Craft Show

This weekend was so busy! Along with the craft show there was our church’s Fall Festival, young adult small group (which I lead), and other random things. I was so wiped out last night. I was running on caffeine all weekend long. These are some pics of my mom’s stuff and mine. The printer wasn’t working, so we had to hand write a ton of things (not fun!), but besides that it was a fun time and we met some neat people. Note- these pics were taken before everything was arranged more properly.
Craft Show- my table

Craft Show
Craft Show

Craft Show

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  1. says

    Just visited, what a nice craft show display! I am curious about the window frame quilts, are they wall hangings, or pictures? You have a nice variety! What items did you sell? Thanks for your post, it is so neat to share our common interests! Stay in touch!

  2. says

    “How did it go?”

    It went okay. My mom did really well (her kind of stuff always sells good; the grapevine stuff and all). I sold a few things, but made some great contacts and some possible special orders.

    “I am curious about the window frame quilts, are they wall hangings, or pictures?”
    My sister in law actually made them. She turned the old windows into wall hangings. She used vintage quilts in the background. They are really cute, aren’t they? She put them with us to see if they would see; i guess testing the market :)

    “What items did you sell?”
    I sold the girl bee, an itty bitty baby, 2 hair pieces, 2 purses, and a candy corn couple (my future sister in law and aunt were my big buyers :) lol.)

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