Chicks Free Teacher Appreciation Printable

Chicks Free Teacher Appreciation Printable | happy together
This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I managed to get a few special things done. This was one of the gifts I gave my daughter’s teachers, although I used different packaging because I ran out of time to get these adorable little egg cartons. I’m sharing today the parts of this gift along with the free teacher appreciation printable, “Thank you for taking such good care of my little chick”, in case you would like to do something like this for a teacher or someone who takes care of your children.

Free Teacher Appreciation Printable | happy together
To make this gift you will need theĀ free teacher appreciation printable printed on card stock, packaging of choice (I found these cute cartons at Hobby Lobby, but used strawberry baskets from Michaels for the other ones), embellishments for package (I used baker’s twine, fabric scraps, eucalyptus leaves, and a mini clothespin), and baby chick cookies (I found a cookie cutter from World Market for $.99).

Chick Free Teacher Appreciation Printable | happy together
I made my own baby chick cookies and decided to try doing the royal icing where you flood the cookie. I used this sugar cookie recipe, which was very delicious! Not super sweet, maybe more of a shortbread cookie taste but soft consistency of a sugar cookie. I don’t remember which royal icing recipe I used. It was one that I had all the ingredients for lol. I used piping bags and frosting tips, but I think next time I would like to try the little squirt bottles. I did okay, but I need to work on this skill. hahaha. I was doing these late the night before and just trying to at least have them look presentable. So I’m happy for my first try :)

 Chick Free Teacher Appreciation Printable | happy together
You can fit up to six of these cookies in the little egg cartons but these won’t sit quite this neatly if you want to close the top. I also suggest wrapping them in plastic wrap if you like. These are uncovered for picture purposes. I put the ones we gave the teachers in little plastic baggies to protect them. I also thought it would be cute to maybe just put two to three cookies in and then add two Easter eggs filled with candy too. Wouldn’t that be cute? -jess

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