Felt Trees Continued

In a row

Last year I made these, inspired by this. I shared a written explanation of how I made them, but this year I took a few pictures to help give more of a visual of that.

Felt Christmas Trees

I happened to make three more this year for a gift.

My helper :)

My daughter was very involved with the picture taking.

Gone with the wind

Especially since the wind kept blowing them down. She was kind enough to keep standing them back up :)

So, last year the ones I made, I used plastic trees that the dollar store had as the base. This year I didn’t see any when I went, so I just made some out of cardboard (cereal boxes, etc) in different sizes.

Then I grabbed felt and fleece in a certain color spectrum I liked and a hot glue gun. You can use fabric as well. Alexis, from Made by Lex, made these pretty ones with fabric last year.

And then this is the most random part. I just take a piece and see if it will fit around the base. If it does, I just glue on one end, wrap it around and glue on the other side. Then I trim off the extra at the bottom, the top, and where it meets. I layer as many layers as I like on each tree until at the top.

I then leave the top open a little bit so I can glue in the embroidery thread which is tied onto the pompom.
***I hand made the pom poms. See here for how to do this.

I love how whimsical they are. They now adorn my daughters dresser for part of her bedrooms Christmas decorations.

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  1. says

    I love the whimsy of these trees too! The pom pom is the perfect finishing touch. But can I tell you that I love your felt strewn across your microwave and kitchen the most? I make my poor husband crazy doing the exact same thing.

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing, I did admire them last year and thought that they looked so cute. It amazes me how simple ideas can look a Millon Dollars. I will make some for my friend.

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