Coffee Table Makeover DIY

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

You all know how much I love creating with DecoArt products. They create some good stuff for us crafters. They recently released a new line of paints called Multi-Surface Satin paints. They sent me some, along with some of their other products, to create a diy to share. I was excited to try these paints, because they are made to work on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramics, papier mache, most plastics, fabric, and canvas. How great is that? No more buying different paints to use on different surfaces.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

Originally I thought about making something for miss J’s room, but I have been redoing some things in our living room and our coffee table was looking not so great. It was a craigslist buy 7 years ago (originally from Ikea), and has survived multiple moves and two little children. I’m not quite sure what you would call the surface of it, but it’s very slick. I figured it would be a great piece to check out the adhesiveness of this paint.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

I used the above products for the painting. Americana Multi-Surface Satins and the chalkboard paint are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers. In fact, I just showed them to a friend in Michaels this morning. I also used some paint tape to make painting straight and you will need a paint brush and chalk too. I first taped off a rectangular shape in the middle of the coffee table to paint on the chalkboard paint. I applied the paint according to the instructions.

Then I let it dry/cure for 24 hours, as suggested, and taped around the edged of the chalkboard area so when I painted around it, no paint would get in that area. I first painted the scalloped edge blue, but it was too blue. So I let it dry then mixed some blue with the white and added another layer. Still wasn’t quite the color I wanted. So I mixed up another batch and painted a third layer and it was finally the color I wanted. Then I whipped out some stencils (which are located right there with the paints in the stores) and used them to help create my chalkboard mural. I think the stencils are a great help for drawing on chalkboards.

Coffe Table Makeover DIY

Above is a closer look of the paint. It was a bit hard to photograph. I like how the darker first layer kind of peaks through. And I love the texture it left. I did that on purpose. I used a regular paint brush, but I was very loose with it, not trying to be super perfect and kind of glopping it on. I think using a foam brush would make it really easy to get it super smooth. But again, I wanted it like this. So I’m super happy with it. It has been a few days and is great. And I have two tiny little girls who really put it to the test!

If you are interested in trying out these new paints, DecoArt if offering a special promotion until October 31, 2013. Simple read above for all on the details and get some money back when you purchase 5 bottles of Multi-Surface Satin Paints. Again, read all the details ;)
Happy crafting! May you be inspired to create.
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