eMompreneurs Give Away

Hi everyone :) Hope your weekend has been great! I want to share a give away sponsored by eMompreneurs today.

PTA by day, CEO by night

eMompreneurs is a new site started by Ashley Radar of Moments of Elegance and Ashley Coombe of The Shopping Boutique. Their goal is to offer information to moms who want to start a home business or be more successful with the one they have. Here is a little something they say about it:
“Between the two of us, our different strategies have taken each of our business to new levels. We have been part of high end internet marketing strategy groups, and tried all of the programs out there that are generally regarded as the best. As our own businesses grew, we realized that we had strategies and ideas that were unique to the existing information, as well as unique advice for moms who are trying to start their own business while raising children.”
They provide internet marketing coaching for moms. You pay a monthly fee, but receive a lot of information.

They are offering a ONE MONTH FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP to their site to the winner and a 25% coupon for everyone (using this code: 4F7E74408C).

To enter, just leave a comment of what your dream job from home would be or if you have an existing business, write where you would like it to be in a year. Winner will be selected at random. The contest is open until Friday 11/28/09.

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    I would love to be able to not only have an etsy store but to be able to do boutiques and sell things to stores. I am getting ready to start my etsy store, so its a beginning :)

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    There are two things that I would LOVE to do: 1. Have a sewing business that allows me to make enough money to stop my day job or 2. have a landscaping business (during the summer…. ;-))
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    For the last two years I have been sewing children’s clothing and accessories (I have two girls – 20 months and 4 months). I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to finally be able to sell some of my things. I have a lot of people request items, but I’m never sure on pricing and I don’t even have an etsy store set up. So, I guess my goal for the next year is to at least get an etsy store up and running.

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    I do have an etsy shop. It’s called Just Enough Style. I sell unique and high quality jewelry. But…. there is so much jewelry on etsy it’s hard to get your items to stand out above the rest. It would be great to win this so it can help me with my shop.

    Bytheway, I love looking at your blog and seeing what you create. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Well, I’m just getting started with my dream at-home job! I studied Vocal Performance in university so I decided to convert our dining room into a Children’s Music Studio and offer group format music & movement classes for kids from 6 months to 6th grade (I have 4 girls – 8,5,3 & 1). The studio is just about done and I have 9 kids who’s parents say they’re interested but haven’t had anyone actually enroll yet. The studio has been home to my sewing machine and will probably stay that way until I can get unstuck and figure out how to get people to COME and make some music with me! Thanks for thinking of a way to support at-home MOMpreneurs!

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    I’m trying to get an etsy shop up and running. However my real dream is to open and run a coffee shop! Maybe someday and I’m sure with their help it would be much more than just a dream! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I want so badly to start an etsy shop, and hopefully grow from there. I love sewing! Other than my family, it is my great passion. I just started a blog, so I’m not very computer savvy. I have no idea how to get my name out there, how to price, and what things I need to do just to begin the process.
    This is an amazing giveaway, and I’m so ready to begin! (Crossing my fingers)

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    I am so excited to see all of your comments! I really hope to see all of you on eMompreneurs, (we have a special Early Bird sign up tonight on the top of the page!) because we can help with each and every one of the items you brought up. (even the landscaping business, we offer training in marketing your local business on the internet! I actually used to consult with several landscaping companies…)

    Cottage Mama, I have two girls 16 months apart as well. Are you tired too? :) We can help with etsy stores, or skipping that step and just opening up an ecommerce store! Mine is TheShoppingBoutique.com.

    I am so excited to meet you guys on emoms!

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