Daffodils and Dandelions

First and foremost I have to say that I had such a successful outing with my little one today! She is one that hates strollers, carts, etc. She wants to run around, so it’s usually tough taking her out and about, especially by myself. But we went to JoAnn’s today and she was an angel (until she saw a little boy eating a pretzel and she wanted it, but I quickly calmed her down). I picked up all this fabric there for so cheap! The sale is called the Daffodil Dash. If you are on their email list, you also receive a 50% off coupon for this week and another for the weekend.
Fabric bought today
If you need fabric now is the time to go! All red tag is an extra 50% off and so are all the remnant pieces. I suggest looking at the remnants first and this is why. I picked up this sparkle fabric for a project for my daughter and while waiting in line to get everything cut, I noticed the same fabric in the remnant bin. It was a yard and the price on it was the sale price on the same fabric that was on the bolt, but there was an extra 50% the remnants, so I put the bolt back and got the yard I wanted for half of what I was going to pay. The fabrics may not look like much, but I have some fun projects in store for them.
We also spent a lot of time outside today and I made the princess a crown of dandelions. She melts my heart.
The Dandelion Princess
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