Covering a Cell Phone Case

Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year! Especially here in Florida. The weather is just gorgeous and we have been taking full advantage of it. We have had a lot of family come and visit and enjoy this time too. So nice :) Something else kicks in when spring comes: spring cleaning. Add that to the serious nesting that has hit me since we found out baby #2 is a girl, and I have just been going at it! I can’t wait to show you some of the bigger projects I almost have done! For now, here is something I did really quick for my cell phone.

Let’s take a look at this gross cell phone cover on my iphone:

Mod Podged Cell Phone Case

It had turned brown where the white was and the edges are coming off. Ick. So I decided to recover it. It was so easy and took no time at all.

Mod Podged Cell Phone Case

I ripped off the old cover.
Then traced it to create a new pattern.

Mod Podged Cell Phone Case

Next I placed the pattern piece wrong side up on the wrong side of fabric.

Mod Podged Cell Phone Case

I then cut it out and covered the phone cover piece in Mod Podge.

Mod Podged Cell Phone Case

I put the fabric piece on top and smoothed it on. I had to trim a few edges (manicure scissors work great for that). Then I rubbed on Mod Podge around the edges to keep it from fraying. Now I have a beautiful phone cover that I can redo whenever I want :)

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    This project is AMAZING! I never would’ve thought to use fabric over the ugly cell phone cases that I have! Thank you for posting this! I did have one question…did you use regular mod podge or fabric mod podge?

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    what a great re-do… I might just have to do this for my Nook ( I don’t want to buy a cover, but can cover the back plate with fabric…) Thanks for the inspiration

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    This is great. I have a cover that never had anything on it (just black plastic), but it’s awfully boring and scratched up. I’m going to try this out today…but I may use paper instead. I guess you covered the lens of the camera…with a hole-punch? I may go with saran wrap. Not sure. How thick is the fabric you used (quilting weight?)?

    Great great great! Thank you =)

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    :) They have changed things, so I’m not quite sure which one it would be now. I think it is what used to be Minima Stretch and then I added the third column myself and played around with everything until I got it the way I liked it. I used random tutorials on the web to figure out all the html stuff.


    Since mine already had the fabric, I just traced that, but maybe try tissue paper on a case that doesn’t have fabric for tracing? As for the hole, I just used manicure scissors to cut it out. They are small so it made it easy to do. The fabric is a regular quilt weight fabric. It is actually from one of Amy Butler’s lines.

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    Sorry Jessica… i’m from Chile and i don’t understand what is Mod… something???

    Is any kind of special glue ??? Silicona ???

    Please i wait your answer cause i’m gonna do the idea for my cell phone

    Thankiuuuuu sooo muchh

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    wow!! this is sooo cool! i would have never thought of it! i have never found a phone case that i liked and now i can just make my own! p.s. im your newest follower! i found you on be different act normal and im already in love with your blog! you should check my blog out…feel free to wallow if ya want :)

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    Great idea, and so stylin too! I have never had good luck with pulling off something that I have mod Podged. But even if I get another 2 years out of putting fabric on my old case I am good with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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