Felt Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

Before baby came, my daughter started to show more interest in her baby dolls. We had started buying things for the baby and she wanted some diapers for her dolls to wear. Well, instead of using real diapers which would have probably been shredded to pieces after a while, I whipped up some felt diapers for her to have. She liked these better because “they are prettier” than real baby diapers :)


I made them a size to fit a variety of dolls/animals. You can see them on Curious George, an American Girl doll,


and an Itty Bitty baby doll. They are really quick, simple, and cheap to make and you don’t even have to sew to make them.

Start by gathering your supplies:
-Print out the pattern here (I suggest printing on cardstock paper)

-Felt (I used the $.25 pieces from the craft store)
-Velcro (I used 3/4 inch, but you can use whatever size you like. If you have some that is too big, you can always cut it to fit as well).
-If not sewing it on, get some glue. I suggest fabric glue, but you could even hot glue it probably.


Fold your piece of felt in half and place the pattern on the fold.


Cut out pattern. Place wrong side up like this.


Grab your velcro and place them in the spots marked below. You can sew them or glue them in place. I put 4″of the soft part of the velcro in the middle and 1″ of the  scratchy part on the edges.


Now let your little one start diapering dolls and stuffed animals.


Stack of doll diapers

Baby Doll Diaper Bag Ready to Go

Preparing for Baby: B{ee} is for Baby *and a sale*

A Scrappy Bee

Remember the bees? My daughter was the recipient of all of those so I wanted to make sure baby has one too. I continued on with the Nicey Jane fabrics left over from other nursery projects, plus a few other scraps I had.

I used vintage chenille for the wings again, crocheted the antenna, and added a little bow.

A little bow

Baby won’t be playing with this for a bit since I used the plastic safety eyes instead of sewing on felt ones, but I had found an idea for using her as a decoration anyways.

Sandi Henderson had some pics of a quilt market she did and what stuck out to me was the bunnies in the picture frames. I decided to do that with the bee.

On the wall

So I found a frame that had a thick ledge at a thrift store, then painted and distressed it some. It was a little shallow for the bee, so I did tie her on with some fishing line stuff so she can’t fall off. But she sits cute as can “bee” on the wall now :)

In honor of baby’s soon arrival, I’m putting the scrappy bee pattern on sale. It will be only $4 from now until Friday. So if you have been waiting to get it, now is a good time :)

And of course, here are some free softie patterns that I found and think are adorable. You can always make some of the girlie ones more boyish.

Eve (aka Eva) Pattern now Available!!!

Then there was Eve

You can thank my friend May for this :) I wasn’t going to put it all together, but she convinced me to.

Now he has Eve

Now you can make an Eve (or Eva as Wall-e called her)! Have fun and if you make one, please feel free to add a pic to the Flickr group.

They can also be downloaded at these two places as well:
Pattern pieces can be downloaded here
Pattern instructions can be downloaded here

A Girl and Her Robots

Love this book!

There is a little story that became quite popular in our house a few months back. Really popular.
It is one of the reasons the little one had an outer space birthday party. Mema found Wall-e, but alas, there was no Eve to be found. Apparently they don’t make her anymore (well, the big size version). So that is where I come it. The mom who can make anything! (Not really, just saying what my little one said). How can I not make her an Eve after such a compliment?

Then there was Eve

At the beginning of the next day, Eve was made.

Closing eyes

The little robot pair brings such joy.


And for Wall-e, it was love at first sight.

Wall-e looks so sad!

Apparently, it was love at first sight for my daughter too. Look how sad he is!

Now he has Eve

So we let them have some time together too.

Even has a shirt

What a lovely couple they make!

Fortunately, this story has a good ending. I was able to successfully create an acceptable Eve to be loved.


Here is a story....

The End

The Table is all Set

I mentioned on Facebook that my daughter tried to take over the first pair of dish and spoon that I made. This is her new pair.

A Table Set

They are a very happy pair. As you can see, Mr. Spoon is a hard working man and Miss Spoon is a girly plate decked out in pink.

I think the other spoons are jealous ;)

I think the other spoons are a bit jealous of Mr. Spoon though. Hmmm…..wonder how things will go in the silverware drawer?

He is a hard working spoon.....

Free pattern here

Runaways: The Dish & The Spoon (Free Pattern!!!!)

Runaways: The Dish and The Spoon Pattern

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post with a breaking news announcement. Today the local authorities have confirmed that Miss Dish and Mr. Spoon ran away from Mr. Farmers house. This has devastated his whole family, as they were his daughter’s favorite dish and spoon to use.


The police have questioned the cat, the fiddle, and the cow who jumps over the moon, but no one knows for sure why Miss Dish and Mr. Spoon chose to run away. One thing is for sure though, they are on the run.

Lemon Dishsoap

For all of you lemon dish soap users out there, be on the lookout. That type of soap is there favorite and they might be looking for it. Keep your kitchens locked down.

Mr. Spoon

Miss Dish

If you happen to see them, please call 1-800-DishWashers

Side Profile

This is Mary, Quite Contrary, signing off for Nursery Rhyme News. Come back at 10 pm for more groundbreaking stories.

Runaways: The Dish and The Spoon Pattern

Pattern can be downloaded here.
Instructions can be downloaded here.

And *YES* these are going to Shannon ;)

*Please respect the copyright stated on the pattern*

The Scrappy Bee Pattern Giveaway!!!! -CLOSED-

The Scrappy Bee Pattern

I did it! I made my lazy self finish this one up (now to finish the other ones….). This is a pattern for a softie I created a few years ago actually. I made them for a craft show. The pink one found a home, but the blue one did not and was sitting in my closet. A few weeks ago, while in the closet I found him and my daughter was drawn to him like a magnet to the fridge. He became her new cuddly.

Bee Hugs!

After seeing her intense love for the bee, I knew I had to create a pattern so I could make her more (the original ones were free styled). Thus The Scrappy Bee Pattern came into existence. Now you can make one too!

The Scrappy Bee

The Scrappy Bee

The Scrappy Bee

These are the three I made with the pattern and guess what? My daughter immediately fell in love with them also! They sleep in her bed every nap and bed time. She takes them to the store. She takes them to the zoo. Everywhere!

She loves them!

They are really cute though and each has their own personality.

Honey Bee

This one is our little honey bee. He has a sweet tooth just like my daughter.

Sunny Bee

This one likes to buzz around outside and enjoy the sun.

Spelling Bee

This one is the smart one. She’s a spelling bee.

Pretty Bee

And lastly, this little pretty bee likes to find her way into my makeup.

Wonder what type of personality the ones you might make will have? Check out the ones my pattern testers did:

From Corey of “Living and Loving Every Minute of It
From Melissa of “Overwhelmed by His Blessings” & Etsy Shop: Jonah Bonah

Scrappy Bee 2

Jett and Scrappy Bee

Scrappy Bee

About the pattern:
It comes in a PDF format that is emailed. It is full of pictures to go along with the instructions for those who are visual learners :). The pattern and instructions print out on regular sized printer paper scaled and ready to go. It includes a few different ways to make the antennae (crocheted, felt, etc.). The idea is to use scraps of your fabric to create the body and the arms, legs, wings, and head use small pieces of fabric as well. When finished the bee is 19 inches from top of it’s head to the bottom of the legs.


Just leave ONE comment before midnight May 23, 2010 EST for your chance to win!

Pattern will be for sale in the shop as soon as I post a winner on May 24.

Covered Baby Rings Tutorial for Babyhood Bonanza!

Guess where I am today?

Yup! At Luvinthemommyhood! I am super excited to be the first to guest blog for Shannon’s babyhood bonanza. For the next two months, she is having AMAZING guest bloggers! You will seriously want to check it out. I can’t name names, but it’s gonna be good. Trust me. Here is what I’m sharing over there today:

Covered Baby Rings

Covered Baby Rings

Crocheted Baby Ring Covers

I’ll show you how to make a crochet cover

Fabric Covered Baby Rings

and fabric covers.

Real simple and cute. Enjoy :) And if you make some, feel free to add your pics to the Flickr group.