Ever Changing

I can say for sure that there is no lack of change in my life. The past few years have held so many changes for me and I am about to encounter yet another.

yay! He's headed for flight school :)

My handsome hubby went and got accepted into flight school this past spring. Exciting, right? (He’s hoping to get helo’s, but I wouldn’t mind if he got that or fixed wing). He is a manly man. He has to be doing the exciting stuff :) No behind the desk for this one! If he can help it ;). So, we are in the process of moving. We aren’t going too far, just to the other side of Florida, near Pensacola. We visited there last week and I am intrigued. It is a lot more laid back where we are going to live. There is one street with the main stores. One Walmart. One Target. No fabric stores that I saw :(. I’m hoping the Walmart there carries fabric, or else I will have to drive a ways or order online. But, I’m looking forward to it. I had a good feeling when we were there. I think God will use it as a time to do some good things. I just can’t believe this is our 4th move in 4 years. I feel like a pro when it comes to packing. (Yes, we like to do dity moves, at least so far).
I just wanted to share because I will probably be a bit absent once we move out and are in the process of moving in, which will be soon! There will be some posts, but once we are in and settled, things will be back to normal. I’m off to think about my little family’s new adventure……

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    Wow, you are extremely brave to do DITY moves. My husband’s in the AirForce and we’ve moved every year since we’ve been together, some to a different state and some to different housing. How do you stay organized and sane when packing? I’ll need some help in a couple of years when we leave VA.

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    Hey- I’ve been following your post for awhile and was excited to find out you were a fellow Military wife! My husband is approaching his 6th year in the Air Force. He hopes to commission next year and become a pilot himself. He’s toying around with the idea of flying C-17’s but he doesn’t want to get ahead of himself yet. You should consider yourself very lucky to be in FL. We are in the yucky desert of California (looks NOTHING like the California you see on t.v.!) Congrats to your family. Hopefully this move will be your last for awhile. I hope you can find a fabric store close, you gotta keep giving us great ideas!

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    Ooooh…your getting closer and closer to me!!! We had a friend in the army who was in pensacola and would still attend our church! But they are now in NC. And you know we just moved across town and um…both our daughters had the majority of stuff! Praying for all of you to have a great transition. Also, where I used to live was a cute downtown area and they had a great fabric boutique type of shop. WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE! Not sure how much online stuff they do but here is the link…
    They carry Amy Butler and other designers. Maybe you could do something online with them or come for a visit!

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    Hi – we have never done a dity move only a partial dity. That is a lot of moves in a short time! We just moved to Tampa in July which was my 2nd AF move. I hope you find some fabric nearby! Joanns is 30 minutes from me now which is a pain but at least its close! Good luck with everything.


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    Welcome to Pensacola!

    No fabric in Walmart, but we do have Hobby Lobby & Joann’s.

    Fabric Zoo is more upholstery, but A&E fabrics is GREAT! Little mom & pop like store with some great stuff!

    And it’s a great community with tons of family activities, parks, festivals, and the beach! Can’t wait to have you join us here!

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    You are a brave soul to do a DITY move. I despise moving, not so good when you do it as often as us huh? But I enjoy not having to pack everything and move it. The only pain come with unpacking and unwrapping an entire forest for all our hhg. Good luck with the move.

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    How exciting! I guess you’ll be joining me in being a pilot’s wife. My husband got his pilot’s license a year or two ago.

    I hope you can find a good fabric store near you. My closest store is 1/2 hour away and they have pretty things but very limited so I find myself shopping online a lot.

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    Isn’t it exciting? I too am a helo pilot military wife – it’s a wonderful community if that is the route your husband chooses. Best of luck to you and your adventures in Pensacola! We lived there but it’s been awhile now and I’m sure like most places – lots have changed! If you have any specific questions about the helo community – let me know!

  9. Anonymous says

    **Hi…I live in Pensacola. I want you to know, that where you will be living, is across the bay from Pensacola, which is much bigger. And we have fabric stores, JoAnns, etc. Don’t fret! It takes about 20-25 minutes to get over here, depending on which part of Milton/Pace you live in. Good luck…I am sure you’ll enjoy it, but frankly, I hate the heat! LOL (Amy)

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    Oh my goodness! God is good, isn’t He! We have done the same thing. After six months of dating, we got married and believe pregnant on our honeymoon. We’ve been married four years next month and have moved four times. Including living on a boat while pregnant, apartment, trailer, and now a house. Moving stinks, but you’re right, you get really good at it! Good luck in your new adventure! God will provide what you guys need!!!

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    I am a Coastie Wife too! And I only recently saw you were. I was checking out that helo corkboard, and I spyed the CG emblem. I have a neighbor who just came from Pensacola I believe, they liked it there…if like them, your next stop is TX, I would love to show you around and sew with you! Have fun with your move, DITY is very rewarding!!

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    Bloom where you are planted, right? Is Pensacola near Venice, that is where my dad and step mom winter each year, maybe you will be within shouting distance, when we visit! I envy the moving, it forces you to keep what you love, after 23 years in one place we are totally burdened with stuff! God bless, looking forward to your new posts when time permits!

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    I get my fabric at a huge JoAnns and Hobby Lobby in Pensacola. I live in Navarre, my husband is stationed at Hurlburt Field. It is about 45 minutes away from Pensacola. I hope you like it. It is very laid back, but Pensacola has everything you will need…even Dunkin Donuts =)

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    I live in the heart of pensacola (east hill). Walmart on 29 has fabric still. But A & E has wonderful fabric. They also take all competitors coupons. So grab up some JoAnn coupons and hit them up. Looks a little shady outside but they have awesome fabric. Good Luck. If you are looking for a church check out Harvest at the Rave.

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    So I’m not a military wife, so I have no idea what this dity is that people keep saying. But congrats to your hubby. And way to keep positive about packing. Hope it continues to go well!

  16. LaLa says

    My sister is in Pensacola! She’s a super crafty mama, too. So if you are ever in need of a craft buddy, she would be great! I’ll send her your way ;)

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