DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
The next round of the Cricut Design Space Star is on! After making it into the top ten last time, I was really excited to try and enter some fun projects for this month. My team chose to go with the option of “fashion” and then our specific theme was “pops of color.” Our team is so diverse we wanted it to be broad enough for everyone to do something unique to who they are. The first project that came to my mind was this clutch. I had wanted to do something similar with an actual vintage doily, but thought i might be neat in a felt version. I like being able to add special things to my sewing projects I can’t find in other places.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I used three different “doily” shapes found in the Design Space for the Cricut Explore™. I simply searched “doily” and picked three that I would work.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I really like the pop of color and the bohemian feel they have. It is an inexpensive project with the use of such simple materials, many of which you might already have in your stash. To make your own felt clutch with tassel you will need:

  • Cricut Explore™
  • 2 pieces 9″ x 12″ acrylic felt  (one for clutch and one for doily)
  • scrap felt to cover zipper ends
  • iron on adhesive
  • a zipper that is longer than 10″ (mine were different sizes and cut shorter to fit)
  • small amounts of yarn for tassel
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • pressing cloth (I just use a piece of fabric)
  • glue
  • iron
  • sewing machine, etc. for sewing

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
First I took the felt I wanted to use for the doily and ironed on the adhesive according to instructions. This makes the cutting of felt a lot easier and then you can just iron it in place at the proper time instead of sewing. Use a press cloth when ironing with felt as the heat can damage the material. Then I went into Design Space and chose the doily I wanted (doily 2 was the blue, summer doily was the yellow, and doily 8 was the pink). I had to stretch them some to work. I made the measurements on each come to as close to 10″ x 7.5″ as possible. Then I placed the felt onto the light grip mat and had the machine cut out the image. I had no problem cutting out the image, just know that the paper backing you remove from the iron on adhesive was a bit of a pain to get off of the mat. I think it might have been because it was the first time I used this mat so it was super sticky. It all came off, but I had to use the scraper to help.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Next I cut the felt piece for the clutch in half so each piece was 4.5″ x 12″.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Now it’s time to sew the clutch together. *Always make sure to back stitch when beginning and ending sewing for this project. 1. I sewed the top end of the zipper together to keep it in place and 2. then pinned on two small pieces (zipper inbetween) of felt to cover the end. Then I sewed them in place. 3. Then about 10 inches down from the top of the zipper I did this again. Cut off any extra zipper that might be left. 4. Center and pin one piece of felt so the 12″ edge hits the middle of the zipper. 5. Keep on regular sewing foot, but make sure needle is moved to as close to the side of the zipper as possible. Line up foot so the edge is butted right up to the zipper. Sew in place. 6. Repeat for the other side. 7. It will look like this at this point. 8. Open zipper half way and turn clutch in half so right sides are facing and pin together. Sew around the three sides. Take your time when sewing over the zippers (I also backstitched and went back over the zippers a few times for an extra strong hold). 9. Clip the two bottom corners.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Turn clutch right side out through zipper opening.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Take doily, fold in half, and position on clutch.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Make sure to use a pressing cloth and iron on the doily. Do one side at a time.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Grab some yarn. I had found this package of small yarns a while back and knew it would be perfect to use for tassels.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I paired up two colors for each clutch, but you can just use one or more colors if you like.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
1. Start by cutting two 6″ pieces of yarn. 2. Place the yarn you are using over your hand so the end is at the bottom of your palm. 3. Wrap around hand a few times until desired fullness is reached. 4. Take one of the 6″ pieces of yarn and knot through the top of the yarn loop. 5. Take the other 6″ piece and tie around yarn a little further down. Wrap around a few times and knot again. 6. Even out ends and 7. cut across bottom. 8. Using the top thread, loop through the zipper pull and tie in place. Trim loose ends and 9. put a little glue on knots to help keep it from unraveling.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Have fun adding some simple embroidery. I used only straight lines on all of these and was amazed at how fast I was able to embroider them. It was fun to add a little more character to them.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
These would be a great party favor, wedding party gift, or to use on a night out on the town. My girls have each already claimed one, so it’s a good thing I made three. Thank you to my friend who modeled for me!

Disclosure: I am part of the Cricut Blogger Network and have used affiliate links. I received a complimentary machine to facilitate my crafts and though I am not being paid for this post, I am submitting it for a chance to win some fun prizes.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together Also, here are my teammates! You can check out their blogs to see what they created.

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A Bag for Her Books

A Bag for her Books

Every now and then I will pick a craft supply that I wouldn’t normally choose. In this case, it was this bright orange flocked heat transfer material (c/o Silhouette).

A Bag for her Books
Miss J is not only a lover of baking and crafts, but of books as well. I have wanted to make her a bag for when we go to the library so I decided to incorporate this new craft item into it.
A Bag for her Books

I left it out on the couch for her to find when she came home from school today. She immediately saw it! She has already filled it up with her little treasures :) For the orange books part, I created a simple shape with text in the program for my Silhouette machine and then let the machine cut it out. I love that thing! Then I just used iron on adhesive to hold on the fabric “books” and sewed around the edges of them.

A Bag for her Books

Now she has a little bag to take to the library next time we go :)

Gifts for the Grandmama’s

Happy Mothers Day to all of you mom’s out there! I hope that your day has been great :) We have had a relaxed day and it’s been wonderful! My hubby has taken on the “mom” work for the day ;)

I want to say a special thanks to my mom for being the amazing woman she is. She doesn’t hear it enough for sure! She’s so great to me and my family. She just gives of herself all of the time. She’s also my best friend. We talk every day just about, even if it’s just a few minutes. It helps keep me sane! LOL

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.”
Proverbs 31:28

So for this Mother’s Day I decided to make her and my mother in law a purse. I was in the mood for something bright that they could rock during the summer months.

Log Cabin Block Purse

Log cabin block

The middle is a log cabin block which I made using a random tutorial online. Then I used a bag I had to come up with the dimensions for the other parts.

I think one of my favorite parts of the purse are the fun zippers I found. They were on clearance at JoAnn’s for $.97!!! They had all kinds of colors. I’m tempted to go back and buy a bunch more. They were in the section where purse making stuff is.

Aren't these zippers so much fun?


Inside of purse

I’ll be back tomorrow with another maternity top (hopefully you aren’t sick of them yet ;).

“Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3

My Birthday Give Away

So this past week I turned 26! I’m getting closer to 30!!!!! Aacccckkkkk! lol. Just kidding ;) I’m not worried. In honor of this event, I wanted to give a gift to some of the readers of Happy Together. Here are 5 things that are up for grabs:

1. Purse made with Heather Bailey Fabric

2. Purse Made with Amy Butler Fabric

My Birthday Give Away My Birthday Give Away

3. Dusty Rose Neck Warmer

My Birthday Give Away

4. Teal Neck Warmer

My Birthday Give Away

5. Bright Pink Neck Warmer

My Birthday Give Away

The first two are purses I have made. They have my old etsy store’s label in them, but they are still super cute :) The last three are neck warmers I made from fleece. Pretty simple to make. Cut rectangular pieces, shirr long ways in a few places, and then add a pretty pin to hold it all together.

How to enter:

1. Leave a comment. Let me know which one you would like in order. For instance, “my favorites in order are 3,1,5,4,2.”

****Make sure there is some way I can contact you. If you email if not in your bio, please leave it in your comment*****

2. For a second chance, leave a seperate comment saying you that follow my blog (only if you do though! no liars ;). This can be through blogger, google reader, email, feeds, etc. Just let me know how you follow…

***This give away will stay open until Friday, December 11.***

Glitter Clutch Tutorial

Love these clutches at J.Crew? I do! So, why not make our own then? Here is how I did it:
Transform old ones with some glue and glitter! They make great little gifts or add an extra touch of sparkle to your holiday outfit.

Glitter Clutch How To

-Glue (I used fabric glue)
-Paint Brush
-Finishing Glaze (I used DecoArt Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze Spray from Michaels)
-Old Clutch (I had these vintage ones I found at a yard sale. I thought about reusing the frame since the fabric was all messed up and cracked, but they were perfect for this project!)


How To:

1. Place a piece of paper down with your purse on top. Paint the glue onto one side.

Painting with Glue

2. Cover in glitter. Let it dry before dumping excess glitter off.

Adding the glitter

3. Dump the extra glitter off onto the paper. Then, save that extra by folding the paper in half to create a funnel to get the glitter back into the container.

4. Repeat those steps on the back.

5. Repeat those steps on the 2 sides.

**Note: You might have to do a second layer of glue and glitter if the clutch has a fabric that soaks up the glue. I had to with the clutch in black glitter.**

6. Spray the glitter covered parts of the purse with a sealant. I used DecoArt Triple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze from Michaels. It keeps the glitter in place. Maybe Mod Podge would work as well.

Today’s Tutorial: Placemat Clutches

Here is a tutorial to make the placemat clutch. I provide a few different options for working with different shapes of placemats. Have fun! These are great simple and easy gifts to make for yourself or someone else.

<span class=

What you need:


-Plastic Canvas (found near the thread/yarn sections in craft stores)

-A piece of felt or other fabric (to cover the piece of plastic canvas in the bottom)

-Velcro, snaps, a vintage pin, etc. (Something to use for keeping the clutch closed)

-Optional: Glue

-And of course, all the things you need to sew and cut :)

Let’s first go over how to cut the placemats. The first example will be with a quilted oval shaped one:

1.An oval quilted <span class=

Get your placemat

2.Fold in half to find where you want it to fold over

Fold it in half to determine where you want to cut for the “body” of the clutch.

3.Cut off side Folded

Cut off on one end where you chose.

4.Serge or V-<span class=

Serge the edge or just do a v-stitch across to secure the layers of material.

This next cutting option is for a circular placemat:

1.A Circular <span class=

Get your placemat

2.Fold in half

Fold it in half

3.Cut down sides to made them <span class=

Cut off the edges of one side. These will be the sides of the clutch.

4.Cut off one end to create a piece for the clutch

This is what it will look like.

A Rectangular Placemat:

If you have a rectangular one, you don’t have to cut it at all. I just folded the corners in at one end and sewed them in place like this one:

Made from rectangular <span class=

You could cut it and just serge or V-stitch the edge if you like. Or you could make a flat clutch like this:

Made from rectangular <span class=

Just fold up one end to be the “body” of the clutch and sew up the sides. (I added some ruffles) All done!

Now for the sewing. To create the boxed bottom corners:

Pin together, right sides facing

1. Pin sides together right sides facing. Bring the cut off edge to where you like.

Leave about 1.5&quot; <span class=

2. Sew down the sides, just leave about an 1.5″ opening at the bottom (you could do bigger if you want; the bigger the amount left, the larger the bottom of the purse will be.

Push bottom middle to where it's sewed Making the bottom

3. You are going to take the bottom of the opening on the bottom and put the middle up to where you just sewed. See above pictures. This will create the box corners.

Might have to fold sides over

(Hint: You might have to lay the sides down like this when you sew if they are giving you problems. If not, just lay them to one side).

Sewing it

4. Sew straight across the bottom (the straight part you just created).

After sewing corners Trim off access material

5. It will look like the first picture. Then trim the edges. You could finish it off if you like (serge or V-stitch).

Turn right side out The outside corners

6. Turn right side out. You will now have a box bottom for your clutch.

Creating the plastic canvas insert:

Measure bottom width

1. Measure how wide the bottom of your clutch is. It should be the same length of the opening you left at the bottom (Ex: 1.5″)

Measure bottom length

2. Measure how long your clutch is.

This is plastic canvas

3. Get your plastic canvas (available in craft stores near needlework/thread/yarn stuff).

Cut out the size of what you just measured.

Make big enough to fold all corners over

4. Cut a piece of felt or fabric that is bigger than the piece of plastic canvas you just cut. You are going to sew it on.

Pin end sides down

5. Start by pinning the felt on the short sides first. Sew them on. ***PLEASE NOTE: USE A HEAVY DUTY NEEDLE JUST IN CASE IT HITS PLASTIC AND USE A LARGE STITCH. GOING SLOW TO WILL PREVENT MISHAPS. If you are worried about doing this, you could just glue it on, or hand stitch it on.)

the back

6. Now fold the long felt sides over and sew them on.

The top

(Picture of the top)

Glued in

7. Glue it in. I used fabric glue. You could sew it on, or if you are really ambitious, cover the whole piece of plastic canvas and make it removable.

Keeping it closed:


Being the lazy crafter I can be, I just glued snaps on for it to be closed. I covered the top one with a piece of felt with a hole in it. You could sew these on as well, or you could use Velcro, or just use a vintage pin to keep it shut (see below).

Made from oval quilted <span class=

Now I just have to figure out who will get which ;)

Happy Sewing!


I Heart Simple

I heart things that look simple and are simple to make. What about you? I have another Christmas present down!

Made from a placemat

Made from a placemat. I love how most of the work was already done for me. I almost have two more placemat clutches made as well. We have this Dillard’s clearance center near us (it’s amazing) and they had stocked up on their napkins and placemats. I had a ball and bought most at only $1.50 each! They were originally a lot more than that.

I heart simple clutches
I added a piece of that plastic stuff with the holes in it (at the craft stores, anyone know the technical name?) to the bottom to make it sturdy. I covered it in fabric first though, then just glued it in.

Today’s Tutorial: The Rag Bag

Allright everyone, here is the beginning of the Sunday tutorials. My goal is to do this as often as I can. Of course, I might do some during the week as well, but at least every Sunday. Here is the final outcome of today’s tutorial:

End Result

It was inspired by none other than a purse on (which by the way is $298!):

It’s so simple to do, I didn’t even need to take a bazillion pictures of how to do it. It comes out cute and super quick, so instant gratification. All you need to know how to do is cut and knot!

1. Look through your closet, a thrifstore, etc. and find a purse that has a crochet/knit type of look. (Or, you could crochet, knit a bag yourself. I was just too lazy to do that). I found mine at a thrift store for $4 and it was in perfect condition. There were a ton more like it there too, in all sorts of sizes!


2. Cut up a bunch of strips of fabric. I cut mine roughly 18″ long and 2″ wide. Some I made a little skinnier though because the material was thicker. I cut up two shirts (from the thrift store), a scarf (my mom had given me a while back to use for crafts), and some lace and silk fabric scraps I had. Ribbon could work too. Then you only have to cut the length.

3. Begin knotting the strips of fabric on. I started with strips I cut up from a shirt and then just filled in from there. I tried to do them in rows, although, there are a few that are not on “a row” I made. Just fill it in to your liking.

Beginning to tie on the fabric strips

4. Trim the bottom pieces so they are all even and you are done.


I like my new purse

Happy Sunday!

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

A Little Spruced Up

Rain, rain, rain. That is what it’s being doing these past few days. We haven’t gone stir crazy yet though, because the little one has been helping me fix up the house (in the little ways that toddlers can). I’m finishing up a headboard for our bedroom and today I went to Hobby Lobby and found a ton of cute frames on super sale to go in the living room. Decorating is a slow process. Spend a little here, and a little there, and one day it will be just how I want it. I was very impressed with what Natalie did here in her living room, that it inspired me to continue on.

My new vintage purse I embellished

Here is a little vintage purse I found while thrifting the other day. I was going to fix it up and put it in the shop, but the inside is just too messed up. So, it becomes mine! Yay :) I added the ruffle to the front to help cover up some of the outside wear and tear. In this pic, I realized the ruffle looks off center, but in real life, it’s right down the middle!