A Hexagon Baby Quilt

A Baby Hexagon Quilt
First up, notice a difference? Yes? I currently did a blog migration and am in the finishing rounds of that and doing a little blog makeover. I have wanted to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off. I finally just went for it! I am still working on a new logo and all, but when it’s all done I will do a post of why I made the changes and all the wonderful companies I have worked with during this process. But, a few projects to share until then. This is a little quilt I made for my new niece. She’s really special. My brother and his wife had been praying about adopting for a long time and they put their names on the list. After lots more praying and waiting, they received that special phone call a few weeks ago that they had been chosen to adopt a little girl.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I just had to make their little girl something special! I had this package of pre-cut hexagons (Sunnyside Honeycomb Kate Spain for Moda) and used half of them for the middle of this quilt. I had plans for doing a scalloped edging, but how I was thinking of making that happen ended up not working out. So I added the white border after I had made the middle (and yes, quilted it already too!). I learned some good lessons though and I’m so happy I could save it. It might not be the most polished, but it is soft and comfy and the colors are sure to grab baby girls attention. Oh, and I machine sewed the hexagons using this method. I just took my time and they came out perfect almost each time! I think I only had to rip some stitches out twice and that was on the cheapy fabric white hexagons I threw in last minute to finish the square.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I made a few other little things to go in the mail with it that I will share soon. One will be a pattern for a crocheted bunting. Until then!


10 on 10

I decided this year that one thing I wanted to start doing was a number of pictures on that number day of the month post. I am going to go with “10 on 10″ because I feel like that is a good number for me. So today I begin that! This will be a post where I share pics that I might have already shared on instagram or just photos I have on my phone/camera. These happen to all come off of my phone for this post.

1. Yes. That is miss E covered in toothpaste. This girl is my sneaky one! I have multiple stories about things like this her. I did find out that at least this type of toothpaste cleans easily and it’s better than the “peanut butter”, which was not really peanut butter if you get my drift, that she brought me the other day.

2. So proud of my hubby! He’s going on his first ever out of country missions trip. And if you are in need of coffee, any that you purchase from here will give a certain percentage for his missions trip through our church.

3. Last month I was able to do the Valentine’s Day craft for miss J’s class. These are her finished projects. We let them make a candy jar (tutorial here) and then I took a picture of them to put inside a frame they glued fun shredded paper on.

4. Miss J is improving so much with her reading. We have been working hard on that along with math and other subjects. She even started choosing to read books on her very own recently which is huge! I usually have to gently persuade her.

5. I was so excited to find this book at Books-a-Million on our date night last Friday! I have two projects in this one. I will be sharing a whole blog post about it this week with a giveaway for a copy as well. So stay tuned for that.

6. What can I say? I have lots of pics of this girl. She’s always with me too, so that is probably a big factor along with her being adorable. She was wearing daddy’s hat pretending to be a farmer. Her favorite animal at the moment is a cow so she says.

7. With the cold still lingering a bit, I finished up this hat for myself. I used this awesome crochet pattern. And you know me. I made it in my fave color, mustard yellow.

8. For some reason I have been drawn to vintage kids books while out thrifting. These are some of my recent finds along with that superb paint by number horse piece! I found that at one of those stores where they rent out booths. You know, the ones just full of everything and the kitchen sink? This lady had a bunch of these in her booth and had added the cool frames. It’s perfect in miss J’s room now :)

9. I am helping out with some projects for an upcoming conference at our church. I made these fabulous letters with this tutorial. They are made from foam board and cardboard. A lady walking by our house asked my husband about them because the garage door was open and she could see them. She said they looked like vintage metal letters from a few feet away and wanted to know if I make and sell them. I take that as a job well done!

10. Lastly, I finished up a quilt for my newest niece. She was just adopted by my brother and his wife. I’m so happy for them! It’s been a long wait but so neat to see their dream come true. This was a beginning of the quilt pic. I just kind of made it up. I had these fabulous pre-cut hexagons and knew they would be perfect to use. I bought them while on super sale on Craftsy. They are from the Moda Honeycomb pack of Sunnyside by Kate Spain.

That’s it for this time. I’m hoping to start a few more consistent type posts soon as well, like a monthly link up post so we can see what you are making. I know those type of things helped me get out there when I first started blogging and I would like to offer the same opportunity for you all.

Scrappy Plus Sign Baby Quilt

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I didn’t make too many quilts last year, but I’m hoping to change that this year. I have always wanted to make some for family members. I plan on starting them now so then I get them done through out the year instead of trying to wait until September and have them done by Christmas. We shall see how that goes. Ha! I finished up this little quilt last month for a baby present.

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I had no idea what kind of quilt I was going to make at first. I knew that I wanted to try and use only fabric from my stash (which I did! who knew I had so much “boy” fabric? well, except for the back fabric). I also knew many of the pieces I wanted to use were not very big, so I needed the quilt pieces to be on the smaller side to work it all in nicely. I went over to my friends house one day and just starting cutting out 3″ squares.

Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

I thought about doing a hst quilt, but after looking at them I decided a plus sign quilt was the way to go. I really didn’t plan much at all. I just laid squares out on my bed until I felt it would make a good size. And I still have a big stack of squares leftover. The final size of the quilt once sewn together ended up being 38″ x 44.5″ which is a good size. Small enough for a baby and yet big enough to use until a big kid.


I did a simple straight line quilting and didn’t use any batting because the baby using it lives in Florida where it is warmer most of the year. My friend sent me the sweetest picture below of her little one under the quilt. And guess what? Her other little boy still uses the triangle quilt I made him :) My heart just exploded when I saw this.


Anyone else have some quilts on your list of things to make this year? I can’t wait to get started on all the ones on my list.


Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt
Scrappy Baby Plus Sign Quilt

Vintage Quilt Top Fix Up

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Summer is here! It feels so surreal to have a daughter who has graduated kindergarten now. I can’t believe she’s getting so big! We went from a busy end of the school year and are slowing down a bit. We have lots of play dates already planned so we can spend some good time with our friends. I have been feeling better as well and working on some projects as well. Like this quilt.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

About 8 years ago when I really started getting into sewing, I was all about sewing with vintage materials (still love vintage fabrics!). I loved how people were re-purposing old quilts into purses and such, so I bought this quilt top on ebay. It was worn and had holes, so it was sold as a cutter quilt (one to cut up and use for other things). So I did just that. I cut out some pieces and made things with it.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Then it just sat in my fabric pile. I was reminded of this quilt after seeing many people on instagram that I follow using all these vintage quilts. I decided that I would try to fix this one up and make it into a completed quilt. We can always use extra ones for picnics around here.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

You can see where I added fabric from my stash to the places I had cut out. I grabbed some doilies that I had as well and added them on in various places. I sewed on a fabric heart and did a good amount of embroidery. I even used some bright threads to mend some holes.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

I used a sheet for the backing and decided to not add a binding. That would have added more work and I also didn’t know if I could do one that would give it the look I wanted. So I just placed the sheet and quilt top together, right sides facing, and sewed around leaving a hole to turn it right side out. Then I turned it right side out, pushed in the seams at the opening, and sewed around the edge of the whole quilt.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

I think finding quilt tops is a great way to create a quick quilt. I’m so happy that I ended up using this. I see it being used a lot.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Fun Making for a Boy

scrappy baby quilt

Today both my girls are sick with a cold. This year has been the worst so far for them being sick. Fortunately it isn’t too bad this time, but it sure does make them cranky :) So, onto more Christmas gifts. And don’t worry, I’m almost done with these.

scrappy baby quilt

Along with a new niece on the way, another one of my sister in law’s is having a boy! So I’m getting another nephew as well. I always have fun making things for boys since I don’t get the opportunity too that much since I only have girls. I made another scrappy baby quilt using the half triangle quilt method.

crochet baby beanie

And I had to make some little bitty hats for him too. I found a baby beanie crochet hat pattern and just alternated the yarn to make the stripes. Don’t remember which pattern I used, sorry :(. I added some buttons with some embroidery thread for extra durability.

crochet baby bear hat

And I used this pattern for the bear hat. I can’t wait to see pictures of him wearing these :) Have a wonderful day everyone! I’ll be tending to my girls and hopefully cooking this. But I will be using chicken legs because I couldn’t find turkey legs. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A Quilt and Some Hats

Baby Quilt

It’s all quiet over in the Fediw house right now. My husband is back from training in New Orleans and it’s so nice. Although, he is still gone quite a bit right now due to flooding in a nearby town (he’s in the Coast Guard and he gets to help with stuff like that), it’s still good to see him at night. After the girls were to bed we spent some chill time together eating m&m’s and catching up. I love the times we get to share together. But now he’s asleep so I needed to come over here and say hi and continue sharing gifts I made for Christmas.

Baby Quilt

We are blessed with a lot of extended family and this year it’s growing even more. My sister in law is having a little girl and she’s due any day now. It’s so exciting! Yay for girls! Well, you know I just had to make the princess something. I made this tringle quilt using this type of half square triangles. I just grabbed fabric from my stash and made it as big as I could. I didn’t want to make a big blanket, just a smaller one this time. I have gotten so much use out of miss E’s little quilt and love that size for when they are little.

Baby Quilt

Speaking of miss E, she caught me taking pictures and was so ecstatic about a quilt hanging on the wall!

Baby Quilt

She promptly yanked it off then ran away with her spoils and laid down on it in the living room. I’m so blessed to have two girls who love things I make. haha

Crocheted Hat

I also made this little hat using this pattern. I liked it. It was an easy project with great results.

Zebra hat

Lastly, I made my niece this zebra hat. Yes it’s a zebra. I know. It kind of looks like a pig, but I promise it looks more like a zebra when it’s on a babies head than like this. Just check out the the one the creator of this pattern made here. I tried it on miss E to make sure it did ;)  Now we anxiously wait this little ones arrival. We are so excited! Have I said that enough? I won’t get to see her in person for a while which makes me sad. But thankful for email so I can see pictures!

A Baby Quilt and Some Bows

baby quilt

Another baby season has happend amongst my family and friends and I love it!

baby quilt

A friend of mine that I grew up with is due any time now and is having a baby girl.

baby quilt

I created this quilt pattern and worked hard to use only 3 yards of fabric for the top and binding.

baby quilt

The fabric is Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott for Moda fabrics. I bought it at this really cute fabric store in Lafayette, LA called Lola Pink Fabrics. They also have an online store and this fabric line is currently on sale.

baby quilt

I had to add one more little gift, so I made some of my crocheted hair bows. I can’t wait to meet this precious little girl :)

baby quilt
Any one else making baby gifts?

How I Made a Triangle Quilt


A few months ago, a good friend of mine found out she was expecting baby number 4. Both of us being sewers, we immediately talked about what to make for baby. I asked her if there was anything I could make and she said a quilt.


A few weeks later when she found out she was having a boy and she sent a few pics my way of what kind of quilt she wanted. A triangle quilt it was! They are quite the rage at the moment :) We discussed colors, to use batting or not, and size. She decided on the above colors with a stripey binding; no batting (since she lives in Florida which is a rather warm state); big enough to cover the crib mattress for when it transitions into a toddler bed.


I went to the store and bought some fabric and made a quilt. I had done some measurements wrong and it wasn’t quite wide enough and I just wasn’t digging that color scheme, so I went back and bought more fabric and adjusted the size. This is what came of it. I’m going to share how I made it in case anyone is interested. I’m not a super quilter or anything and there might be better ways to do some of these things, but I like to live and learn with my sewing :) and this is how I did it.

Supplies to create a crib sized quilt ( measures roughly 42″ x 60″)
I can say for sure, you will need 2 yards for the backing (with no extra, I just added that extra triangle line for interest) and .5 yards for the binding. The rest just depends. Here is a breakdown of what I used and I had some leftover, but it’s good to have a bit extra just in case you need it.
Gray (2 yards used for backing and .5 for front) 2.5 yards
White 3/4 yard
Khaki 3/4 yard
Yellow .5 yard
Peach .5 yard
Green  .5 yard
Blue 3/4 yard
Orange .5 yard
Striped Fabric for binding .5 yard
I didn’t use any batting, but I’m sure there is a crib sized one that would work, or you just buy one that is bigger and cut it down to size.
The triangles will be 6.5″ high and 6″ wide at the bottom. There will be 11 rows of 17 whole triangles, where as the two on the edge will be cut in half during the trimming process. 
The binding needs to be 180″ long and 2.5″ wide (or width of your preference). I will not share a tutorial on how to make this as there are tons out there already. Simple search “how to make quilt binding” and you will find many ways to determine which one fits you. I will show how I cut mine though, as I did not do it on the bias which might require more fabric.

Other supplies I used:
-Dark gray thread
-Rotary cutter
-Cutting board

Cutting the fabric:

To cut the triangles, I started with my fabric piece and starched it. This helps keep its shape a lot. Trust me. I didn’t do it on the first and noticed a big difference.


I folded it in half (this is where is was folded on the bolt).


Then I folded it again in the same direction.


And then one more time.


Next, it was time to get rid of the terrible unmatched ends.


Using the equipment you have, trim off the uneven edges so it’s even.


Then go down the folded piece of fabric and cut in 6.5″ pieces all the way down.


Get as many pieces cut out of it as you can.


Stack them and put them to the side and do this with all the fabric pieces you are using for your triangles.


Once that is all done, open up one piece so that it is folded in half only.


I placed the folded side on the edge of my cutting board and angled the ruler from one bottom corner to 3 inches over on the top. Then I cut along the edge with rotary cutter to get my first triangle. (note: it will be folded in half ;)


Then I continued cutting triangles, but now the fabric isn’t folded, so it needs to be the whole triangle size. I made the angle so that there were six inches across at the bottom and it hit 3 inches over at the top.


Continue cutting triangle like this until the end.


When you get to the end, you will have some extra usually. So you might just want to cut half triangles to use on a different project. Maybe make a matching pillow or use on the backing.

Triangle Placement:


Now lay them all out on the floor for how you want them to go. I just randomly placed them pleasing to the eye. This pic above was from the first quilt I did. You will need to have 11 rows of 17 WHOLE triangles in each. We will do the trimming at the end instead. I just forgot to take pics of this part on the 2nd quilt.


Once they are all laid out, I stacked them in order and then put a sticky note for which row it was. I made sure to start with the same end on each row so it all matched up how I wanted it to.


Then stack them however you like and take them to sew.

Sewing Quilt Top:


Sew the triangles in a row together, about 1/4″ seam allowance. I did mine a tad smaller though. Make sure to keep them in order. Once done, press open the seams with iron. Do not actually slide iron along. Just hold it down and pick it up to press. This helps it keep its shape better for matching up the rows later.


I kept the note with which row it was on each one so I didn’t misplace one. Keep in order while sewing the rows together.


Now start to sew the rows together.


Start by pinning rows 1 and 2 together, making sure the triangle ends meet each other.


Once sewn, press open the seam.
Next sew rows 3 and 4 together.
Then 5 and 6.
Then 7 and 8.
Then 9 and 10.
Then sew 11 onto 10.
Then sew the first group (1&2) to (3&4). Sew (5&6) to (7&8).
Sew (5,6,7,8) to (9, 10, 11).
Then finally sew (1,2,3,4) to (5,6,7,8,9,10,11).
This helps keep the rows straighter as opposed to just sewing them all together starting from 1 and working on down.


The top is almost done :)


Now trim the edges. Just even them out two at a time.


Looking good :)

Making a Quilt Sandwich:


Next place the backing down on the floor, wrong side facing up. You only need the 2 yard piece. If using batting, add that next. Then place the triangle top on top of that, right side facing up. Pin the three layers (or 2 in my case) together as you prefer.


Next, I sewed above and below each rows seam only (width wise). You could do more, but this was good enough I felt.


Then to keep it in place, I also sewed down the top and bottom edge to the backing. Then I finished by trimming the backing that was poking out on the sides.

Cutting the Binding:


I then cut my strips for the binding by folding my 1/2 yard in half. I cut 2.5″ strips and sewed them together. Again, find a good tutorial you like on how to do this part as there are many methods. I hand sewed it to the back though. I just can’t quite do that part with machine sewing yet :)
When it’s all done, I like to throw it in the washer to help it get started with that crinkly comfy look. That is one of my favorite parts about quilts.

So there you have it! It was fun to make and a great learning experience for me. I can’t wait to get this to baby Jude :)

Preparing for Baby: A Quilt

This week is going to be full of things that I have made for baby (whom I am patiently waiting on arriving). I found out at last weeks appointment I have already started to dilate, so it’s nice to know I’m at the end and will get to meet her soon. I keep telling her to stay in at least until after Sunday so I can have my oldest daughter’s birthday party. You see, their due dates are only 1 day apart, so they could even end up with the same birthday potentially. Wouldn’t that be wild!


The first thing I’m showing off is this baby quilt I made. It was super simple and I love how it came out. I used this tutorial from Oh, Fransson called Charm Squares Baby Quilt. I bought my charm squares off of Etsy. They are from Heather Bailey’s line, Nicey Jane. I also made this one without any batting since we live in hot Florida.


It took me forever to decide on fabric for the nursery. The room we are using for the baby room is this light blue (with an ugly darker sponged on blue over it; but thank goodness it doesn’t really show up in the pictures!). So I wanted it to match the blue walls. I had a hard time finding already made crib bedding with blue that was girly, so I had to make it.


I made the crib stuff too, but I’ll show all of that later.


This time I did the hand sewing on the binding, unlike last time on my daughter’s quilt. It turned out beautiful and I am so proud of myself :) It pays off to take your time on a project sometimes instead of rushing it.


I found a few other cute baby quilt tutorials that would be fantastic to try too:

Anyone else been making a baby quilt lately?

Jumping into the New Wave {Quilt}

She had to jump in the pic ;)

Well, I’ve gone done and did it. I have entered the quilting world. It was only a matter of time really. I have done a small one from my daughter’s baby clothes (like 3 years ago) and have dabbled a bit with quilt squares and all, so it was time for a full size quilt.

Fun binding

I used this pattern from Oh, Fransson! Her quilts are amazing. I’ve followed her blog for a while hoping to pick up some quilting motivation and it finally worked :) And really, I had to make one for my daughter because I’m almost done with one for the baby too and I wanted each to have one. I found all of the fabrics at JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby.

It was a real easy sew. I even enjoyed using all of my quilting stuff I had received from Fiskars a while back. It was like a fun challenge to get it cut as perfect as possible. Now, I didn’t get all of the rows lined up quite perfect, but being pregnant and trying to crawl around on the floor and do all that was a bit difficult so I didn’t worry too much about it.

Happy with her new quilt

I learned a lot about fabrics during this process as well. I had bought two that were flimsier than the others and it proved to make the process more difficult. They would get out of shape really fast and were my main problem where the unevenness came into play. From now on I will only buy good solid quilt cottons.

New Wave Quilt

I did straight line quilting following the angles like many others who have made this did. I’m not quite ready to try free motion quilting and all of that yet.

Close Up

I also used a bed sheet from Target for the back and no batting so it’s more of a summer quilt. It’s just really not cold enough in Florida to make a heavier quilt. We hardly use more than a sheet at night and I didn’t want my daughter getting all sweaty.

The back

I used leftovers to make the binding and machine stitched it. Here is a little tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts on that. Mine didn’t come out so pretty up close, so I think I’ll try hand stitching next time.

It's so snuggly

And that’s it! I’m so happy with it. I’m thinking of making some quilts for Christmas presents this year now. It’s always fun to try something and I’m very glad I did.