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Summer is just flying by and I’ll admit that I’m enjoying my little break over here. I have still been creating and wanted to share with you a new product called Ink Effects that I had the chance to play around with c/o Deco Art.


Ink Effects are fabric transfer ink that absorb into fabric for soft, flexible, and washable transfers. It’s really quite easy to use.


Basically, you paint what you want on a sheet of copy paper (or even paint in a coloring book page! see here), place it right side down where you want it to be, and iron it on. (there are more specific directions with the product for variables and such). The possibilities are endless and people out there have done so much creative things with this stuff already. You can see lots of projects in their pinterest group here and their website gallery here.


This product is used best for fabrics that are less than 30% cotton though. But, they do have a special product called Ink Effects for cotton fabrics that allows it to work on cotton. You spray this on fabric first, according to directions, and then iron on your picture.


I had a few ideas in mind I wanted to try and the first was to make two shirts for my girls.


I will consider miss J my Florida girl since she has spent most of her life there.


So, I wanted to make a flamingo shirt for her. I was inspired by the graphic tee’s at the Gap and added a little tutu and glitter to it.


I printed this picture off the internet and painted over it. Then I sprayed the shirt with the cotton fabric stuff, waited for it to dry, then ironed this on using no steam. I discovered that it helps to put as much pressure on the iron when ironing it onto cotton fabric. They also share a few suggestions to get a good outcome on cotton that you could implement as well.


Then for miss E, I made a little sunshine shirt because she’s my sunshine :)
And, just so you know, I washed both of these shirts before taking pictures to see how it held up. The colors were a tad brighter before the first wash, but it still came out great!


Now remember, since this is being ironed on, you have to do things flipped or it will come out backwards.


I also used the ink and a stamp to try to create my own fabric.


I was so excited at this point.


But, unfortunately this did not work out on the fabric I chose. I tried to use garbardine fabric because it said it had no cotton in it. I think another color would have worked better though on it. The black just didn’t want to come out very strong for me. I plan on cutting these out and using them as tags for something. I do like the vintage feel they give off. And don’t worry, I’m going to try this again with different fabric and make me some fabric!

Again, you can see more about Ink Effects and where to purchase it from here. You can also keep up with Deco Art, their new products, and get ideas and more from checking them out on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

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    i have been all over fabric designing and printing for a while now, (and shamefully even splurged on a screen printer)…however, with the lovely results you got I can’t help but wonder if this is a much simpler {and less expensive} method to get what i want! thanks for sharing:)

  2. says

    I did not know this existed and now I feel that I must own it immediately!! My daughter is a dancer and my brain just exploded with the cute stuff we could make.


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