Yarn Ornaments

A Tabletop Tree

When we pulled out our Christmas stuff, I found a box with some vintage ornaments I had thrifted two years ago. I had plans to use them to make something with them and hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I decided it was time to do something with them this year though. I took three blue silk covered ornaments and made them over.

A Tabletop Tree

I wrapped and glued yarn on them and then embellished two (circles and stars). It didn’t take too long and I like how they came out. I grabbed some sticks from the backyard and put them in this vase for my new ornaments to hang on for now. I had to add a few more things, so I made yarn tassels and pom poms for it too.

A Tabletop Tree

I have it in our room for now, but might put it in my daughters room because she got so excited when she saw it. It always makes my day when she loves something I put together. 

Vintage Clothespin Snowflakes

Looks like Christmas

Doesn’t it? These are my first made Christmas things of the year and I heart them. I was the proud recipient of some awesome vintage clothespin this fall. I knew I had to do something with them, but couldn’t think of anything….until now.

Away in a manger

I first mod podged some vintage paper all over the clothespins. Then I hot glued the open end of 5 clothespins onto a wooden circle (you can get precut shapes at craft stores) so it looked like a snowflake.

Let It Snow

Then I bought the doilies from the Dollar Store (2 in a pack) and glued them on one side. I hand embroidered different Christmas things on some scrap linen and machine sewed it to a larger and darker piece of fabric. Then I glued that on in the middle of the doily.

Back of Ornament

I also added some glue and glitter randomly on the front. A little round piece of felt covers the center back for a clean look and some hemp string tied on for it to hang. I’m tempted to leave them out all year!

Doily Snowflake Ornaments


Had lunch with a wonderful new friend today. Preparing for the the in-laws to come in a few days. Hoping my daughter will actually take a nap today. Visiting more friends in a little bit. Finished a few more Christmas projects:

Monogrammed Gift Tote Bags
Monogrammed Tote Bags to hold Christmas gifts. I used the letters I already had cut out from the Rag Quilt Letters. *PS: Found the totes on sale at Micheal’s.

Dressed Up Bear and Bunny Ornaments
Not too inspired on my ornaments for the family ornament exchange. Just dressed up some bears and bunnies. I do love their hats though.

Artwork Butterfly Ornaments

As you know, I’m trying to get Christmas things done now so I won’t have to worry about this stuff when it is December. Every year, my father’s side of the family gets together at Thanksgiving. The women exchange ornaments and the men exchange food. It’s like the Christmas gift to everyone. This will be the first year I will not be able to be there, but I still want to join in on the fun :) How can I pass up an opportunity to make something for the people I love? I made these to be from my daughter.

Ornament with daughters artwork

I drew shapes on pieces of computer paper and had her paint and color them. Then I cut out butterfly shapes and let her put the stickers on all by herself. She picked them all out. It kind of surprised me how “neat and matching” most of the stickers were.

Ornament with daughters artwork

I then cut out a bigger shape of the butterfly from scrapbook paper.

Ornament with daughters artwork

I painted and glittered (I LOVE glitter!) the doll clothespins for the body.
Then I made antennas from small pom pom trim.

Ornament with daughters artwork

They have a clip on the back so they can clip on the tree branch instead of hang. I even have them all wrapped up and ready to go!

All Wrapped and Ready to Go

I used a print out from LollyChops for part of the gift tag.

She decided to put some "presents" under the tree
She of course took the opportunity to add her own “presents” and “ornaments” to the tree. She misses the tree already. At least I know she will have fun when it comes time to decorate for Christmas.

Cupcake Ornaments

I am finally back! After a wonderful Thanksgiving in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and attending my husbands graduation from Officer Candidate School, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Here are how the cupcake ornaments turned out for our family ornament exchange over the holiday. I used this pattern. I, of course, was rushed and did things a little different. I used a sewing machine and glue gun instead of hand sew them all. I also used plain old acrylic felt from the craft store instead of craft felt. To make them into an ornament, I used fishing line so it would have that invisible look. Plus, it was easier to put through a needle and thread through. Another little trick: I used a hole punch to punch out the eyes from the felt. It was super quick and easy.
Made for Family Ornament Exchange
All packaged and ready to deliver