Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
Today is the day! This free girls sewing pattern is now available for everyone to sew. I call it the Skirted Sweatshirt pattern and it is for sizes 18 months to 8. It is meant to be slightly oversized making it extra comfy. In fact, I knew it was good when my oldest put it on and said so, haha, and she can be hard to please now.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Free Skirted Sweatshirt Pattern for girls | happy together
Another great thing about this pattern is that you can use a larger sweatshirt you have sitting in your closet, or one you thrifted, instead of buying sweatshirt fabric. In fact, the tops on my littlest girl (miss E) and her friend (in the pink) were made using sweatshirts that have been sitting in my closet for years without being used. I used some sweatshirt fabric on miss J’s that I happened to come across in a thrift store. That fabric is what actually inspired this pattern as I wanted to figure out a way to use it.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together Supplies:

  • Large sweatshirt (see tips further down if doing this) or 1 yd of sweatshirt fabric
  • 3/4 yd of Fabric for skirt part (the more movement the fabric has the better! Try not to use stiff fabrics for this as it won’t lay nicely.) *if fabric pattern is horizontal to the fabric width, then get 1 yard*
  • Free pattern (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine, coordinating thread, etc.
  • Tape
  • Iron

*Notes: Use 1/4″ seams for sewing. Back stitch at the end of sewing. Remember, this is a slightly oversized pattern, so if your child is more on the smaller side of the pattern it might be larger on them. In the pictures the oldest girl is wearing a 7/8 and wears a 7 or 8 in store clothes. The girl in the pink is in the 5/6 (and I accidentally stretched the neck out…oops!) and fits perfectly in a size 5 normally (also note I did not hem up the bottom of the skirt since it was knit fabric, making that part longer). The littlest, in the lamb hat, is in the 3/4 and wears a 4 or 5 normally.

Sizing Chart     Chest Measurement

18 mo/2                19″-20″

3/4                         21″-22″

5/6                         23″-24″

7/8                        25″-27″

Use Adobe Reader to open PDF Patterns | happy together
Let me begin with a printing tip. PDF patterns print most accurately when opened in Adobe reader. Sometimes the “preview” of a pdf pattern doesn’t print it out quite right.  Also make sure to choose “actual size” in the printing options.

Free Girls Sewing Pattern: The Skirted Sweatshirt sizes 18 months - 8 | happy together
When you print out the pattern you can lay it down like this to see how the pieces fit. It starts at page 1 on the top left row and goes across (row 1: page 1-4, row 2: 5-8, row 3: 9-12).Continue Reading

Sewing a Cardigan

Sewing a Cardigan| happy together
Do you ever find a fabric you love and buy it even though you have no plans for it? That is what happened with this piece of Aztek Jaquard fabric. We went over to Texas one day and I swung by Jo-Ann Fabric Store to see what they had. I don’t get over there much, so I knew if I saw something I liked and wanted to sew with eventually it would be smart to go ahead and buy it.

Sewing a Cardigan | happy together
Once I got the fabric home I decided that I would be sewing a cardigan. I got around to doing so the other week and used a sweater I have to create a pattern. The fabric doesn’t have much stretch like my sweater so I had to adjust and make sure there would be room enough for me to fit into it.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together A Sewn Cardigan | happy together
I barely had just enough fabric to make this! I even had to add length to the sleeves with remnants to make it work. In lieu of the fabric shortage, I left all the edges raw so I wouldn’t need the extra material to create nice finished edges. I personally don’t mind raw edges and I plan on going over them with my serger later. Can you believe I still haven’t unpacked it since we moved in July? Hopefully this project encourages me to get it back out and running. The lack of fabric also made it not possible to add an extra strip that would go down the front sides and around the neck. It creates for an interesting neckline but still looks good to me.

A Sewn Cardigan | happy together I’m thinking I should try and find one of those super large safety pins to secure it to the side when I wear it. Any ideas where to find one?


DIY Pie Pan Package and Personalized Picture Frames

This post is sponsored by Cricut. See further down for full disclosure.

DIY Pie Pan Package and Personalized Picture Frames | happy together
I find it really fun to create gifts and was looking forward to participating in a Secret DIY Santa Gift Exchange that is being hosted by Cricut. For each person who signed up, we were given the name of another blogger to come up with a special diy just for them that involved using our Cricut Explore machine. I created a gift package from a pie pan, personalized picture frames for the fridge, and a gift card holder for my giftee, Mariah of Giggles Galore.

Pie Pan Package DIY | happy together
Mariah of Giggles Galore
I was thrilled when I saw her name because I know her blog and love it.  I mean really, look at a few of these recent diy’s she’s shared on her blog lately.

Mariah shares a ton of stuff from recipes to parties and as she says on her blog she’s “an event stylist, creative consultant, blogger, social butterfly and multi-tasking mom.” Make sure to visit her blog to see a lot more creative goodness.

Now for how to make your own pie pan package. It’s really simple to do and takes barely any time at all. You will need:

Pie Pan Package DIY | happy together
If you like, spray paint your pie pan. Just remember that you can’t put food in that isn’t packaged if you do paint.

Pie Pan Gift Package | happy together
Create a circle in Design Space that is the same size as the pie pan top. Make sure it is a cut file. Add any other design of choice on top that is in the written choice. You can find this specific file I created (for a 8 3/4″ pan size) here.

Pie Pan Package DIY | happy together
Use your Explore to cut and draw this file.

Pie Pan Package DIY | happy together
When it’s all done it will look like this.

Personalized Picture Frames DIY | happy together
The second part of this gift are these personalized picture frames. I found the refrigerator magnet frames at Target and knew they would be cute with some extra additions added to them.

To make your own you will need:

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
You can find the three designs I used here: “you’re like, really pretty.”, confetti, and leaves. I simply used images in the Design Space library. That’s one of the great things about using these machines. I might not be able to create an image from scratch, but I can usually find pieces of what I want and put them together with what is already available. Once you have your design ready, use your Cricut to cut it out. I added the square cut around each design after I did the first one to make it easy to see what you needed. You can just peel off the unneeded area like above,

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
or you can cut out the area and then peel it. Whichever is easier for you. If anything has a hard time not staying put, use your tools to help hold things in place.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Next get your transfer tape.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Cut out a piece that is large enough to cover the area of the design. Peel off the backing and place the sticky side on top of the design. Rub over it with tool or something like an old gift card to make sure it really sticks to the transfer tape.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Grab a picture frame.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Place the transfer tape with vinyl right side up. Then place the frame on the side facing down that doesn’t have the magnet.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Rub over it again to help ensure it stays put when pulling off the paper.

Personalized Picture Frame DIY | happy together
Slowly pull off the paper and if anything doesn’t stick, just lay that area down flat again and rub over it again. If that doesn’t work, gently use the hook tool to help it unstick from the transfer tape onto the frame.

Cardstock Gift Card Holder | happy together
And I just had to add one more little thing so a little gift card to Target. I also created this little gift card holder using the Candy Shop card stock and this template. Then I glued the green to the blue for each side and then sewed both sides together leaving the one end open. It was such fun creating for a fellow craft blogger. I hope that this inspires you to create something special this month for a friend or family member.

I parterned with Cricut  for this post and received compensation for doing so. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

6 Tips for Great Holiday Pictures and Cards

This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own. See further down for full disclosure.
Family Christmas Photo | happy together
I am not a “professional” photographer, but I have taken quite a few pictures over the years and have learned some tips for holiday photos that I wanted to share that may help out.

1. Get the BEST light! Nothing compares to that glorious hour before sunset light (the golden hour) in my opinion. You can make it work in other lighting and times of day, but for natural light photos try to take them during that hour before sunset. It makes pictures magical.

Christmas Lights Family Picture | happy together
But what if the weather is bad or a time cannot work during the day? Get creative! You can always create a festive photo with some Christmas lights added your photo.

Christmas Couple Picture | happy together
2. Use props that accent your photo (if you like). Some people love props, some don’t. Just find ones that flow together and go with where you are taking pictures.

Couple Christmas Photo with Blanket | happy together
Even a simple blanket can add warmth and coziness to pictures.

Christmas Kid Picture | happy together
3. If there are children in your pictures bring along a helper to help keep an eye on them and to stand behind the photographer that can jump around and be silly to help get their focus in the camera’s direction and hopefully help create some natural smiles. When you are in the picture with them, it helps you focus on just looking poised nice in the pictures instead of trying to look at them and get them to do what you want. I always tell the parents, just look at me (for the posed ones). The kids will smile if they want, but if not, they are being them and nothing wrong with that ;)

4. Take sample pictures of yourself in your outfit before your official pictures. I have had so many women so upset with their outfit choice when they get their pictures back. Even though they look great, they weren’t happy with how the clothing hung or was clingy. We can’t always see all of our angles when looking in a mirror, so a picture helps you get more of a view of what the camera will see, which is a flattened version of 3d life.

5. DO NOT STRESS!!!! Almost everyone does it, but the less stressed you are the better the picture will turn out. I promise! And it makes for a more fun experience. So what if kids are not being the most cooperative. The more they feel your stress the worse experience it will be.

6. Last but not least, choose a good quality printing company to have those holiday cards printed. Minted does such a great job! I have had many a picture printed from all kinds of printing services and Minted truly provides a great quality product, hence why I work with them. Plus, they have a ton of great designs to choose from, like the ones below. Check out their holiday photo card collection.

Holiday Card Option from Holiday Card Option from Holiday Card Option from
And guess what? They are having an amazing deal on this cyber Monday! You can get 20% off all holiday cards and 25% off everything else. If you like the holiday cards but don’t have a photo ready for them yet, you can do the buy now, personalize later option. Go check out Minted and get your cyber Monday deal :)


I parterned with Minted  for this post and received compensation for doing so. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Happy Together.

A Kid Size Crochet Granny Square Blanket

A Kid Size Crochet Granny Square Blanket | happy together
A while back (like two years ago!) I shared about starting these granny squares to create a blanket for miss E. I’m proud to say I finally finished it all up this past spring and just recently took pictures to share. I slowly worked on the squares. I think that was due to me putting them away and them becoming “out of sight, out of mind.”

Crochet Granny Squares | happy together
I used the Pink Lavender pattern from the book 100 Colorful Granny Squares to Crochet by Leonie Morgan. I used cotton yarn by Lily Sugar n’ Cream. I know the yellow gold was discontinued, but you should be able to find similar colors to the others. I noticed they change the colors a lot or put out new colors that are very similar but slightly different to previous ones. There is another brand called Peaches & Creme (from Walmart I think) that I used as well towards the end. It was close enough to the same blue and white I needed. I’m probably the only one who can tell the difference though because I know. I used an H size crochet hook and each square came to roughly 6.5″ x 6.5″. I just kept making them until I had enough for the blanket size I wanted. I crocheted the blocks together through the back loops and in hindsight, I wish I had ended each square with the same color so the yarn I put them together with would have completely blended in. But I’m still happy with it. I didn’t worry about blocking it or anything to get it to a perfect shape.

Crochet Granny Square Blanket | happy together
I’m now waiting on some cold weather so I can feel more inclined to possibly start a grown up size granny square blanket. We shall see!