What I’m Wearing: A Pleated Top

Pleated Skirt into a Top
This weekend went by so fast! We were so blessed to have friends come and visit us. It really was nice since it takes a bit to make friends in a new place. This is a top I made from a pleated skirt using this tutorial (which incidentally won one of the Shabby Apple Design competitions). I was hoping to make it a dress, but it was just too short. Still cute anyways though. The only different thing I did was I did a rolled hem on the sleeves. It’s a really quick refashion. I spotted the skirt last Friday on 50 cent clothing day at a local thrift store. Score! And I’m rocking my 50 cent sunnies I got as well. Score again! 
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The Tied Maternity Top Tutorial

Well, I couldn’t be pregnant and not do a little something for DIY Maternity now could I? So today I’m over there sharing a tutorial for another maternity top!

Before Picture

It’s a refashioned one. A shirt made from a thrifted dress (above).


Of course, you don’t have to be pregnant to make this top :) Head on over to check it out if you like. If you are pregnant or nursing, the blog is a fabulous resource with many tutorials and ideas.

Dress Up Monday: A Piece of Cake

I’ve got another LBB pattern dress, but this one is a bit different.

Let the baking begin

Why? It’s my first thing I have ever serged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right!!!!!!! I finally was able to sit down, focus, read the manual a bazillion times, and use my serger. I’ll be honest. It scared me. But I conquered it. I am a Conqueror!!!! I still have to practice the tension a lot, but I know practice makes perfect.

My daughter wore this dress for a baking lesson with one of her aunts.

Her first time using a mixer

They mixed everything up and then her aunt had another cake already cooked (just like they do on cooking shows) so they wouldn’t have to wait for it to cook.

Frosting Time!

The little one got to help decorate and enjoyed a yummy cake!

An Overhead View

Fish Cake
(Oreos for the scales; fruit roll ups for the tail and fins)

And I must say. After my trip, I will have to go on a sugar detox!

Dress Up Monday: Pandas and A Deal

Panda Dress!!!!!

My mom knows I love to make t-shirt dresses for my daughter, so she sent these cute ones with pandas on them for that purpose.

My daughter just adores pandas. We are even taking her to a zoo this summer that has real pandas! She’s super excited about that.

$3 Shoes from Walmart

$3 Shoes from Walmart

Now, about this good deal. We were at Walmart and I saw these adorable wanna-be-Keds. They were only $3 each pair! They had a few more colors too (pink, navy, black).

I got the white and green. They had a ton of them too. I’m thinking about getting more white ones do decorate up. Hmmmmm…….we’ll see ;) We do love us some cute shoes around here!

Hold On

Dresses made using the LBB Sienna Dress Pattern.


Anthro Refashion Tutorial: The Esplanade Halter Top

I am just adoring all the things that Anthropologie has out right now. I went to their store this morning to look around and I saw so much I would buy if I could! But, I was inspired to make some refashions that mimic the look which makes me happy :)

Anthropologie Inspired Refashion

Here is the first tutorial for an Anthro Refashion that I was inspired to do. It is based on the Esplanade Halter Top. Oh, and this is another goal for the summer: Make more clothing for myself!

Anthropologie Inspired Refashion

Anthropologie Inspired Refashion

What you need:
-A knit shirt or tank top to use
-Fabric for neck and bow
-Scissors and stuff needed to sew with

Grab yourself a knit shirt or tank top you want to use (A). A tank top would be the easiest to cut, but I found this top at Kohl’s on clearance for two dollars and knew it was perfect for this.

Next you want to cut it into a tank top if you have a shirt (B). Leave some extra around the sides to be folded over to create finished edges. Also, I had to cut the front two sides shorter than I originally did in picture B. See in picture E how much shorter I cut them?

Fold the side edges inward over a little bit and sew (C). Then fold over inward one more time and sew again (D).

Measure across the front strap and right down measurement (E). Try the shirt on and measure how far from top of one strap, around your neck, and all the way to the other top strap. Write measurement down as well. This is how you will determine what size to make the fabric neck piece. The width of the strap on mine was 3 inches, so I doubled the size and added a 1/4″ seam allowance to each side. Then the length from the tops of the straps and around my neck was 19.5″. So I added 1/2″ to allow a seam allowance on both end. My fabric piece I cut was 6.5″ wide by 20″ long. (The fabric I used was this silky like stuff I had in my stash)

Now take your piece of fabric and fold it in half short ways right sides together. Sew down the long side creating a tube (F). Then turn right side out and iron.

Find the center of the fabric piece and line it up to the center back of the shirt. Pin right sides facing (G). Then sew it in place.

I turned the shirt inside out for the next part. Then match the ends of the fabric to the front straps, right sides facing. Pin and sew in place (H).

Scrunch down the back of the neck and sew over (I).

To create the bow I just cut a piece of fabric 32″x6″. Then I folded in half short ways, right sides facing, and sewed down the long side. I then turned right side out and ironed. I turned the the ends in at each end of the tube and sewed the openings shut. Then I tied a bow from it and hand sewed it in place. I suggest trying the shirt on and determining where you want the bow to go. It might look funny if not in the right place.

*If you want to do the front with the buttons, I would suggest shirring down the middle and sewing a strip of fabric over it. Then sew on buttons. You could also shirr down the middle of the back to create the back look of the halter top. If the shirring doesn’t work, just baste down the middle, scrunch the fabric by pulling the thread that came from the bobbin, and then sewing over it to secure the fabric in place.

A Variety Post

There were a lot of girl birthdays going on lately, so I just saved all the pics of what I made for one good ole girly post :)

Birthday Doll
My niece received this cute little wooden doll and hair clips I made.
Hair Clips
Green Tutu
My friend Emily’s baby is due any moment (if she hasn’t had her already). I made this green tutu with tulle and nylon organza
Ballerina Onesie and Doll

and a ballerina iron on onesie with doll. Emily is a ballerina herself, so I wanted her little girl to match her mommy ;)

Ruffled Onesie
And a ruffle onesie with some leftovers from t-shirt projects for my little cousin.
Crocheted Cupcake

She also got this cupcake made with this tutorial

Mini Leg Warmers
and these mini leg warmers made using this tutorial.
And now I must catch up on some boy’s birthdays that are coming up.

Make Way For Warm Weather Refashion Tutorial

Hey everyone :) I wanted to share this real quick. The idea has been in my head for a few weeks now and I finally got around to doing it! Now I get to share it with you too.

Long Sleeve to Halter Tutorial

For this, you will need a long sleeve shirt. I used a knit one. I’m not sure how well it will work with a non-knit one, but you could make it work I’m sure. Go grab some scissors and pins and let’s transform the wintry shirt into one ready for summer! PS… also remember to use the right needle for knits, etc. It will make your experience so much more pleasant!
1. Lay your shirt flat on the floor.
2. Take the scissors to it and cut out a shape like this. I did one side first, then folded it in half and copied the cut.
3. Cut two long pieces from the sleeves. Make sure they are a decent width (at least 1.5″). For length, I just cut a strip from the longest part of the sleeve. If you need it to be longer for the next step, you can always cut more strips and just sew them together.
4. Take one long piece and pin it around one side of the shirt, right sides facing. Sew in place with at least 1/4″ seam allowance. I think I did a 1/2″.
5. Fold the piece up and over and pin in place.

6. Sew it in place.
7. Fold the top front and back down some to create a casing. The amount is up to you. Pin in place and sew across bottom of fold.
8. Use long pieces from the sleeves to create a piece to tie through the casing. Or you could use pieces from another shirt, ribbon, rope, etc. Make it as long as you like.
I originally was going to have it long like this so I could do a bow and have the ends hanging, but I didn’t like that. So I just ran the piece through the casings, sewed the ends together, and hid the sewed part inside the casing.
Have fun and make it yours!

“I Heart” Dress for LBB & Dharma Trading Design Challenge

The sun came out for a little bit yesterday and I took the opportunity to grab some quick shots of the dress I made for Ashley‘s LBB & Dharma Trading Design Challenge.

For my girl

I had a lot of fun making this. I used the Sienna Dress Pattern and added little ruffles to the sleeves for some extra girliness.

Reverse applique and painted hearts

Dress for Lil Blue Boo Conest

I did a reverse applique for the large heart at the bottom, using a cookie cutter for a pattern. Then I sewed a smaller heart on top of it. I also used cookie cutters to make the outline for the smaller hearts that I then filled in with paint. It was super easy. I just covered the edges with paint and stamped it on. I then covered the small hearts with glitter paint and sewed around them all.

Ready to go now

The thing my daughter loves best is the sparkly hearts. If you haven’t entered the contest yet, there’s still time! It’s open until February 15!

Getting Ready for Spring

Sprite T-Shirt Dress

Things are starting to warm up around here, so I wanted to make a few dresses for my daughter from this pattern by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo.

Daddy's Sweet Pea T-shirt Dress

I had the t-shirts laying around ready to be cut and pieced together, so it took me one night.

"A" T-shirt Dress

Also, I was finally inspired to make something for her contest.If you don’t know, she’s having a contest with some fab prizes. Here is a quick run down of the rules from her site:

1. Create a unique outfit for a girl or boy using a Lil Blue Boo pattern. Alterations to the patterns ARE allowed as well as additional coordinating clothing items and accessories! I want you to have as much creative room as you think you need!
2. Use at LEAST one of the following techniques in your creation: fabric dyeing, fabric painting, stenciling, fabric transfers, screen printing or other embellishments (including applique).
3. Multiple entries are allowed! So submit as many as you like! There will be a gallery spotlighting all of the entries.
4. After all the entries are received, a very distinguished, diverse panel of judges will narrow the entries down to 10 final designs and there will be a week long public vote on Lil Blue Boo! And then the winner will be announced!

I was going to make the dress to enter, but it didn’t come out as planned. So, I’m going to try again today and I’ll show you my entry soon :)

Happy Happy Happy 2010!

A little late, but that seems to be the norm for me at the moment. I feel behind, but I’m choosing to relax and just do one thing at a time. I celebrated the New Year with my little one and parents. Not at midnight, mind you, but the next day. Here is my lovely little one in her dress just right for the occasion.

It’s made from a vintage women’s shirt I found while thrifting. I had it for a while and knew this was the perfect opportunity to put it to use.

We found some noisemakers and prettied them up for our photoshoot.

The sun shined and pretty sparklies came out to join us as we celebrated. How kind of them, don’t you think?

This past year is over and now there is a fresh start. Thank you for your kindness of the past year and I look forward to sharing 2010 with you as well. Things might be slow here for a little bit, but we’ll be back on track for sure by the end of January. Happy New Years!

(this one happened because it looks like a party hat as well ;)