Playing Around

Some of the more fun things I’ve been doing amidst this rain filled time I have been in VA is playing with flowers for my upcoming best friend’s wedding and making origami butterflies. The flowers are dying (I waited too long to take the pics!), and they are just some of what my friend wants to use.
They smell soooooo good!
I just bought the basics and some fill ins so she could have an idea of what things will potentially look like. I just love flowers and these were so pretty! In case you like any of them, they are hydrangeas, calla lily’s, spray roses, tulips, and some other stuff I forget what it’s called.
Playing around with Flowers
This is a box full of origami butterflies that I am going to use at one of the future bridal showers. The colors just brought a little color to my day today. I used this tutorial.
Origami butterflies