An Easy Change


There’s nothing like quick gratification in sewing. Sometimes projects can seem to take forever it feels like it might not be worth it. But every once in a while, I can do something so quick and something I really like and it is wonderful! Take this shirt above. It is a maternity shirt I found on a clearance rack at Target for $4. I bought it because I knew I could make it summery somehow and for a few bucks I couldn’t pass it up.


So one night while my husband was studying in my office by me (he’s in flight school for the Coast Guard), I sat and made this. All I did was cut off the sleeves (I even left the edges raw because it’s truly a wonderful fabric and looked great that way) and then cut them up into rectangular pieces. Then I basted and gathered them, pinned them on randomly, and sewed in place.

Close up

I was done in like 30 minutes. And I really like how it came out.

Wearing It

Here it is on the ever growing belly :) I have to say I’m also really excited because the remote for my camera I ordered arrived today!!!! That means I should be able to take these self pics better and less blurry now. That makes me happy.
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  1. says

    I love your quick tshirt makeover. The pink colour is very flattering on you. I can see your belly button showing already! How cute. Mine didn’t jut out that prominently when I was pregnant. Perhaps you can show us how you to attach the ruffles on the shirt later. Your hairdo is very nice too, I really like it.

  2. says

    Can I just say (without you thinking that I’m a total creeper) that I think I wub you a little bit?

    I stumbled across your blog awhile back and I’ve been stalking you ever since!

    You’ve got to be thee cutest pregnant gal I’ve EVER seen and you make the cutest stuff! I’ve pinned several of your things on pinterest and can’t WAIT to see what you come up with for your lil’ one.

    I don’t comment much at all, but felt I had to send a shout out to you today ;o)

  3. says

    That’s adorable! I have so many shirts I need to “tweak” like that.

    What kind of camera do you have? I LOVE my dslr but can’t take pictures on auto to save my life. So I always have to remain behind the camera. A remote sounds nice!

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    That’s really cute! NIce color on you!
    My husband is taking classes for flying as well…going to be a pilot someday…he’s determined!

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    I love the ruffles and would also love to see just how they are attached. I am definitely not an expert seamstress and rely on tutorials to at least get the gist. Very nice and turns something plain into something alot more fun to wear.

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    I don’t sew, but for some reason I keep frequenting sewers blogs. I think it is because my mom made EVERYTHING we wore when I was a kid. Right down to the jeans and imitation polo shirt (butterflies on the chest instead of the polo emblem). Okay, I do hem pants and occasionally sew quilt blocks, but this shirt is amazing and I think I could even make it. Maybe this summer my girls will finally have something to wear that their mother made them (the oldest is 15 so your idea is completely appropriate). THANKS!

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