A Vintage Birthday

Birthday Vintage Style

Miss E had her birthday a few days after miss J. She turned 2. And then decided to grow up a lot. We had to move her to a big girl bed because she would no longer not climb out of her crib. She started picking up a few words a day. And she just began to grow up, if that makes sense. It was like she fully crossed into toddlerhood. Funny how it just seems to happen sometimes. No progression. Just happens in an instant. We just had a family birthday party for her, but miss J helped me make it special with some decorations.

Birthday Vintage Style
Birthday Vintage Style

We used things that we had around the house. Vintage lace adorned the wall with some gold tissue paper pom poms that I had from a current wall decorating. I took the yellow pom pom flowers off of our photo chalkboard and put them in a vintage vase. The place mats were a fabulous thrifted find that I have later plans for and the tablecloth is a vintage one that I scored off of Ebay years ago.

Birthday Vintage Style
Birthday Vintage Style

I made a two layer chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Yum. We love cake around here. Big sis found the pink crown in the dress up bin and thought it would be good to use instead of the hats I had. I agreed. A crown for the birthday princess was perfect.

Birthday Vintage Style
Birthday Vintage Style

Miss E didn’t really get the candle thing at all though. It was kind of funny. Even after trying to show her, she just didn’t care. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Birthday Vintage Style
Birthday Vintage Style

We filled our tummies with sugar and our hearts with love in celebration for this precious little girl. She’s my goofy one and always gets me to smile. Happy and blessed to have both of my sweet girls!

Birthday Vintage Style

Vintage Quilt Top Fix Up

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Summer is here! It feels so surreal to have a daughter who has graduated kindergarten now. I can’t believe she’s getting so big! We went from a busy end of the school year and are slowing down a bit. We have lots of play dates already planned so we can spend some good time with our friends. I have been feeling better as well and working on some projects as well. Like this quilt.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

About 8 years ago when I really started getting into sewing, I was all about sewing with vintage materials (still love vintage fabrics!). I loved how people were re-purposing old quilts into purses and such, so I bought this quilt top on ebay. It was worn and had holes, so it was sold as a cutter quilt (one to cut up and use for other things). So I did just that. I cut out some pieces and made things with it.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Then it just sat in my fabric pile. I was reminded of this quilt after seeing many people on instagram that I follow using all these vintage quilts. I decided that I would try to fix this one up and make it into a completed quilt. We can always use extra ones for picnics around here.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

You can see where I added fabric from my stash to the places I had cut out. I grabbed some doilies that I had as well and added them on in various places. I sewed on a fabric heart and did a good amount of embroidery. I even used some bright threads to mend some holes.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

I used a sheet for the backing and decided to not add a binding. That would have added more work and I also didn’t know if I could do one that would give it the look I wanted. So I just placed the sheet and quilt top together, right sides facing, and sewed around leaving a hole to turn it right side out. Then I turned it right side out, pushed in the seams at the opening, and sewed around the edge of the whole quilt.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

I think finding quilt tops is a great way to create a quick quilt. I’m so happy that I ended up using this. I see it being used a lot.

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

Finishing a Vintage Quilt Top

With Lavender and Lace

During our visit to Virginia to see family, there was one day that I was able to snag for doing things I wanted to do. I waited a whole week for that point, doing what families wanted, but then that Friday came and it was glorious. I grabbed the kiddos and my hubby and went around town. One of my favorite stops that day was at this new vintage shop that has opened in the Ghent area of Norfolk, VA, With Lavender and Lace.

I actually found out about this place from facebook. Most of my “friends” are from the Hampton Roads area and an old high school friend had liked the With Lavender and Lace facebook page. I went to check it out and was glad I did! I knew that the next chance I got I would stop by. 
It’s located right off of 21st street, behind the Taphouse. It is owned by Kelsie McNair. When I visited, she was out of town, but we got to meet her lovely mom! It was fun. The baby even felt comfortable to make an explosion in her diaper while we were shopping. So, maybe that’s a first for your shop Kelsie? ;)

It was fun to look through all of her fun finds and the handmade items there as well.

I loved the dressing room! It was super cute.

See that hat with the white bow? I sooo almost bought that.

She has a couch which was perfect for my hubs and baby to chill on while waiting on me.

We walked away with a few things….

First, this cute little bow made from vintage velvet ribbon. I bought it for my girls, but you know I’m going to share it with them!

Will picked out this tie and already has an outfit picked out to wear with it.

And I walked out with this beautiful vintage slip. It’s a navy blue and covered in lace. I plan on using it for a dress/skirt extender when I need an outfit to be a little longer. If you want to stop by yourself, you can find the shop address here as well as find out more about Kelsie. She is one talented lady! Maybe next time I visit I’ll get to meet her :)

New to Me Vintage Jewelry


I have recently become the new owner to a lot of vintage and some new costume jewelry. It’s a long story about how this happened, but I can say that I am so very excited about it.


There are so many lovely vintage pieces! I cannot wait to clean them up a bit and add them to my personal collection. I just adore vintage pins. You can use them in so many creative ways.


There were many pairs of earrings also. Some were missing the second earring and some are missing some jewels, but there are many I plan on wearing. The single ones will be perfect for crafts and I plan on repurposing many of these.


There are so many sparkly earrings! I love it :)


These are just some from a whole box full. I’m going to go through the necklaces and bracelets next. Be still my heart. Any other vintage jewelry lovers out there?


Vintage Butterfly Necklace DIY

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have a soft spot for vintage things. I especially love the vintage graphics that were used on postcards, advertisement, etc.

So I wanted a necklace that was a butterfly, but not just any butterfly. One that looked like it came off of a vintage valentine or something. I thought and thought of how I could make this happen and then it came to me: printable shrinky dink paper. Yup. That’s it.

Can I just say I adore how these came out? I’m thinking about doing some more with different vintage clip art, like a bee or flower. They are really easy to make and would make a great present! Christmas is just around the corner……

Here is what you will need:
- Printable Shrinky Dink Paper (I found a pack at Hobby Lobby. Now, this stuff is twice the price as regular shrinky dink paper, so save a coupon if you can. It also said online they sell it at Michael’s. Make sure your printer will work too, so you don’t waste your time and money. You can find it here online.)
- Vintage clip art of your choice (I found these on The Graphics Fairy)
- 4 jump rings (mine were size 6mm)
- chain of choice for necklace
- lobster clasp for end closure, or another closure of choice.
- 2 pairs of needle nose pliers
- hole puncher

*If you aren’t into messing around with this kind of jewelry making, you could always just use ribbon/thread and tie a knot in the end pieces. Just make sure it’s long enough to go around your head.*


Begin by preparing your graphic to fit on a piece of printable shrinky dink paper. I created an 8″x10″ document in word and then made the graphic as big as I could for printing. I highly suggest you do a print test on regular paper first. The paper also comes with instructions on how to prepare the graphic (you have to fade it down before printing), so follow those instructions as well then print.


Once it’s printed, cut it out. I had to use manicure scissors for some of the tighter areas. Then take a hole puncher and make a hole in each of the wings.

I don’t have a picture for this next part, but prepare to stick it in the oven according to directions. Really keep an eye on it because I had to flatten out each butterfly myself before it got too hard. The wings and antennae are prone to curling, and if it gets hard you can’t flatten it back down. I tried to reheat it to get it bendy again, but it didn’t work.


Once it has cooled off you need to cover the printed side with a coating. The paper instructions suggest Krylon acrylic coating as the best, but the coating in the above picture is what I found and it worked great. I guess you could use mod podge or another medium, but I didn’t want to take the chance of the ink bleeding by painting that stuff on. After spraying, let it dry for a while.


Now its time to make it into a necklace.


Cut two chains for each side at your desired length. I did 13″ for one and 11″ for the second necklace.

Then attach a jump ring to each butterfly wing using your needle nose pliers and then add the chain to it. I somehow wasn’t paying attention and got a double jump ring and it was a bit of a pain to work with but it was more secure. If you do not know how to attach a jump ring, see here.

Then on the other end of the chains, attach a jump ring to both sides. Then add a clasp to one side. Now it’s ready to wear or give as a gift.

I {Heart} Vintage Pillowcases

Vintage Pillowcase Dress

Any other vintage sheet lovers out there? I saw this pillowcase in a thrift store a few months ago and knew it needed to be made into a dress. I decided to keep it simple and just sew up a peasant dress with it for the little one. For this dress I used the Molly Peasant Dress pattern from Sis Boom. But, I have used this tutorial a lot before as well for peasant shirts/tops from Indie Tutes.


I love the soft colors of it and it’s really soft since it’s been through the washer quite a bit already :) In these pics we had gone out to lunch at a little cafe that is also an antique store that used to be an old post office. It’s such a beautiful building. I love going and walking around there.

I love sharing my love of vintage/antique things with my daughter. We use it to learn about history, time eras, and all that good stuff. I also love that she has developed a liking to these sorts of things as well. I going to go give her a hug and kiss right now :)

PS: If you don’t live in a place where you can find fun vintage pillowcases or are unable to, Smile and Wave is having a big Pillowcase Stash Sale right now.