DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
The next round of the Cricut Design Space Star is on! After making it into the top ten last time, I was really excited to try and enter some fun projects for this month. My team chose to go with the option of “fashion” and then our specific theme was “pops of color.” Our team is so diverse we wanted it to be broad enough for everyone to do something unique to who they are. The first project that came to my mind was this clutch. I had wanted to do something similar with an actual vintage doily, but thought i might be neat in a felt version. I like being able to add special things to my sewing projects I can’t find in other places.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I used three different “doily” shapes found in the Design Space for the Cricut Explore™. I simply searched “doily” and picked three that I would work.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I really like the pop of color and the bohemian feel they have. It is an inexpensive project with the use of such simple materials, many of which you might already have in your stash. To make your own felt clutch with tassel you will need:

  • Cricut Explore™
  • 2 pieces 9″ x 12″ acrylic felt  (one for clutch and one for doily)
  • scrap felt to cover zipper ends
  • iron on adhesive
  • a zipper that is longer than 10″ (mine were different sizes and cut shorter to fit)
  • small amounts of yarn for tassel
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • pressing cloth (I just use a piece of fabric)
  • glue
  • iron
  • sewing machine, etc. for sewing

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
First I took the felt I wanted to use for the doily and ironed on the adhesive according to instructions. This makes the cutting of felt a lot easier and then you can just iron it in place at the proper time instead of sewing. Use a press cloth when ironing with felt as the heat can damage the material. Then I went into Design Space and chose the doily I wanted (doily 2 was the blue, summer doily was the yellow, and doily 8 was the pink). I had to stretch them some to work. I made the measurements on each come to as close to 10″ x 7.5″ as possible. Then I placed the felt onto the light grip mat and had the machine cut out the image. I had no problem cutting out the image, just know that the paper backing you remove from the iron on adhesive was a bit of a pain to get off of the mat. I think it might have been because it was the first time I used this mat so it was super sticky. It all came off, but I had to use the scraper to help.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Next I cut the felt piece for the clutch in half so each piece was 4.5″ x 12″.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Now it’s time to sew the clutch together. *Always make sure to back stitch when beginning and ending sewing for this project. 1. I sewed the top end of the zipper together to keep it in place and 2. then pinned on two small pieces (zipper inbetween) of felt to cover the end. Then I sewed them in place. 3. Then about 10 inches down from the top of the zipper I did this again. Cut off any extra zipper that might be left. 4. Center and pin one piece of felt so the 12″ edge hits the middle of the zipper. 5. Keep on regular sewing foot, but make sure needle is moved to as close to the side of the zipper as possible. Line up foot so the edge is butted right up to the zipper. Sew in place. 6. Repeat for the other side. 7. It will look like this at this point. 8. Open zipper half way and turn clutch in half so right sides are facing and pin together. Sew around the three sides. Take your time when sewing over the zippers (I also backstitched and went back over the zippers a few times for an extra strong hold). 9. Clip the two bottom corners.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Turn clutch right side out through zipper opening.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Take doily, fold in half, and position on clutch.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Make sure to use a pressing cloth and iron on the doily. Do one side at a time.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Grab some yarn. I had found this package of small yarns a while back and knew it would be perfect to use for tassels.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
I paired up two colors for each clutch, but you can just use one or more colors if you like.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
1. Start by cutting two 6″ pieces of yarn. 2. Place the yarn you are using over your hand so the end is at the bottom of your palm. 3. Wrap around hand a few times until desired fullness is reached. 4. Take one of the 6″ pieces of yarn and knot through the top of the yarn loop. 5. Take the other 6″ piece and tie around yarn a little further down. Wrap around a few times and knot again. 6. Even out ends and 7. cut across bottom. 8. Using the top thread, loop through the zipper pull and tie in place. Trim loose ends and 9. put a little glue on knots to help keep it from unraveling.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
Have fun adding some simple embroidery. I used only straight lines on all of these and was amazed at how fast I was able to embroider them. It was fun to add a little more character to them.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together
These would be a great party favor, wedding party gift, or to use on a night out on the town. My girls have each already claimed one, so it’s a good thing I made three. Thank you to my friend who modeled for me!

Disclosure: I am part of the Cricut Blogger Network and have used affiliate links. I received a complimentary machine to facilitate my crafts and though I am not being paid for this post, I am submitting it for a chance to win some fun prizes.

DIY Felt Clutch with Tassel | happy together Also, here are my teammates! You can check out their blogs to see what they created.

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The Florida Dress

The Florida Dress | by happy together
Last week I took the opportunity during the girl’s nap time to sew. I drafted a few things for miss E and this was the first. I have all this fabric I have bought to make my girls clothes with and am determined to get going on that. My goal is to use up most of my fabric by the time we have to move again next summer (we will find out our new duty station in spring! I can’t believe it’s almost that time again…..).

The Florida Dress | by happy together
I wanted to make a fun summery dress with these bright fabrics I got at Hobby Lobby. Miss E likes to play dress up, so I figured she would also appreciate the bling in the back. It’s this stretchy elastic with sequins on it, which means the back side is soft and doesn’t scratch. I did a simple gather in the front of the skirt and made a casing for elastic in the back skirt. I did the casing before sewing the front and back pieces together. I only machine sewed the skirt to the front of the bodice. I then hand stitched the back of the bodice to the back of the skirt. And I also glued some felt on the inside where I sewed the elastic sequins so it wouldn’t bother her. A fairly quick sew. I finished it during that one nap time.

The Florida Dress | by happy together
The Florida Dress | by happy together
The Florida Dress | by happy together
We brought in our garden flamingo to join in on the picture party! This dress makes me think of Florida so I named it that. Her happiness plus a bright fun dress brighten up my day :D


An Outfit for the Red Carpet

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together This is my beautiful sister in law Keren. She is a talented make up artist and was nominated for an award. The ceremony will be held soon and there will be a red carpet entrance for them to walk down. All eyes and cameras will be on her, so she asked if I would help create a one of a kind dress for her to wear. I decided to give it a go since I would be in Virginia last month and could do a good dress fitting on her. I was also excited by the challenge of creating something for someone with some different clothing tastes than my own. For instance, when beginning ideas were flowing she asked if we could make something that looked like a unicorn had licked it. It made me smile :) So bright and happy colors were a definite for sure.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together We went looking through sewing pattern books for inspiration, and she decided she wanted some kind of poofy tulle skirt. As we walked around we found this beautiful aqua ruffle fabric and she decided she liked it and wanted that mixed in somehow. We then coordinated some bright sparkly tulle and underlining to go with it and found a pretty lace to make a wrap with. She will more than likely wear a different top underneath the wrap with this outfit for the event, but she found some things in her closet to use for this photo session.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together For the skirt, I dyed a wide elastic for the waistband to make it easy to sew and also to create as little bunching around the waist as possible. I created a circle skirt out of the lining fabric to also help not add extra bulk at the waist. The tulle was gathered and the ruffle fabric was pleated. She loves how it turned out and so do I! I have always wanted some kind of poofy skirt and now may have to make my own. The wrap was a great addition and she can change how it looks. We first wrapped it on her and I tacked it down in a lot of places so she could get it back on in place easily. Now she can play around with how she wants it to look, whether covering her shoulder or gathered up around her neck.

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together She got my little brother to come join us for the photos and I had so much fun photographing them. We had a lot of fun as you can tell in some of the pictures. These are just a few of my favorites from the ton we took. I can’t wait to see the pictures of them walking down the red carpet!

An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together
An Outfit for the Red Carpet |by Happy Together Much success to you Keren!!!! I am so happy you are a part of this family and add so many good things to our clan.


A New Summer Dress

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together We have had a wonderful summer so far. I was beyond blessed to go up to Virginia and North Carolina to visit family and friends for almost the whole month of June. It was such a lovely time. I even got to sneak in a few projects! That’s part of the fun with driving. I can bring a lot more stuff with me than I could on a plane lol. While there, I also visited some fabric shops. I found this lovely fabric and felt it was very Ace & Jig – esque. I wanted a dress made from it. A nice breezy summery dress. I saw a cute easy pattern from See & Sew (B5837) and decided to give it a try. Now that pattern is meant for knits, and my fabric was definitely not a knit. I’m such a pattern rebel I tell ya ;) I figured from the cut and the elastic in the waist that I could make it work. And guess what? I did!

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together   I was tempted to try a size higher to account for the loss in stretch by using a non knit fabric, but didn’t. I can’t exactly go sprinting in this dress due to that fact, but have no problems with regular walking as it has enough room for that. I did cut the top on the bias though to help give it some added stretch. The fabrics backside was neat, so I used one side for the top and the striped side on the bottom. It was a really fast pattern to sew and I might make another one. It does have that “makes me look like I’m pregnant look”, but maybe using a fabric with a better drape would help take that away. I would also make the top longer as it barely made it under my chest. That would probably help too. It is super comfy and I like the little detail of the back tie. This is a really great dress to sew if you are a beginner sewer as well. Simple with no buttons or zippers.

See & Sew Pattern B5837 | by Happy Together Have you tried any new patterns this summer?


Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Review & Giveaway

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway After making some things for my girls, I was very excited to make something for myself! I received the Piper Misses pattern from Violette Field Threads and was immediately smitten with the design. How seriously adorable is this back bow? Swoon. This pattern is available for sizes xxs-xxl and can be made into a dress or a top. Check out some more pics here for how it looks like as a dress. I decided on a top for this first go round to see how it went.

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway The pattern is made with sleeves as well (short and 3/4 long sleeves are included in the pattern), but I made mine sleeveless since our Louisiana weather is super hot. I chose some fabric I found at JoAnn’s. It’s a cotton fabric and while I love the the print, it’s not my favorite type of material for clothing for myself. I tried to find some apparel fabric I liked, but I couldn’t so I made this work. The collar was really easy to add and so was the bow! It looks like a lot more work goes into it than really does (which is a super plus!). I was able to make this in about an hour and half. And that is with two little girls constantly needing something ;)

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway I would say this is a great pattern for even a beginner sewer to take on as it isn’t super complicated. And that back is surely a wow factor! If you even have a hard time with fit, make sure to make the basic pattern real quick from a muslin fabric and see if you need to make any changes. If you were to make this with a knit fabric though, you wouldn’t need to worry about that as much. They provide lots of tips to help you create the Piper Miss as fabulous as possible.

Violette Field Threads Piper Misses Pattern Review and Giveaway Violette Field Threads is offering a chance for three people to win this pattern. It would be a great way to create some additions to your summer wardrobe. Simply enter with rafflecopter below. There are a few ways to enter, so multiple chances to win! Winners will be chosen June 17,2014. Be sure to check out their other patterns for women and children and see what new things they are doing and creating on their blog.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grits & Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Summer is in full swing and I have been trying to do a bit of summer clothes sewing. Jenilyn of Grits & Giggles was kind enough to send me her American Girl pattern bundle so I could create something for my girls and she also offered a pattern set to give away. I first made the Aprile Knot Dress for miss E. We went to a semi local fabric shop and found some prints that were very summery. Bees, strawberries, and bright colors are all a part of our summers here.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together The strawberry fabric and bee fabric is from the Briar Rose Collection by Heather Ross. The straps are made with fabric from the Garden Party Tango set by Iza Pearl Designs and the bottom band was made with some Hobby Lobby fabric. And for her headband, I simply cut up a rectangular piece of fabric from my stash and tied it on her head. This pattern was a really fast sew with a spot on fit. I foresee whipping up a few more for her and making some presents with it.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together And since whenever miss E sees a bee she exclaims, “Look! A busy buzzing bee!”, I just had to embroider that on.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Miss J wasn’t with me for the fabric choosing, but when I saw this horse print by Sarah Jane (Summer Ride from the Wee Wonder Sunrise Collection), I knew it was meant for her. I sewed up the Abigail Tunic with it. I added an extra little layer of knit from an old shirt to the bottom and used some leather scraps as a belt. This pattern was a bit more labor intensive as you have to gather the neck and the arm holes area and then add a binding. But, you get a really professional look and the outcome is very pretty. I think adding a bow or a flower to the front would be a cute accent as well. The final fit was good, but I liked adding the belt to help bring in the middle some. Miss J is rather slim and sometimes things really billow on her.

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together

Grits and Giggles Pattern Review and Giveaway | Happy Together Now for more fun, giveaway time! Jenilyn is giving one winner the chance to pick out four patterns from her shop to have! They are pdf format and will be delivered via email, so anyone can win! She has many girl patterns, but also a good deal of boy patterns like this one:

Grits & Giggles Ace Vest and Bowtie Pattern

I am using rafflecopter for entries. Winner will be randomly chosen on July 12, 2014.

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Stylo Magazine: OH ME, OH MY Outfits

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY

Did you all happen to catch the first issue of Stylo Magazine? If you did, you know how awesome it is. I have some good news! They just released Issue 2 and my girls got to be in this one! Jessica of The Sewing Rabbit and Celina Bailey of Petit a Petit and Family are amazing seamstresses and are the editors of this online children’s sewing magazine. This second issue features so many talented sewers (I’m sure you will recognize them!) and is full of awesome outfits (with all the details of what sewing patterns they used, what fabrics, where they got accessories, etc.) and many fabulous sewing tutorials. There are also special interviews with others in the sewing industry. Lots of good stuff all around.

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY I made one complete outfit for miss J. I wanted it to be a layered outfit that could be worn in spring and summer. For the shorts and jacket, I used patterns c/o Cali Faye Designs. I really love all her patterns and they were really fun to sew. The shirt is a modified version of the pattern c/o 5 and 10 Designs. I have made a few things with this pattern before and it’s so great with all the versatility you get with it. The cat fabric was c/o Michael Levine and I found the matching solid coral/orange color for the shorts at Hancock’s Fabrics and the jacket fabric at Hobby Lobby. I used vintage trim and buttons on the shirt back and shorts. Her gold sparkly shoes are from Target. Which, might I add, I want in my size! Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY Miss E’s top was also made using the 5 and 10 designs pattern. It was actually suppose to be a dress. Yeah. I was a little off on that. She has had some major growth spurts since I last sewed something for her. I put this on her to go take pictures and was shocked that it came out so short! Total fail on my part. But, we had some leggings that went perfectly and pulled out that neon yellow in the fabric. The animal fabric was also co/Micheal Levine and  I used some fabric from Hobby Lobby for the collar. The shoes are hand me downs and I used some fancy Lion Brand yarn for her headband.

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY

Happy Together for Stylo Magazine//OH ME, OH MY

I felt so humbled and honored to be chosen to participate. I love sewing for my girls and wish I could do sew so much more for them. It brings me such joy and I love seeing them in outfits that they really like. Where they pick out the fabrics (or at least the main fabric ;) and then let me create for them. So go on over and check out Stylo Magazine when you have some free time and enjoy!


A Hexagon Baby Quilt

A Baby Hexagon Quilt
First up, notice a difference? Yes? I currently did a blog migration and am in the finishing rounds of that and doing a little blog makeover. I have wanted to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off. I finally just went for it! I am still working on a new logo and all, but when it’s all done I will do a post of why I made the changes and all the wonderful companies I have worked with during this process. But, a few projects to share until then. This is a little quilt I made for my new niece. She’s really special. My brother and his wife had been praying about adopting for a long time and they put their names on the list. After lots more praying and waiting, they received that special phone call a few weeks ago that they had been chosen to adopt a little girl.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I just had to make their little girl something special! I had this package of pre-cut hexagons (Sunnyside Honeycomb Kate Spain for Moda) and used half of them for the middle of this quilt. I had plans for doing a scalloped edging, but how I was thinking of making that happen ended up not working out. So I added the white border after I had made the middle (and yes, quilted it already too!). I learned some good lessons though and I’m so happy I could save it. It might not be the most polished, but it is soft and comfy and the colors are sure to grab baby girls attention. Oh, and I machine sewed the hexagons using this method. I just took my time and they came out perfect almost each time! I think I only had to rip some stitches out twice and that was on the cheapy fabric white hexagons I threw in last minute to finish the square.

A Hexagon Baby Quilt
I made a few other little things to go in the mail with it that I will share soon. One will be a pattern for a crocheted bunting. Until then!


Knit Fabric Wrap – A – Round Skirt Tutorial

Let’s break up this quiet spell with a tutorial okay? I totally have spring on the mind and am excited for the wardrobe change this season will bring. I have been loving the flowy skirts and dresses that Free People has lately and want to create some pieces based on those. With that in mind, I was super excited when I received an email from Organic Cotton Plus to try out some of their fabric and share about it with you all. I already had a project in mind! I have used fabric with them before, but it was all wovens so I was very happy to play around with some knit fabric.

I picked out three yards of this yummy banana interlock knit. It is 60″ wide so it’s a great size to use for things that need a larger piece of fabric like a maxi dress or skirt. I whipped up this wrap around skirt in no time. It’s easy to put together and since it’s a knit fabric you won’t need to worry about raw edges. Here is what I did to create this look along with some things I learned along the way. As much as I love sharing final products, I also love sharing where I messed up to help others from having to go through the same mistakes.

-Knit Fabric of choice
-Measuring Tape

This skirt is three main pieces: The waistband, the top skirt (which is a circle skirt), and the bottom skirt(which is just a rectangular piece of fabric). Let’s go over how to do measurements for these pieces first. Please note, I ere on the side of “larger” so things can be cut back if necessary. It’s always better to have it a little too big and make a quick cut than to make something too small.

PLEASE NOTE: You are just plugging in 3 measurements you take (your waist, the length you want the top of the skirt, and the length you want the bottom of the skirt)  into the following equations. Write them down and then use your calculator to get the final measurements. It might help to copy and paste this part and separate it into the three sections to focus better on each one.

-The waistband piece is going to be 7″ wide and the length should be your waist measurement x 3. I had to sew a few pieces together to get this length.

Ex: If your waist is 20″ you would just multiply this by 3. 
So your piece cut out should be 60″ x 7″.

-The top half of the skirt needs to be figured out with a little bit of math because you need a circle. Here goes….
First you need a circumference which will be:

Circumference = (Waist measurement + Waist measurement/3)
Circumference = 36″ + (36″/3)
Circumference = (36″ + 12″)
Circumference = 48″

Then you plug the circumference into this equation to get the Radius.

Radius = Circumference/(2 x pi)

Now, we know the Circumference already and we know that pi is approximately 3.14. So we plug those in to get the following:

 Radius = 48″/(2 x 3.14)
Radius = 48″/6.28
  Radius = 7.6″

Now that is needed for cutting the circle out. To get how big a piece of fabric you need to cut out this circle, you need to do a little more math.
You now need to determine Radius + Length (Length = how long you want it to go; I measured from my waist to my knees)

 Radius + Length = x
7.6″ + 15″ = 22.6″, which I round up to 23″.
Then multiply that by 2
Ex: 23″ x 2 = 46″
I will need a piece of fabric that measures 46″x46″ to cut.

-The bottom skirt piece is a rectangular piece. To determine this measurement you need the circumference of the bottom of the circle skirt. The best way to determine this is using the following equation:

Bottom Circumference = (2 x pi) x (Radius+Length)
The R + Length is the same number as you used from the above equation, 7.6″+15″= 23″ and we know pi is 3.14.
 Bottom Circumference = (2 x 3.14) x (7.6″ + 15″)
      Bottom Circumference = (6.28)x(23″)
     Bottom Circumference = 144.5″

So the piece of fabric needed to be cut is 144.5″ by the length I needed to make it go to my ankles, which was 21″. I actually didn’t have quite enough for this length, but I was able to cut out a piece that measured 120″ by 21″. It worked out because I could stretch the fabric and I had ended up cutting some of the length off from the top part of the skirt anyways (talk about that below). In hindsight, having more fabric would have made it flow better but it’s still good!

*Refer to the above diagram I drew due to the sun never being out when I sewed so I could get good pictures ;)

1. Go ahead and cut the square piece out using the measurements you determined for the top part of the skirt (ex: 46″ by 46″).
2. Fold fabric square in half.
3. Fold fabric in half again the opposite way. You will have two “folds” of fabric and two sides that do not have folds.
4. Mark for your first cut from the corner where the two fold sides meet. This will be at the waist. Mark your 1/4″ circle to cut with chalk. The line should be the same length (the radius) from the corner all the way across.
The second cut you make will be made at the radius + length point from the corner edge. Use chalk to mark this line for easy cutting.
Cut skirt piece out after marking.
5. Open your now “donut” shape fabric piece. Cut down one side to open it. Wrap the waist part (the smaller circle) around your waist and make sure it doesn’t over wrap. You want it to wrap around your waist with one side coming to one side of front waist and the other overlapping going to the other side of the waist. If it is too big, trim some fabric off to your liking. I had to trim about 4 inches off on each side for my preference. It added to much fabric to the underneath side that wrapped under.
6.  Right sides facing, sew the bottom skirt piece to the bottom of the top skirt piece.

7. Fold skirt in half, wrong sides facing. From top, cut downward at an angle similar to image above.

Now find the middle of the waistband and the middle of the skirt top. Pin together at that spot, right sides facing. Pin the rest of the skirt top to the waistband and sew together.
Fold the waistband in half towards the inside of the skirt. The waistband edge should cover the seam. Pin in place and sew. Wrap skirt around waist so that the ends of the skirt are at opposite sides of the waist. The side tie that is underneath will need to wrap around your back to the other side for tying. You might have to play with it a bit to get it not to be too bunchy. Then tie on that side. Trim the tie to your liking at this point and you are all done! This is a skirt you can wear anywhere, but would also be an easy beach coverup piece as well.
It might take a little math to determine this, but it’s worth it! If you want to make it even easier to create, I suggest just making the whole thing a circle skirt. Just change the length for the top skirt piece to go as long as you want it to twitter, google plus, and facebook

and then sew on the waistband. That would be super easy! Thanks again to Organic Cotton Plus for the fabric! You can also find them on

Happy sewing!

Designed and Made by J: Monkey & Sheep

It’s been a while since miss J has wanted to sew up something. But, when I told her she could design and create something for her two baby cousin’s birthdays she jumped at the opportunity. She made her drawing (below) and picked out the fabrics from my stash. It’s a good thing I have a lot of fleece and felt for all her projects!

I ended up doing most of the sewing but she did help stuff them. She was so excited to send them off to her cousins! Oh that her little heart will continue to grow big, full of love, spilling over into the lives of others!

See more of the Designed and Made by J series here.