The Earring Dilemma

Here is a little story about a girl who asked to get her ears pierced. Her mommy decided it would be okay, so the little girls parents took her to get them pierced. The little girl was perfect about it and hardly cried at all, but was shocked. She received a yummy lollipop for being so good. Two days later one of the little girls earring fell out. Her mommy and daddy couldn’t get it back in. The next morning they took the little girl back to the earring shop and they couldn’t get it back in either. The store lady said to wait a week and let it heal and come back to get it redone.

Her newly pierced ears

“This is terrible!” thought the mother, knowing that her daughter was now quite aware of how they pierce ears and was not as cooperative as before. The fateful came day when it was time to venture back out to the earring store. The little girl was not happy about this. She didn’t want it to hurt. The store lady and the mom bribed the little girl and eventually had to lay her down to get it redone. But, lo and behold, after it was done, the little girl didn’t cry about it! She didn’t even act like it hurt.

Sharing with Panda

She was allowed to pick out some things as part of the bargain of going through this. She went with the gummmy bear necklace and a box of Hello Kitty jellybeans. They made her quite happy. She even shared her necklace with panda and asked to take a picture of him with mommy’s camera. She did a good job. Maybe a future photographer.

Her Reward
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  1. says

    How sweet! I took my little girl when she was 4 months, she wont remember it and hardly cried. She was bald so long I had to let the world know she was a girl. Glad your little one made it through so bravely.

  2. says

    Oh how I wish I did this early with my girls. My oldest (almost 4) asks me to get her ears pierced all the time and I was honest with her…she does not ask anymore. I was 8 when I got mine and I was so excited. So maybe when she is older. But seriously, she will start limping if she drops a cotton ball on her toe. She is THAT dramatic about any ounce of pain. I am thinking the “little pinch” will feel much worse than a pinch! But congrats on your brave girl and her twice pierced ears!

  3. says

    Awwwwww. The things girls do in the name of beauty! What a brave girl.
    Love the gummi necklace. Your little one is already showing signs of great natural skill at accessorizing!

  4. says

    So I wanted you to know I love looking at your blog and enjoy the latest projects that are on it. I love your creativity! Thanks for inspiring!

  5. says

    awww, poor baby! but sounds like she handled it well!

    my daughter was 5 when she asked to get her ears pierced. a small crowd gathered around her inside as the girl was getting ready to do it. she didn’t flinch, didn’t make a sound, didn’t shed a tear. her eyes got really big and i *thought* for a second she might cry, but nope. when she was all done a couple onlookers clapped for her and commented on how brave she was, it was SO cute!

  6. says

    I love the necklace, especially on the Panda. Such a cute story. Hopefully the earning won’t fall out this time. Makes me want to have a baby girl.

  7. says

    Oh what a sweet heart! Such a sweet story and great pictures! We got our baby’s ears pierced at 12 months. We just changed them the other day for the first time a year later!

  8. says

    i get my girls ears pierced right after the first shot of DTap.
    i do it as a cultural thing, sadly in the US you cannot get it done after birth (like i did)instead you got to wait until you 2 or 3 months old.
    I am so glad your girl handle it well. Bravo!!!!

  9. says

    Given her age I would highly suggest getting some earring with screw on backs. You can find them at Walmart. We had to do that for my youngest (whose ears I pierced when she was 2 months old) to keep her from losing earrings. Glad everything worked out and she got an adorable necklace!

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