The Wedding

A & L Wedding

It took me long enough to share these didn’t it? I think after everything I needed some rest and then the girls got sick, and then life, so I let the blog go to the back burner for a bit. But with fall in the air (kind of…I mean a high of only 84 was spectacular this past weekend!), I’m feeling ready to get back down to business. Here are some of the pictures I took at my brother and sister in law’s wedding. I have never done a wedding, so I was a bit nervous. Especially since I didn’t really have some of the equipment I would have preferred to have (like off camera flash at night), but it all worked out. Thankfully they are super easy to please and it was fun to be able to bless them with this.

A & L Wedding

They had the wedding ceremony and reception at The Freight Shed in Yorktown, VA. It was such a beautiful day!!!! It was a little cool and the sun was perfect. I worked hard to make sure I got all the standard pics as well as some fun ones. They are a laid back and fun couple and you can see that in their wedding. Everything went well overall and turned out beautiful. I think the only mishap was the bride’s shoes could not be found. Fortunately, there were some other shoes that worked. Enjoy the pics and I plan to be back with some crafty things here soon :)
See their engagement pics here
See flower girl dress I made here

A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding
A & L Wedding

Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dresses

Guess what? I’m almost done with all the wedding pics! After going through hundreds of them, it feels good to be on the last few left to edit. So you know there will be wedding sharing coming up…let’s begin with the flower girl dresses I made.

Flower Girl Dresses

Miss J and another lovely little girl were the flower girls. My sister-in-law asked me to make dresses and of course I wanted to and said yes. In fact, miss J has been a flower girl four times and I have either made or greatly altered each dress. What a fun memory!

Flower Girl Dresses

I was sent some dresses that the bride liked and went to town. I used Butterick 3351 for the dress base. I did change it so the straps would tie in the back though, because I wasn’t going to be able to have the other little girl try it on prior to the wedding (we had to go to Virginia for the festivities).

Flower Girl Dresses

I also made the side front edges a bit more curved. I made rosettes from ribbon and added some white leaves from the craft store to them. I put a dab of glue over the wire on the back of them to make them not sharp. In hindsight, I should have just ripped the wires off, but by the time I had my “duh” moment, I was getting close to being done with hand sewing them on the dresses.

Flower Girl Dresses

I added a yellow ribbon with a rosette flower ribbon/leaf for the waist. It matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly! It’s fun to do a project that I don’t normally do often. Miss J had a bunch of fun and they were beautiful flower girls.

The Finale: Reception Time


And last but not least, here is the reception. I wasn’t able to get any pics at all at the church, but that was just as beautiful!


All the decor was just lovely. The flowers were so pretty too! I’m such a flower lover.


This was their cake. She was going for a rustic elegance look since this was in a barn like building.


I loved the huge trees they used. It reminded me of when I used to watch The Wedding Planner like every day when I was younger, a lot younger. There was one wedding that had all of these trees and I always thought how pretty that would be.


I was told that my cousin and her mom took a lot of time searching high and low for all of these lanterns that they used. You can’t really see it here, but the candles inside had a wood bark finish to it. Very pretty.


The lighting was beautiful. The food was good.


The couple was gorgeous!!!!!


Congratulations my dear Jeannine!!! We are so happy for you two!!!


The band they used was great as well. They created a really great and fun atmosphere.




And, the baby whisperer striked again! My sister got Miss E to sleep for quite some time. I was able to eat in peace and socialize a bit :) Thanks sis!


Another thing I forgot was to get a pic of baby in her dress. It was so cute. So here is a pic of the dress. My mom and I found it at Old Navy around Christmas time.


We had to leave a little early unfortunately, but it was such a blast!


Getting Ready


Here are a few pics from the getting ready time before my cousins wedding. Miss J was so excited that she was able to get a little bit of makeup on just like the big girls.


She wasn’t really into letting me take her pics (as you can see in these next two pics).


But, she did ham it up for the professional photog. I was hoping they would have some up, but I’ll share a link when they have some up. Her not wanting me to take her pic is one of the reasons I didn’t get a good pic of her in her dress during this time.


I was also trying not to get in the way of the professional. I know some can be touchy about others taking pics at weddings (as I read photog forums and all), so I opted to not take too many pics and keep my camera away more than I normally would have.


It was a wonderful time and after this we were off to the church for the wedding!


After getting a sneak peek of the reception area of course ;)


Where We Stayed


We stayed in a lovely historical inn while in Charlottesville, Va for my cousins wedding.


It was definitely an experience with two young children that’s for sure ;) My sister in law and I went around the morning of the wedding to snap some pics. The above two shots are of the little cottage that the girls and I stayed in. Due to fire rules, we couldn’t stay in the main inn. That worked out fine, because I would have felt bad for everyone else having to here baby crying when waking at night.


It was such a pretty view! This is from in front of the cottage.


Makes me want to live there at some point. Who knows, maybe we will one day? I’m starting to get to the point where I am ready to move about the every 2 year mark now thanks to hubby’s job.


I got my sis-in-law to take a pic of me to prove I was there because I’m in no other photos whatsoever. This is it.


The inn had their own chickens, a little garden, and other things of that nature. I like that.


Some plants were dead,


but some were showing signs of spring coming.


The main inn was beautiful as well.




There, of course, were antiques everywhere.


Oh, and look! There’s baby!


We unfortunately had one incident that morning as well. My sweet little J was outside playing with her cousins. She had her hands in her pockets and decided to crouch down to look at something. She then goes forward, face planting the ground and scraping her chin. My mom was comforting her here. At least nothing else happened.


A Woodsy Rehearsal Dinner


Now to continue on with posts about my cousins wedding….. These pictures are all from the rehearsal dinner.


Her husbands sisters were the ones who did all the fabulous decorating here (or at least most of it from what I understood).

I love how they used a lot of stuff straight from the outdoors. It created a really lovely atmosphere.
This was the fellowship hall at the church they were married in. It was so nice! Perfect for special events like this.

This was a special display in honor of both of their fathers who are now in Heaven.


The food was really yummy too. A friend of theirs is a chef and put together a wonderful meal for us all.


Everyone had such a good time.


Miss J was obsessed with my cousin :) It’s so cute how little girls can be sometimes about brides. You know what I mean? I can only imagine how special she felt to be a flower girl in her wedding.


Baby let my dad hold her for a little bit.


She was so fussy though the whole trip. I felt so bad putting her through so much traveling and all. It really through her off.


But, it was my sister who really had the touch with her! She got her to sleep at the rehearsal dinner and at the wedding. It was a nice break for my back which was tired from carrying her around so much.


Miss J also decided to dance for everyone! lol. Above, my cousin is cheering her on.


I do admire the fearlessness of this girl. If she wants to do something she does :)


The girl cousins were all in the wedding and got special gifts.


She felt like a princess!


It’s times like this that I really wish I had better equipment to handle the low lighting situations, but that will come in time. In the meantime, I will just maximize my little dslr as far as it will let me go. 

(my brother and his wife)
Thank you to all of my family who helped me with the girls during this event! I really really really really appreciated it!


A Reworked Flower Girl Dress

The after flower girl dress pic

Let’s see if I can get myself together this week and finish sharing pics from my cousin’s wedding stuff. I’m just about over a not fun cold and am in survival mode from miss E not being a good sleeper as of late (I do believe it’s the teeth that are about to come in!). I will begin with this flower girl dress that I reworked for miss J to wear.

The after flower girl dress pic

Isn’t she just the sweetest? I about died when I put this on her at first. She looked so grown! It made me think of the future proms and all down the road she will have. *tears*

The after flower girl dress pic

I was extremely happy with how this turned out. Below are some pics of how the dress first looked. My cousin’s mom had found it for $20 at Marshall’s.

The before flower girl dress pic

My cousin had wanted it to have a little more pizzazz and to be floor length. I, of course, said I’m sure I could fix into something more she was thinking.

The before flower girl dress pic

We talked about a few different things that could be done with it. I went with this look because she wanted to keep as much of the original dress in it as possible.

The before flower girl dress pic

I actually ended up using every single bit of the original dress!!! I was happy about that :)

The before flower girl dress pic

I seam ripped off the bottom skirt part and then seam ripped all the layers apart. I cut the lace down the middle and then cut the ends to curve back the way it is. I added another layer of lining underneath the lace from separate fabric because it was too see through just alone.

The after flower girl dress pic

I then added extra fabric to the next lining layer and the last lining layer which had a ruffle on it (it’s the very last ruffle on the dress) so that the dress hit the top of her shoes. I added a bunch of tulle ruffled layers to the layer underneath the lace one to get that bustle look. Let’s just say, my sewing room was covered in tulle for a while :)

The after flower girl dress pic

The belt was actually in the top of the dress, so I left that alone. The flowers had only been tacked on, so I just retacked them to the bottom layer at the end. I also ended up cutting the zipper off at the waist so I wouldn’t have to worry about adding that into the bottom part. She’s so skinny, she didn’t need the extra zipper room to get it on. These of course aren’t pictures from the actual wedding, but ones I sent to  my cousin to get her approval. I didn’t get many pics on the actual wedding day of the full dress, so I wanted to share these first. I have to say, I really liked making this for her.


A Tisket A Tasket…

I am about to mail off a ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket.


I had the pleasure of making this ring bearer pillow

Starfish ring bearer pillow

and this flower girl basket for a wonderful young lady who is getting married soon! We met at church quite a few years ago and when she contacted me about doing something like this, I was very excited to say yes, I can help.

Starfish flower girl basket

It’s my little gift to her and I pray that her wedding day is just amazing and that her, her fiance, and their son have a wonderful and blessed life together!

Starfish flower girl basket

Notes on how I made these:

Ring Bearer Pillow- I cut 4 pieces of 8.5″ by 8.5″ pieces of chosen fabric. I doubled up each side as the material was thin and would show the stuffing. I placed two down, right side facing up, then placed the next two on top, wrong side facing up. Then I sewed around leaving an opening to turn right side out. I did that, then stuffed the pillow with stuffing, and sewed the opening shut. I then made two layers of ruffles to go on the top. I then wrapped around a piece of fabric that I had sewn together, making sure the seam was underneath and couldn’t be seen. That piece met in the top middle where it would be covered by the starfish. I used fabric glue to hold the ruffles, middle piece, and starfish in place.

Flower girl basket- I found this basked on sale and took off some of the accessories that were on it. Then I added some fabric that was the same as the ruffles on the pillow. Where this part meets in the middle is where I glued looped pieces of tulle, ribbon, and the starfish. I used a hot glue gun for this piece.

For an Old Friend

 A long time ago I was in highschool and I had some pretty good friends. One of those friends was Michelle. She was such a great girl and still is! Well, this past summer she went and got herself married. I was so excited when she asked me to help out with a few things, I couldn’t wait to get started! She sent me her ideas and pics of what she was going for and then I got to making.

The bridesmaid bouquets were fun to make. She wanted them out of feathers, so I went and gathered feather I could find to fit her vision and match her colors.

This is what I came up with. I will say, I have never inhaled so many feathers as I did while making these! lol. Good thing they didn’t make me all sneezy :)

{See my prego belly there? lol. I miss it at times….}

The maid of honor’s bouquet was a bit bigger on accident but it turned out to work well. The light purple feathers in this one were actually sprigs I found at a local store. But, they stopped selling them, so I had to chop up a purple feather boa and create my own sprigs to make the other girls bouquets.

I wrapped the stems in black satin ribbon and added black satin over the base of the bouquet holder.

Then I made some boutonnieres for the guys.

                                     {photo c/o Currie Fitzhugh Photography}

I found the little calla lilies at Hobby Lobby. The green swirlies are just green taped wire. I wrapped it around my finger for the big one and around a pencil for the little ones. Then I added a peacock feather, bead, and a leaf.

Lastly, I helped with the invites. She went with these from Michaels. I just added a different ribbon in the color she wanted instead of what it came with.

I really like these kinds of diy invites. They are really easy to do.

Thank you so much Michelle for letting me be a part of your special day!!!!! I will always remember you my friend no matter where life takes us. Thank you to Currie Fitzhugh as well for letting me use some of her photos. See here for more photos from Michelle’s wedding.

The Pretty Little Flower Girl

In my previous post, I mentioned how I had made that dress for a wedding we went to over the weekend. Now I’m going to share a little bit about the rest of that event :)

The wedding was for the couple that I did the engagement session for. It was in Destin, FL, which is a beautiful area. The weather was perfect and everything was beautiful.

My daughter was the flower girl and I was so happy the bride let me make her dress! We went to JoAnn’s together and I let her pick out the colors and all. Then I got to sewing.

I just made it up as I went and I love how it turned out. I also made the little flowers for her hair and the shoes came from Target.

My daughter did such a good job at being a flower girl! It made me very proud. She was very cooperative and did fantastic for the pictures and all. She’s used to modeling for me so much she’s become a natural :)

After the wedding, her and the ring bearer went right into making sand castles. I mean, you can’t go to a beach wedding and not make sand castles!

Building Sandcastles

My hubby was also a groomsman in the wedding (second in from the right).

And here are just a few more pics from the wedding and the reception:

Wedding Centerpiece 1

Wedding Centerpiece 2

Reception Area

Good times were had by all. I just love weddings!