Polycrylic finish
  • Lint free cloth
  • Ruler
  • Saw (I used a chop saw but also used a hand saw to cut off the ends of two smaller pieces I cut too long)
  • Drill and bit that the screws you use will need

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
First make your wood cuts. From the two pieces of poplar cut the following lengths: four that are 12″ long, two that are 5.5″ long, and two that are 4″ long. From your wood for your base cut a 5.5″ x 5.5″ piece. Sand all of the pieces, especially focusing on any rough spots.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Next, grab your corner braces and prepare to put them on.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Take your 12″ pieces of poplar and screw on each brace so that the top is 4″ from the bottom. Repeat for all four pieces.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Now take a leg with the brace and place on the corner of the base. Screw in place. Repeat for all four sides making sure that the legs are in the correct place on each end.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
It was a little difficult to get the last leg on, so if you leave the leg screws a little loose on the base you can turn them to make more room for your drill if necessary. Then go back and tighten them once they are all in place. You might also find it best not to screw the screws in too tightly as it can make the legs warp a little bit at the top.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Now take the smaller pieces and place them on the appropriate sides. I put a little bit of wood glue on the ends of the piece and then clamped them in place one at a time. I would put one in place and go about my day and the next time I got in the car I would switch and do another piece. The wood glue holds these in place super good so no need for screws or nails on these unless you want to do that.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Some people skip doing this but I like to use a pre-stain wood conditioner. It helps the wood soak up the stain more evenly. I applied it with a paint brush and then wiped off the extra with an old t-shirt. (Make sure to wash your brush after.)

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
After the conditioner has set for the amount allotted on the can, apply your stain of choice. I used this Early American color stain. I applied one coat using a paint brush, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then wiped off any excess. (Make sure to wash your brush after.)

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Once the stain is completely dry you can apply a polycrylic finish. I applied one coat with a paint brush. (Make sure to wash your brush after.) This will protect the wood from any water that might spill onto it.

Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together Wood Vase Holder DIY | happy together
Let it dry and then it’s ready to hold a vase full of flowers. A great mother’s day gift idea since that is very soon ;). Make sure to share your happy together projects on social media using #happytogetherbyjess and tag me too :)  Have fun creating! -jess

Mother’s Day Decorations

Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together I’m a bit late on sharing this, but I have finally gotten back to a point where I might be able to blog more consistently (maybe lol). School is over and we are working on our summer rhythm and preparing for some summer adventures. Another thing I have started doing is helping with decorations at my church. I had never even thought about doing something like this, but when approached about it I was really happy to be able to participate. I have helped for a few events now and need to share those others, but this was what we did for Mother’s Day.

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together

I really try to have ideas that are very low cost. So we try to use what we have in the prop room, from our own things, and other inexpensive supplies when creating. I knew I wanted to do an Anthropologie inspired creation. They always do such beautiful things with clothing displays and I wanted to create a shirt with the Bible verse Provers 31: 25, “She is clothed in strength and dignity. She laughs without fear of the future.” I created the wording using my Cricut Explore machine and some awesome iron on gold glitter vinyl. Then I sewed lots and lots of little papers together to create a garland for the skirt. The pieces go all the way up to the ceilings a few times for a dramatic effect. Our church used to be a grocery store, so it is a big area in the front foyer and you need larger than life things to fill in the space sometimes. The drawers were ones I had saved from the curbside trash and we found the door in the back of the church to help fill in space. The pallet helped give more depth as well (another thing from my garage along with the chalkboard my hubby made me). I bought the white tissue paper from the Dollar Store and some ladies helped me create these flowers trying to go by this tutorial, but making it work however we could.

Mother's Day Decorations by Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together We had older children and teens write reasons why they love their mom and think she’s awesome to hang up all over. It was sweet seeing people reading them.

Mother's Day Decorations | Happy Together

Church Mother's Day Decorations on Happy Together And lastly the photo wall. A lovely lady from church took lots of time cutting up green plastic table cloths so it had a grass effect and then we made a ton of tissue paper flowers and tassels. Tip: I found a 100 piece multi-color tissue paper pack for only $4.99 at Marshalls. Best deal right there. I have always been able to find some great deals on large amounts of tissue paper when needed for projects like this.  I am really enjoying using my talents in this way. Now to help prep for Father’s Day and 4th of July :)


Gifts For the Moms

Mothers Day necklace gift

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was a good one here. Not perfect, but good :) We even had our two girls dedicated at church. For some reason it had just never worked out when a church we were at was doing one until now. That made yesterday extra special. I sent some goodies to my mom and mom-in-law from us.

Mothers Day necklace gift

I made them each a necklace with silhouettes of my girls and their names. They are their only grandbabies at the moment, otherwise I would have done them all and made multiple charms. I found these neat picture holders at Hobby Lobby. It has two glass panels, so I just printed out the silhouette pic (which I made in pse using this tutorial) and stuck it on in.

For Nana

I had my daughter help me with these fabric scrap bird wreaths. I had originally wanted to fill up the whole ring, but she got bored after this ;) She picked out the fabrics (with my guidance) and helped put the bird together too. I always try to add things she made.

For mema

She just loves making gifts for people. Then, here is me with my girls yesterday. We had a lovely lunch out and froyo afterwards. Yum yum! These two take a lot of time, but I’m so glad they are mine :)

Me and my girls

Gifts for the Grandmama’s

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mom’s out there! I hope that your day has been great :) We have had a relaxed day and it’s been wonderful! My hubby has taken on the “mom” work for the day ;)

I want to say a special thanks to my mom for being the amazing woman she is. She doesn’t hear it enough for sure! She’s so great to me and my family. She just gives of herself all of the time. She’s also my best friend. We talk every day just about, even if it’s just a few minutes. It helps keep me sane! LOL

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.”
Proverbs 31:28

So for this Mother’s Day I decided to make her and my mother in law a purse. I was in the mood for something bright that they could rock during the summer months.

Log Cabin Block Purse

Log cabin block

The middle is a log cabin block which I made using a random tutorial online. Then I used a bag I had to come up with the dimensions for the other parts.

I think one of my favorite parts of the purse are the fun zippers I found. They were on clearance at JoAnn’s for $.97!!! They had all kinds of colors. I’m tempted to go back and buy a bunch more. They were in the section where purse making stuff is.

Aren't these zippers so much fun?


Inside of purse

I’ll be back tomorrow with another maternity top (hopefully you aren’t sick of them yet ;).

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3

For Our Mothers

Here is what the little one and I made for my mom and my husband’s mom.

My daughter's artwork made into flowers

These flowers were so much fun and I absolutely love how they came out.

My daughter's artwork made into flowers

I took drawings and paintings that my daughter did, cut circles in various sizes, then cut a spiral and manipulated them and glued them to look like that. The branches were from our backyard and the buttons were from my stash.

My daughter's artwork made into flowers

The vases were regular old clear glass ones that I had and spray painted white. Then I painted on the stripes.

Yo-yo necklace for Mema

I also have wanted to make some yo-yo necklaces for a while and used this as an opportunity to do so. They are so cute and the mommies love them!

Yo-yo necklace for Nana

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