Dress Up Monday: Mod Sailor

I sooo totally whipped this up this morning. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long at all!

My daughter is getting to a point where she can really be a part of my “making” process, so I have been able to do things with her instead of waiting for her to be asleep to work on things. She likes to sit in my lap and watch me sew and her playing alone time is growing in length. I’m never gonna just sit and sew all day, but it’s nice to have a bit more freedom to work on things. You know?

Plus, she totally loves the outcome! Like, she so wanted the Dish and the Spoon that I made to send to Shannon, so we had to make her a pair! She picked out the fabric and patiently waited for me. She helped stuff and sat in my lap while I sewed it. Then she ran away with them and went about her merry way.

The fabric I used is leftovers from an outfit I’m working on for myself and from curtains. I love how it takes such little fabric to make her some cute clothes!

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    It is so liberating when they become interested in what you’re doing at that sewing machine. My daughter (almost 4) loves to remove the pins for me while I sew. My 2 year old son on the other hand…:) Anyway, WAY cute dress! And your dish and spoon were darling!

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    Absolutely adorable! I love the nautical look on anything! Could you do a tutorial or explain a little how you made this one because I’m in LOVE with it! Thanks.

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    I’m IN LOVE with this dress! I just picked up some thrifted seersucker and had no idea what to make. I will def try to make this dress, but would really appreciate any instructions you could provide. Is the front actually two layers? Is there a closure on the top back? So many questions! :) Your blog is wonderful!!

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