Cork Silhouette Necklace Tutorial

Well, I had some leftovers from making the bulletin board.

Extra Cork Board

One of things I did with them are these:


I just adore them. I even wore the bicycle one out tonight on my date with my hubby.

They are really simple to make and making these made me think of many other small things I could do similar with my scraps (Christmas ornaments, magnetic frames, etc.).

Flying Bird NecklaceSewing Machine Necklace

Bicycle NecklaceKitty Cat Necklace

Let me share with you the creation process of these little things.

You will need:
-Cork board
-Writing utensil to trace with
-Jump ring
-Necklace to put it on
-Mod Podge
-Optional: Paint, Scrapbook papers, etc.
-Clip art/pictures to use to trace

1. Find some clip art on your computer or search the web for some pictures/silhouettes you like. (You could even do a child’s profile silhouette! How cute would that be?). I search the web by going to and searching under their images section. It’s easier to sift through for me.

Clip Art Used

2. Print out the pictures, cut them out, then trace them on the cork board. I do this on the backside so no markings will be on the front (because I used a pen and don’t want it to show).

Tracing It

Cut It Out

3. Cut out the silhouette from the cork board and do what you want with it.

All Cut Out and Ready to Decorate

Paint it. Mod Podge paper to it.

Mod Podge Cork

Add glitter.
Draw on it.

4. After you decorate it or don’t decorate it, I suggest covering it with a layer of Mod Podge (front and back). This will help the cork board be more durable.

5. Take something sharp, like the end of manicure scissors/toothpick/etc., and poke a small hole where you want the jump ring to go. Then stick it on.

6. Slip it on your necklace and there you go :)

The cat one was for my daughter. She loves it.

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  1. says

    Okay, I have like… so much of that cork roll stuff in my closet! We use it on the bottom of ceramic stuff that likes to scuff the furniture – Never thought of turning it INTO something. I smell some Christmas ornaments a-coming. Thanks for the great ideas, Jessica!

  2. says

    I absolutely love the sewing machine…I hope I win. I would love to do a whole wall of cork in my studio to keep my projects organized (a girl can dream :P).



  3. says

    These look fantastic, fave is the sewing machine. thank you so much for sharing.
    I’m hoping to do a beaded curtin in my kitchen and I think these would fit in quite nicely.
    Something pretty to look at while I’m washing up :)

  4. says

    cute cute cute!!!! i have no clue what i would do with cork, but i would start HERE! LOVE the necklaces- and the sewing machine one is the most perfect color! thanks!

  5. says

    I am going to be making myself a mood board for my craft room with cork and I could totally use the scraps to make cute bracelets or necklaces. Very cute! The sewing machine is actually my favorite so I hope I win. Thanks for the great idea!

  6. says

    Hmm. What would I do with a cork board? I am not sure! I am in the process of making a cork board. I’ve been saving wine bottle corks so I could make a cork board. I also have some cork roll that we put on the bottom of our furniture so it doesn’t skiff the hardwood.

  7. says

    Very cute idea! I love the sewing machine one and the bicycle…too adorable. I have never worked with cork before so I have no idea what I’d do…but now I may have to start thinking up some projects :)

  8. says

    Question, Where do you come up with this stuff? Do you see simular things else where or is this all coming from your own imagination? I am impressed beyond belief.
    Also you have really beautiful eyes! Where can i get a pair! lol!
    The sewing machine necklace would be pure joy to wear! If i do not win i really hope that some one that would truely appreciate it does!
    I love your blog, you are an inspiration!

  9. says

    you are so creative! i saw a fun project recently where you turn an assortment of frames into a wall organizer, one for each family member. i want to try it in our mudroom! thanks for the chance to win!

  10. says

    Hi, don’t know if your competition is open for people ovearseas, but I’m posting a comment anyway. Great idea as usual. I think I’d make a matching crochet hook ro go with it. I love your blog. Especially how you make use of old and worn out things turning them into gorgeous and cool outfits. You’re a great inspiration.

  11. lisapeaceandlove says

    I would make leaves to go with all of the fabric flowers that I sew. Speaking of sewing, I think that darling sewing machine and I would be very “Happy Together”! Oh, what a geek I am!!

  12. says

    Now this idea ROCKS!!!!!! I love it. I wish I had known about this last week our VBS theme was “Rodeo Round up”. How cute would a little horse, or cowboy/girl hat silhoutte be? I will be doing this… I will check back and let you know how the Cricut cut with it. Awesome idea thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    I wish I had seen this a couple of weeks ago i did crafts at a girls camp last week and these would of been great.
    But I will will file the idea away for next year.
    you have so many great ideas on your blog I love it.
    and as a seamstress this necklace would be great.

  14. says

    Halo,I am not here to take part in the giveaway.I really love your creativity.
    The necklaces are so nice,and easy to make.I really love your blog.

    I am from Malaysia,it is quit troublesome for you to send the prize if i, you might just leave me out from the giveaway.

  15. says

    Hmmm… I’d probably cut squares from it, cover them in pretty scraps of fabric and then hang them on the wall in a sort of checker board pattern. I saw something similar at PB Teen that was very pricey, and I’d like to make a more reasonable version :)

  16. says

    Love your creativity! That sewing machine would look cute around my neck :) I think I would try to make some cute ornaments for Christmas, or even little picture frames as gifts for my son’s friends…

  17. jules p says

    WOW..another neat idea for the cork. I loved the board you made the other day. And now the jewelry. How neat.

    I think I would cut various size circles/squares and join them together. I might go and buy some cork today!!

  18. says

    I love these! So cute/easy to make new neclaces and these would make great toppers for gifts or gifts themselves. I will try an owl and a dog.

  19. says

    the sewing machine is ADORABLE!!!! i hope i win!!!

    i am in the process of covering a work board with fabric for my craft space, wish i would have thought of this though :)

  20. says

    Super cute idea. I think the most inventive thing I’ve ever done with cork board is put in in an old picture frame and make…a cork board. I know, right? Wow.

    I do like the idea of the commenter above who said Christmas ornaments. Or maybe gift tags? It would make something really cute that didn’t end up being super heavy…

  21. Anonymous says

    I would like to make something for my daughters bedroom. Not sure what yet. We are transitioning to a “bigger” big girl’s room, and I need art for her walls. A collage maybe?


  22. says

    This is the cutest project! I definitely want to try this but I’ll probably make Christmas ornaments instead of a necklace. You are very creative!

  23. says

    I love these so much. I’m a big fan of big silhouette pieces in jewelry :) The bird one is definitely my favorite.

    I featured this post on my new blog, if you’d like to check it out, you can here!

    I hope you feel I’ve done your post justice!

  24. says

    … hey, I really love reading your blog … very inspiring …
    … your daughter is so cute … and the clothes you sow is truly beautiful …

    p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day <3


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