Cookie Pizza!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy

I was browsing through a higher end children’s catalog that my mom some how was sent and saw a kit to make a “Easter Pizza” for like $15. I thought it was a cute idea, but it was way too simple to not just go buy the ingredients yourself and not have to over pay for the ingredients and shipping. So, we went to Target on a rainy day and got the basics.

Sugar cookie mix
Vanilla Frosting
Jelly Beans
Gel Icing
The basics

Now, any of those can be substituted or more can be added (I’m thinking of doing a brownie one next time!)

Mix the cookie mix up and put it in a round pan. The one I had was 9×1.5 in. Cook it (it took mine 15 minutes, but adjust according to the size used). If you don’t have a round one, do a square one or do mini ones in a cupcake pan.

Once done, let it cool. I didn’t let mine cool long enough (desire to have some over took me) and it kind of fell apart when I took it out. Fortunately, I was able to reconstruct it. Once cooled and out, add frosting to the middle to imitate the pizza sauce effect. Then go to town decorating it. I sprinkled on jelly beans and edged it with green gel. Now you have a sweet treat to enjoy.
Finished product...yummy....

She didn’t know I was watching….
she doesn't know i'm watching

“I didn’t do it!”
I didn't do it

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