Epic Nail Fail

The little one and I love to do our nails (especially her). I do hers almost every week. Sometimes they look like rainbows, sometimes we add fun flower stickers. So, when I saw this on pinterest, I knew that I had to give it a try.

So I got our nail polish and followed the little directions….

I used a disposable cup and put water in it.

Then added drops of nail polish

and stirred it with a wooden pick.

Last, but not least. I dipped her nails in it. What a mess. An epic nail fail. I let it dry some then went to town with some nail polish remover. I even tried one of my nails thinking maybe her nails were too small. And I also tried using a paintbrush and then putting little dots of nail polish on my nails and spreading them out that way. All came up icky on mine too. Maybe it’s the type of nail polish? I’m sure there’s some sort of trick to it. It would be fun to figure out.

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  1. says

    i’ve read some tips on this method:

    -surround the nail and fingertip with scotch tape. less cleanup.
    -don’t swirl the polish, just do one dip on top of another and let it make concentric circles.

    i’d also think using all one brand of polish would make a difference.

  2. says

    I googled swirled fingernails and came up with something called “water marbling.” There are some youtube videos that show you how to do it really well, it looks like you use scotch tape to tape off most of the finger skin, and you use a tooth pick or orange stick to clean the excess nail polish off the surface of the water so that it doesn’t stick to her skin when it comes out.

    It also looks like they swirl the nail polish a little less.

  3. says

    Your not the first person I know that tried this and it didn’t work out. I want to try it but haven’t sat down to do it yet.

  4. says

    My sister tried this & instead of using tape on her finger to keep the polish from sticking to her skin, she spread vasaline around her nail so the polish wouldn’t stick there. She wasn’t able to get the marbled effect quite as nice as the picture, but it did still turn out pretty good.

  5. says

    Yeah, I would love to try it and I think the tape is the way to go and I agree that they do circles. Wondering if the instadry doesn’t work well…

  6. Amy says

    Four tips I’ve discovered help

    1.Use vaseline on the skin
    2.Don’t use InstaDry or other quick drying polish.
    3.Swirl less or make concentric circles in the cup
    4.Place 1 or 2 drops max of each color into the cup and use a qtip to clear the polish out of the water after dippin 1 or 2 nails.

  7. says

    Scotch tape is a great investment when doing this :-)

    1) Insert finger into water, past the nail. Leave in water.
    2) Use a toothpick/orangestick to collect the polish still on top of the water, away from your finger, so no polish gets on your finger when you bring it out.
    3) Pull finger out!

    See if that helps…and yeah, you don’t need to swirl much at all, just drop concentric circles and maybe run a toothpick from the middle out, like a spider web.

  8. says

    I’ve tried this too, but haven’t perfected it. I found this site on pinterest, she’s got videos that are good. I think the type of polish must make a big difference, cause I tried to do a red/wh/blue one w/ cheapo Bonbon 95cent polish from walmart and it was WAY too thin.

  9. says

    It looks like people left great comments. I was also thinking that aside from the green, your colors are much closer so they may not show the marbling as well even if/when you get it to work.

    I’m definitely going to have to try this with my wee one!

  10. says

    wow so many resources to choose from. that’s what you get for sharing your failures as well as your successes! Thanks for generating all the resources!

  11. says

    I’ve done this, but instead of painting my nails I dipped some sunshades in – came out really cool! I used different brands of nail polish and some worked better than others. whatever the surface of the water looks like is how it’s going to transfer. yours might be a little over mixed and the paint might be too thick. it’s supposed to spread across the water until it reaches the edges, so if it’s just globbed in a puddle on the surface of the water it won’t come out right. the videos everyone’s posted links to will really help in explaining that. definitely you should try again!

  12. says

    I have done it and it worked fine. I watched several you tube videos first. A few things that helped… Scotch tape and filtered water ( used mine from the fridge.). I also read that room temp water works best, so I let mine sit out for 20 or so minutes. I hope you don’t give up and try again.

  13. says

    Hehe! I laughed out loud when I saw that fail picture! Don’t worry I’m so completely positive it would have happened to me too! It is a pretty clever idea though! You’ll get the hang of it!

  14. says

    Thanks for posting this. I thought it looked a little too good to be true when I saw it on Pinterest too. Sorry it didn’t work!

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