Coffee Table Makeover DIY

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

You all know how much I love creating with DecoArt products. They create some good stuff for us crafters. They recently released a new line of paints called Multi-Surface Satin paints. They sent me some, along with some of their other products, to create a diy to share. I was excited to try these paints, because they are made to work on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramics, papier mache, most plastics, fabric, and canvas. How great is that? No more buying different paints to use on different surfaces.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

Originally I thought about making something for miss J’s room, but I have been redoing some things in our living room and our coffee table was looking not so great. It was a craigslist buy 7 years ago (originally from Ikea), and has survived multiple moves and two little children. I’m not quite sure what you would call the surface of it, but it’s very slick. I figured it would be a great piece to check out the adhesiveness of this paint.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

I used the above products for the painting. Americana Multi-Surface Satins and the chalkboard paint are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers. In fact, I just showed them to a friend in Michaels this morning. I also used some paint tape to make painting straight and you will need a paint brush and chalk too. I first taped off a rectangular shape in the middle of the coffee table to paint on the chalkboard paint. I applied the paint according to the instructions.

Then I let it dry/cure for 24 hours, as suggested, and taped around the edged of the chalkboard area so when I painted around it, no paint would get in that area. I first painted the scalloped edge blue, but it was too blue. So I let it dry then mixed some blue with the white and added another layer. Still wasn’t quite the color I wanted. So I mixed up another batch and painted a third layer and it was finally the color I wanted. Then I whipped out some stencils (which are located right there with the paints in the stores) and used them to help create my chalkboard mural. I think the stencils are a great help for drawing on chalkboards.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

Above is a closer look of the paint. It was a bit hard to photograph. I like how the darker first layer kind of peaks through. And I love the texture it left. I did that on purpose. I used a regular paint brush, but I was very loose with it, not trying to be super perfect and kind of glopping it on. I think using a foam brush would make it really easy to get it super smooth. But again, I wanted it like this. So I’m super happy with it. It has been a few days and is great. And I have two tiny little girls who really put it to the test!

If you are interested in trying out these new paints, DecoArt if offering a special promotion until October 31, 2013. Simple read above for all on the details and get some money back when you purchase 5 bottles of Multi-Surface Satin Paints. Again, read all the details ;)
Happy crafting! May you be inspired to create.

Geometric Fox DIY

I guess you could say we have a thing for foxes around here, huh? This is a piece I made for my daughters room and it’s really easy and fun to make!

Did you ever play with a tangram? I did and it’s the inspiration for this project. To make this fox you will need some wood shapes (triangles and squares are best). I found the above package at a local craft store. The best thing with these is that they are thin enough to cut with scissors if needed.
You also need some paint. I used the above colors c/o DecoArt. I ended up using a cream color instead of black though because of the background I later used. You will also need a paint brush, glue, and whatever you choose to glue it onto. I just used a piece of scrapbook paper.
I looked up tangram fox and made a few out of the shapes I had. I did cut two of the larger triangles for one of those, but I really tried to just what was in the bag. I asked my daughter which one she liked best and she picked this one:
So I got out my paint and painted them. I did a different color for each piece except the tail pieces. I left those just one color.
While I was painting, my daughter made some creatures herself. She’s so creative.
You might need to do more than one layer of paint too. And you could also do a top coat of a sealant (I used mod podge). Then just glue the pieces on and it’s finished.
You could really do all sorts of creatures and have fun with it. A great kids activity as well.
Happy early Thanksgiving to you all! 

An Apron Holder

Apron holder

I guess you could say I’ve been making a lot of things for our home lately. This piece was for our kitchen. I had a few drawer knobs that I had bought from Anthropologie and Hobby Lobby for another project, but I decided that they weren’t going to work for it. So I was thinking and figured I could use them to create an apron holder.

Apron holder

I found this wood piece at Michael’s and it had the back hangers on it already. I didn’t have any chalkboard paint, but I did have this chalkboard medium. So I painted the whole thing black then followed the directions on the medium to create a chalkboard.

Apron holder
Lastly, I glued on the knobs and called it a day. Now I need to make some more aprons go hang up :) 
Enjoy your weekend!

You’re Pretty Much My Most Favorite

Wall Art

This was such a quick and fun project to do for our bedroom. I saw this project here and knew I had to make one too. Of course, I just used foam board instead of wood because I had it on hand. It turned out fabulous though and I’m so pleased with it.

Wall Art

I wanted a quote that was “lovey” since it was for our bedroom, but not too gushy if that makes sense. So when I saw this I knew it would be the perfect quote to use.

Have a blessed day!

Burlap Canvas DIY

Burlap Canvas DIY

I am still ever so slowly adding touches to our home decor, but I’m almost happy with our baby/guest room. I wanted to add something above the bed and decided to make this.

Burlap Canvas DIY

The final design came down to one thing: what I already had. I had originally wanted to use a linen fabric, but I didn’t have any pieces big enough in my stash. But, I had a lot of burlap leftover from the girls birthday party. Here is what you will need to make one yourself:

-Burlap fabric
-Acrylic paint
-Hot glue gun

Burlap Canvas DIY

Let me start by sharing how I made a larger canvas. We had this two pack of canvases in the garage waiting to be used, but I wanted something bigger. So I glued them together with a hot glue gun.

Burlap Canvas DIY

For extra support, I glued on the tiny little pieces of wood that came with it across the seam where they met. I didn’t add any to the front in case down the road I want to take this apart and turn it into something else :)

Burlap Canvas DIY

Cut your piece of burlap to be a decent amount bigger than your canvas.
*Also, found this great tip on how to get wrinkles out of burlap here. You just mist with water before ironing (make sure it’s really hot!). Worked like a charm!
 Place the burlap on the floor with the canvas on top, wrong side facing up.

Burlap Canvas DIY

Fold over one side edge and hot glue in place. Do the same for the opposite edge. Then for the other two side, fold in the edges like you’re wrapping a present, then glue in place.

Burlap Canvas DIY

Choose a quote, verse, poem, or whatever and paint it on. I suggest a light or dark color to paint with. They show up the best. You also might have to do more than one coat. Just depends on the paint.

The words on mine are from a song I wrote for my oldest when she was a baby (although slightly altered to fit on the canvas properly). She had a hard time when she was little and for many many months the only way to help her settle down was to walk her and sing to her. This song came to me and over the years there have been many more verses added to it. Each verse we walk to a different place. She still asks me to sing it to her every now and then at night :)


Art & Glass Paintings DIY

Art & Glass Painting DIY

Today I have a diy that you can do or that you can do with your child even. This was a joint effort between miss J and I. I’m very happy with how they turned out.


Decoart has come out with a ton of new fabulous glass painting products now available at Michael’s (in the section with the glass stuff) and they sent some to us to play around with. I thought of a few things but decided on this because I could do it with miss J.


They look so good on a wall or even in a window!  You can see what other bloggers have made here too. Here is what you need to make them:

-Frames (I found these all at Target. The green and yellow one came in a pack for $5 and the little pink one came in a pack with 3 more for $5.)
-Glass Paint, which you can buy at Michaels
-Paint brush
-Picture of what you want to trace


So, for the paint, I used this kind for the outlining and for filling in some parts. There are a few kinds available depending on the look you want (frost, glass stain, opaque).


But, we mostly used this kind of paint for the painting in part. They have frost gloss, crystyal gloss, and then crystal gloss with glitter!!! J really liked the glitter ones :)


To begin, thoroughly clean the glass according to paints instructions. Then find a picture you want to replicate. I used Charley Harper illustrations. I love his work! I printed them in the size I needed and then put it in the frame. It is held in with the frame back.
You could use a coloring book page, your own drawing, etc. as well.


Then take the writer paint of your choice and go over all the outside lines. Let it dry.


Once dry, grab some paint brushes and pick the colors you want to use. Then paint in where you like.


Lastly, remove the paper, the back piece and the glass. Put some glue around the inside edges of the frame and place glass back in. Let it dry and then it is ready to hang.
Now you have beautiful works of art that you can use on your wall/window or give away as a gift.


To see more ideas using DecoArts products, you can check them out in these places:
DecoArt Glass Paint
Instagram: decoart

What would you make with glass paints?
Have a happy weekend everyone! I’ll see you back on Monday :)

Creating with Ink Effects


Summer is just flying by and I’ll admit that I’m enjoying my little break over here. I have still been creating and wanted to share with you a new product called Ink Effects that I had the chance to play around with c/o Deco Art.


Ink Effects are fabric transfer ink that absorb into fabric for soft, flexible, and washable transfers. It’s really quite easy to use.


Basically, you paint what you want on a sheet of copy paper (or even paint in a coloring book page! see here), place it right side down where you want it to be, and iron it on. (there are more specific directions with the product for variables and such). The possibilities are endless and people out there have done so much creative things with this stuff already. You can see lots of projects in their pinterest group here and their website gallery here.


This product is used best for fabrics that are less than 30% cotton though. But, they do have a special product called Ink Effects for cotton fabrics that allows it to work on cotton. You spray this on fabric first, according to directions, and then iron on your picture.


I had a few ideas in mind I wanted to try and the first was to make two shirts for my girls.


I will consider miss J my Florida girl since she has spent most of her life there.


So, I wanted to make a flamingo shirt for her. I was inspired by the graphic tee’s at the Gap and added a little tutu and glitter to it.


I printed this picture off the internet and painted over it. Then I sprayed the shirt with the cotton fabric stuff, waited for it to dry, then ironed this on using no steam. I discovered that it helps to put as much pressure on the iron when ironing it onto cotton fabric. They also share a few suggestions to get a good outcome on cotton that you could implement as well.


Then for miss E, I made a little sunshine shirt because she’s my sunshine :)
And, just so you know, I washed both of these shirts before taking pictures to see how it held up. The colors were a tad brighter before the first wash, but it still came out great!


Now remember, since this is being ironed on, you have to do things flipped or it will come out backwards.


I also used the ink and a stamp to try to create my own fabric.


I was so excited at this point.


But, unfortunately this did not work out on the fabric I chose. I tried to use garbardine fabric because it said it had no cotton in it. I think another color would have worked better though on it. The black just didn’t want to come out very strong for me. I plan on cutting these out and using them as tags for something. I do like the vintage feel they give off. And don’t worry, I’m going to try this again with different fabric and make me some fabric!

Again, you can see more about Ink Effects and where to purchase it from here. You can also keep up with Deco Art, their new products, and get ideas and more from checking them out on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

*New* Chalkboard Medium Preview & $75 Product Giveaway from DecoArt! {CLOSED}


Can I just say how much I love the amazing people at DecoArt? I’ve been able to work with them quite a few times and I’m amazed at the behind the scenes work they do to create new products for us crafters. Recently they sent me some stuff to play around with, so I’m starting with their new chalkboard medium.


“What is chalkboard medium?” you might ask. Well, it is a coating that you paint over paint and it turns it into chalkboard. Walls, cabinets, doors, terra cotta, metal, and other porous surfaces could work! AMAZING. Seriously. It’s great when you want a specific color or just need a small amount of chalkboard area. Plus, it’s so much smoother than the making your own with grout (like I have done, so I know, trust me). They sent me some colorful paint, but I could only come up with your typical black chalkboard things. The first thing I made was the pot for a cactus plant. This is a Father’s Day gift for my hubby. I used regular ole acrylic paint and then followed the directions to apply the chalkboard coating. Worked perfectly. Then I let my daughter draw all over it.


Then I made another chalkboard tray (see tutorial here). I’ll stash it away to give to someone at Christmas. But again, it worked great and is a lot smoother than the first I made.


Next I’ll have to play around with these other mediums they sent me. Don’t they look fun??? If only there were more hours in a day….. But enough of that, it’s time for you to have a chance to win some of this amazingness from DecoArt, Inc.!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Susie Q!!!

See this picture above? That is what is up for grabs. All of that fun stuff worth $75 could be yours!
Here is how you can enter you must do one of the following and leave a comment here stating you did or do up to all 4 for up to 4 entries!!! Please leave a separate comment for each entry. 

1. Like DecoArt on Facebook here 

2. Follow their blog here

3. Sign up for their newsletter here 

4. Follow them on Twitter here
Please, if you do not have your email public in your profile or blog, leave it in the comment so I can contact you if you win. If there is no way to contact you, another winner will be chosen.
(Open to US residents only)
Giveaway is open until June 18, 2012, midnight Central Time

Chalkboard Tray DIY & A Giveaway(Closed)!!!

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Say It On The Wall on a few projects recently. This chalkboard tray with vinyl frame is the first I’m going to share. And guess what???? They are offering a Giveaway and Discount as well! All Happy Together readers can have a “deep discount” of 40% off their purchase right now using promo code HAPPY40! (offer valid through March 26, 2012)

This tray was something I had been thinking about for a while, so when Laura contacted me, I knew I could incorporate one of her products into it. Of course, I had my oldest daughter in mind ;) She just LOVES to create art. I figured this would be a good thing for her on a road trip too.

It can be used in so many ways! You could use it as a serving tray and write a little note on it.

Or even use it as a magnet board since magnets will stick to the tray.

I found this set of 3 baking trays at Walmart for $5 to use. They aren’t the best cookie pans ever, but they are perfect for this kind of project. These are lighter and thin enough that if you wanted to poke holes in it for threading a rope to hang it up with, you could easily do that.

To get started you will need:
- Vinyl Frame (mine was from Say It On the Wall. She has a ton of options! Don’t forget your discount code if you buy one.)
-Cookie Pan/Baking Tray (make sure the frame will fit in it)
-Chalkboard Paint (I actually made mine using this tutorial)
-Paint brush

1. Start by painting on your chalkboard paint. I ended up doing a second coat after the first one dried.

2. Set the paint by taking chalk and coloring all over it. Then wipe it off with a wet towel. Make sure to use an old one because some of the color might come off with the first wipe off.

3. Take your vinyl frame product and take the back off.

4. Then place the frame on the pan where you like it and press it down firmly in place.

*You might need to use a flat ended object to help get the vinyl to stick really well. I used a wooden kitchen spatula from my daughter’s play kitchen.

Then it’s all ready for you to write on.
Now for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!
Say It On The Wall is offering a $50 gift certificate to their site for one winner!!!
To enter, simply become a fan of Say It On The Wall here on Facebook and leave me a comment here saying you are. 

And PLEASE leave contact info if it isn’t on your profile so I can contact you if you win. You can alter the address like this: “jessicafediw at yahoo (dot) com” if you like or email it to me after your comment. Thanks!

After that, you can get a bonus entry by following the SIOTW blog here. Leave a separate comment saying you are if you do.
Winner will be chosen randomly March 26, 2012.
Method of entry is chosen by Say It On The Wall.
Open for anyone.

One of my Favorite Gifts

This Christmas has been super full of events. Lots of family things going on and we aren’t even done yet! My daughter will end up having 6 Christmas’ by the time it is all said and done. The girls are doing good though and I’m so proud of how they are hanging in there and bringing so much joy to our families. Our first Christmas time was just us (me, hubby, and kids). My daughter made this wonderful painting at preschool and gave it to us. I just adore it. I really like how it’s a fox (although for a while she was being silly and insisting it was a buffalo ;). It’s one of my favorite gifts this year. If you participate in the exchanging of gifts, did you receive one that is your favorite?