A Fleece Hat Pattern – Under an Hour to Make!

It didn’t take me but 30 minutes, but I say an hour to be safe. This hat idea came from a day that I had forgotten my daughter’s hat at home. It was really windy out and she wanted to play outside, but really needed a hat. I was at my parent’s, so I grabbed a piece of fleece, cut it, sewed up the edge, and she had a cute little hat. I really wanted to get a good pic of her, but she would have none of that today. Also, this is a preview of the next Handmade Christmas Present Idea.
Having a hard time getting her to look at the camera

-Fleece (depending on size of head and desired length, but typically a 1/4 to a 1/2 yard)
-Yarn Pom Pom (see tutorial below; or if you want, you can buy a fuzzy pom pom at a store)

Step 1: Measure head circumference

Step 2: Cut rectangle that is ____ inches (head measurement) wide and 12.5 inches (can be shortened or lengthened) long.
Step 1- Fleece Hat

Step 3: Fold rectangle in half and cut at a curved triangle angle
Step 2- Fleece Hat
Step 3 - Fleece Hat

Step 4: Unfold and hem the bottom (but, you don’t really have to)
Step 4a- Fleece Hat
Step 5- Fleece Hat

Step 5: With right side of fabric facing, fold in half again and sew up the side. Finish the seams.
Step 6- Fleece Hat

Step 6: Turn right side out and sew on pom pom
Grandpa holding her still for me

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  1. says

    Just wanted to thank you for the directions. I made my hats a bit different but I appreciated the starting point your blog provided! My son got a “Christmas dinosaur” hat (like a traditional Santa hat but with white and red dino spikes LOL) and my daughter got a pink and purple crown hat with tied tassels.

    Thanks again!


  2. says

    Jessica what a great idea for a fleece hat. I am going to include this tutorial in a post of “Friday Link Sharing” on my blog tomorrow with a photo credited to you, as stipulated on your profile. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us who visit you. :)

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