Dress Up Monday: Pandas and A Deal

Panda Dress!!!!!

My mom knows I love to make t-shirt dresses for my daughter, so she sent these cute ones with pandas on them for that purpose.

My daughter just adores pandas. We are even taking her to a zoo this summer that has real pandas! She’s super excited about that.

$3 Shoes from Walmart

$3 Shoes from Walmart

Now, about this good deal. We were at Walmart and I saw these adorable wanna-be-Keds. They were only $3 each pair! They had a few more colors too (pink, navy, black).

I got the white and green. They had a ton of them too. I’m thinking about getting more white ones do decorate up. Hmmmmm…….we’ll see ;) We do love us some cute shoes around here!

Hold On

Dresses made using the LBB Sienna Dress Pattern.

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  1. says

    so cute! Love your blog! those dress is absolutely adorable
    Where did you get the snickers??
    I have been looking for some of then!!

  2. says

    I love the dresses! Thanks for the tip about the shoes at Wally world, I’ve been itching to sharpie some shoes lately and for 3 bucks you can’t lose!

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