Designed & Made by J: Cat-cat the Caterpillar


This week miss J only had two days of school. She is here the rest of the week so we are spending lots of girl time together (with baby sis too of course). I realized today that it was the last day of January and that we needed to finish up her designed and made by J project. This month she went with an easy design.


She drew a cute little caterpillar. I let her pick out the fabric and the color yarn she wanted for the antennae. 

Catepillar        Catepillar

After we finished him, she went and found this butterfly she had and started talking about Cat-cat being in a cocoon and going through metamorphosis. So of course I had to make a cocoon!

I used some vintage chenille I had and just created a simple drawstring bag big enough to hold Cat-cat.


I wanted to show you a little of the process too. Since this was a drawing that I could actually make into a pattern with no changes, I just scanned it in the computer and enlarged it. Then I printed it out and we cut it out.

Then we traced it on the wrong side of the fabric (the marker still showed through, but I just made sure to sew inside the lines so it wouldn’t be visible). Then I sewed on the eyes, mouth, and crocheted antenna. I finished up by placing that piece right side facing on another piece of fabric and sewing right inside of the lines. But, making sure to leave a good 2 inches open on the bottom for turning and stuffing. Then we stuffed him and sewed up the opening. It was a great simple project and one that would be good to teach little ones about the life cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly. Anyone have a special project you did with your child (or a child in your life) lately? Please share :) Link to your post if possible too so we can see.
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    This is so awesome! I seriously can’t wait until my daughter’s (she is 3) doodles look enough like something to make it into a stuffie!!

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