I had been saving these pictures from April until I finished the As You Like It Pattern, so now I can share! I like to get family pics every few months, so when my parents came to visit this past April I took the opportunity to have them help to that.

I made my dress, which was my Mother’s Day dress as well. I wanted to coordinate with the dress I made for my daughter, but not exactly. I really loved the colors. I just kind of winged it, but I think I would try a pattern next time.

I also made our headbands. So much fun to make!

I love these two so much and am so blessed by God to be married to my husband and a mom to my daughter.

And I love these two a lot as well. Thanks mom and dad for your help!

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    Oh my goodness gracious. Your blog just keeps getting better, and you keep getting prettier every time I come here!! I love your dress, I might just go make one right now….I love the family photos, too! Adorable!

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    Oh my these are fabulous photos! And your dress is AMAZING!! Feel free to share or make a pattern of that one cause it is sooo mine! Looking at you in these pics makes me think of what my daughter will look like when she’s all grown up. You guys look a like… in other words, I’m trying to say you are absolutely beautiful! I hope you have these photos framed & on display in your home they are really something to treasure.

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    I love, love, love these portraits! Do your parents hire out? I need some family portraits done too.

    The hairbands and dresses are awesome. You did a fabulous job :) I also love that your daughter winked in the first photo.

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    Fabulous photos. You make a wonderful family. I see some cute yellow shoes in there too- did you add the flowers to those or buy them? I’d like to see them up close- hope that doesn’t sound weird, lol.

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    “I see some cute yellow shoes in there too- did you add the flowers to those or buy them?”

    I bought them from Payless on clearance last winter in VA. They were already like that. And, I totally scored them for only $4! I will try and get a close up to you :)

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