Continuing On in the Kitchen

I am pleased to say that I totally surpassed my goal of a new recipe a week last week! I tried out 5 new ones :) And……..they were all good! Whoo hoo! They were also super easy to make. 
My own version of Chimichangas  (mixture of a few different recipes)
Now I need to find some good recipes for leftover Turkey/Ham with Thanksgiving coming up. Anyone have any?
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  1. says

    this is my old stand by.
    Flatten a can of cresent rolls on a baking sheet.
    In the middle I layer, a little cream cheese, and then all my leftovers…turkey, green bean casserole, gravy, etc.
    Cut strips on both sides of the filling and braid. In the oven @ 350 til brown on top and warm all the way thru.

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