Crocheted Hair Bows (Tutorial)

Ever get an idea in your head and you just have to make it happen? That was these hair bows. I’m sure it’s been done before, I mean really, it’s a crocheted hair bow, but I wanted to make some! And, I wanted to share you how I did it and put some up in the shop for those who can’t or don’t want to make them but want some. Let’s look at some pretty pictures first :)

Now that you have had to endure all those pictures, it’s time for the tutorial! This isn’t specific, just a basic how to. You can make them however big or little you like.

What you need:
-Crochet Hook
-Hot Glue Gun
-Fabric Glue
-Yarn Needle
-Optional: ribbon covered hair clip

1. Start by making a chain.
2. Then sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc across.
3. Then turn and create the next row on top with sc stitches. Make as many rows as you like.

4. Once you are done with the last row, start to sc around the whole rectangle, except for the top row you just did. This cleans up the edges. I also try to crochet over the beginning strand of yarn that is left.
5. Then take your yarn needle and thread in the end(s). Make sure the ends are coming out of the back of the rectangle as you will then cut them and dab a little bit of fabric glue over them.

6. Create the middle piece the same way as in steps 1-2. Make it long enough to go around the rectangle to glue. Then tie the ends together and trim excess yarn.

7. Dab a dot of glue from your hot glue gun on the middle front large rectangle.

8. Quickly place the middle piece on it, making sure the middle is on the glue.
9. Then turn over and do a dab of hot glue on the middle back and quickly pull over the front piece and hold in place until dry.
10. Repeat for the other side, but this side will lie on top of the other end of the middle piece.

And there’s your bow. So nice and cute.

If you like, you can glue on a hair clip or whatever.

One is perfect to hold side hair back.

Or add two onto ponytails!

You can find these available in the shop. I will be posting all of them throughout the next two weeks.

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  1. says

    Adorable! Looking through my yarn stash to see how many different colors I can make! :) What size hook did you use for your bows? Thanks!

  2. says

    LOVE these, wish my “little girl” would let me put them in her hair like she used to. I might make them for my grand nieces instead…thanks for the great tut!

  3. says

    As for how many to chain, I usually did 9. But the size of yarn and hook will determine how long that really makes them. The longer you make it the bigger it will be the the shorter it is the smaller it will be. I suggest playing around with it a bit until it is a size you like.

  4. says

    Hey Jessica! Just dropping in via 30 Days. Your Peanut Butter Pie looks yummy as yummy can be :o) I’ll have to try it.

    You are so talented! I love these little bows! They are so precious! I’d love to learn how to crochet. You can make the prettiest things with it. I did learn to knit but I had to have someone there showing me how.

    Well, just wanted to say hi and I look forward to following!

  5. says

    I really like to crochet and I haven’t for a while. I will have to try this! I love the pictures by the way. You are so creative with presentation. The black background adds a professional quality and brings out the colors in the picture so nicely. Well done.

  6. says

    oh my goodness…these are the cutest! I am so glad they are in your shop…I will be buying some of these for my girls in the next week or 2. I just found your blog tonight via 30 days. I love it & I am your newest follower! Can’t wait to read more!

  7. says

    These are so cute!! I love them all!! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! I’ve always wanted to know how, but i thought that they would be too difficult to make.

  8. says

    realy..realy cute ;-)) -love this – am sad about to be over 4o ;-) to ware al of this hello kitty stuff but perhapts my nice – she is 1 and a half years old — thank you for this blog

  9. says

    “Can you share what brand you used?”
    I used scraps, so it’s all kinds of brands! Most are from Lionbrand and Lily Sugar and Cream. You can really use anything. You could even cut really thin strips from t-shirts and crochet that into bows!

  10. says

    I just wanted to thank you for this post/tutorial. I made a baby headband using your general technique of making a rectangle and another rectangle to pinch it into a bow. I made it out of fabric since I am helpless with a crochet hook, but your post was the inspiration. It turned out really cute. I forgot to take a photo of it… Anyway, thanks!

  11. says

    These are super cute! I started a blog to keep track of the crochet patterns I find on web. So many creative bloggers out there! I hope you don’t mind I linked to one of your photos with a short description and a link back to your site for the pattern. Thank you for sharing! These would be great gifts for some of the little girls in my life.

  12. says

    I love this tutorial! As soon as I found it, I ran and made my baby girl a Hokie hair bow for the game this weekend. :) Thank so much for sharing!

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  13. Anonymous says

    I definitely need to invest in a hot glue gun! I love the simplicity of these. I can crochet but not real good at following a pattern so this is perfect!

  14. Anonymous says

    you can make your own ribbon covered clips by measuring the ribbon against the clip and adding some hot glue. easy as chocolate cream pie!!!

  15. ginnie says

    OMG these are so cute and easy to make a great way to use up all that scrap yarn I even mixed and matched the yard to make 2 color bow great for back to school

  16. Anonymous says

    I am so excited to find your pattern for these bows; I have two great granddaughters (one is just two weeks old) the other one is four & one half. I have been crocheting for them almost constantly so I will be doing these also! Thanks they are so cute!

  17. Anonymous says

    They are really beautiful Thankyou for sharing the pattern, I am going to try and make some for my daughter ( they wont be as nice and neat as yours though!!)

  18. says

    These are adorable! I’d like to make some for my granddaughters but I can’t figure out what step #10 means. Can you explain? Thanks!

    • says

      Thank you :) Yes I can. In steps 7-10 you are gluing on the middle piece. At step ten is the part where you glue down other end of the middle piece. Right in the middle of the back of the rectangle. I usually end up overlapping the two ends. I hope that helps :)

  19. Anonymous says

    These are so cute. I’m new to crocheting. Can you please tell me what the abbreviations mean and what kind of yarn you used and where you purchased it from?

    • says

      Thank you :) As for the yarn, I used all kinds from my stash for these bows. I buy yarns from stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. My favorite to use for these bows is the Lily Sugar n’ Cream brand (the yellow I’m using in the tutorial is that kind). For abbreviations, sc is single crochet and ch is chain. If you even see an abbreviation you are not sure of, just do an internet search like “sc crochet abbreviation” and you will find a quick answer. Also note, that different countries do use different abbreviations. I used American crochet terms for this tutorial.

  20. Anonymous says

    These are so pretty and I love the colors. So I tried it and mine come out with a lot of holes or open spaces whereas yours look pretty tight. Am I doing something wrong?

    • says

      You might want to try a smaller size hook and make sure your tension (how tight you crochet it) is tight enough. I have been making these ever since I did this tutorial and I have gotten it down really well, so it’s like many things. The more you do it, the “better” it gets. I have found that I like the look of this bow with the Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn the best. Let me know if a smaller hook helps :)

  21. Virginia Copping says

    My granddaughter sent me a picture of these some time ago and wanted to know if I could make her two daughters some. So now I can. thank you so much for the instructions.

    • Jessica says

      You are very welcome :) That’s so sweet you are doing that for her. They will look adorable with their hair bows :)


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