Designed & Made by J: Ellie the Elephant

Ellie the Elephant

I am very proud to introduce the very first in a new series that miss J and I will be doing. As you know, this girl is all about making things and is always asking me to make her things. I figured it was about time she started to make some of these ideas reality herself. She is a big girl at five years old now :) So I told her once a month she will design something to make (whatever she wants), I will create a pattern as close to the drawing as possible, then we will make it together. Last month she wanted a pink elephant. I first had her draw what she wanted it to look like. As you can see above, she said she was inspired by Horton and wanted a pink Elephant. We picked out some fabrics, then I created a pattern.

Ellie the Elephant

I had her trace the pattern pieces on the fabric. I was also going to let her cut them out, but she lost steam at that point and said she wanted me to. Later that night after miss E was put to bed, we got to sewing and in less than an hour Ellie was created.

Ellie the Elephant

She was so good as she sat in my lap and helped sew. She was also in charge of stuffing all the legs, trunk, and body.

Ellie the Elephant

I think that my favorite part is the ears. I’m so so so happy that I took the time to do this with her.

Ellie the Elephant

I desire to create special memories with each of my girls to remember when they are older.

Ellie the Elephant

I have so many of things like this and I want to pass it on.

Ellie the Elephant  Ellie the Elephant

Oh, and check this out. I also helped her make a little tag with some binding and a fabric marker. Afterwards though she says, “We shouldn’t put a tag on it because now everyone will think I bought it at a store! My friends won’t believe I made it!” Most people want handmade things to look more store bought, so this made me laugh!

Ellie the Elephant
It’s these moments that I love most. We will soon begin on another for this month. I wonder what she will come up with this time?

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  1. says

    My 7yo and were talking about what we could get a friend for his birthday. She said ‘homemade is always better” I couldn’t believe my ears.

  2. says

    You should copy her pattern and we can post our elephants for her to see. I’d love to sew this with my four year old and show her the pictures of how your daughter created her. :). Maybe yours would get a kick out of seeing other girls follow her lead .

  3. says

    That is so great! I love the details, and hand-made, I’m finding, feel so much better to give and receive (depending, of course, but it really feels great). And this made me laugh especially because I just did the exact (or really similar) thing with my niece, who turned six. She picked out a bunch of fabric from my scraps and drew two doll outfits, which I’ll be making for her as a birthday gift. :)

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