Cute as a Button Wall Art {Tutorial & Printable}

The baby nursery is starting to all come together now. Just a few things left to do, YAY! I am so excited to get it done. One piece I made for the wall is this Cute as a Button art. It is really simple and at the bottom of this post is the art in different colors so you can print it yourself.

To make one, you will need:
-Cute as a Button printable printed on cardstock (see bottom of post for these to save)
-Picture Frame
-Optional: Coordinating paper for the back ground

1. Save your choice of the print and open it in a Word document (or Powerpoint, etc.).
Format the picture by right clicking and then clicking on Format picture. Change the size and layout for your preferred size. Below is a picture of it formatted to be size 8.5″ in width x 11″ in height. I made mine smaller because I used a smaller frame. Or you could just make your own. It’s just the words with a dashed line around the text box.

2. Cut it to how you would like it.

3. Glue on various buttons. After I did this, I thought it would have looked even cooler if I had sewn them on with embroidery thread. Just a thought ;)

4. Glue it on top of some pretty scrapbook paper if you like and add it to your frame. You will have to leave the glass off unless the frame has some depth to it like a shadow box.

5. Now hang it up or place it on a shelf . A simple cute piece of artwork is all done.

{Did you make one? Add your pic to the Flickr group to share}

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  1. says

    I love this! I’ve always had a fascination for crafty things AND buttons. When I was a little girl I kept an old card box full of buttons I collected here and there and it was as precious to me as silver and gold.

    To be completely honest, I still have a box of buttons…

  2. says

    I love this idea. With five pregnant friends this is a super quick and cute project. Thanks.
    Also if you used a thin line of fabric paint on the buttons it might look like they were sewn on. Not sure if it would work but it might be worth a try.

  3. says

    I loved this idea and the saying!! I used it for a slightly different project… you can see it here []
    Don’t worry – I linked to your page so you get credit for the idea!!
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. says

    I love this idea! I’m thinking of printing it on white fabric, stitching the buttons on “quilting style” and adding a little batting. I have a two expectant moms to make gifts for…can’t wait to try this!


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