Flower Puffs

And the last flower tutorial for right now…..

Fabric Flowers

Flower Puffs!

You have seen me use this technique to make these hair accessories for my Etsy shop:

Now I will share how you can make them too.
They are very versatile.

Flair for Your Hair

You can use them as hair accessories and add jewels, feathers, and more to them.

Add to Clothing

You can make them into pins and add them to your clothing.

A Lovely Bouquet

Or you could even glue them onto sticks or wooden dowels and create a beautiful bouquet (I would so do this for my wedding bouquet if I wasn’t married and was getting married :).

1. Cut strips of fabric for your flowers. I cut two pieces of 17″ x 4″ for each of these flowers. The longer they are the more poofier it will be. The taller it is, the longer the petals will be. You can also use different fabrics in each flower for a unique look. In the ones I had made before, I added tulle.

Flower Puff Tutorial

2. Take your scissors and cut down short ways, making sure not to cut all the way down. The further apart you make the cuts, the wider the petal will be.

Flower Puff Tutorial

3. Then go back and cut the edges with a point on the end.

Flower Puff Tutorial

4. Grab your needle and thread and baste along the bottom (do all the layers of fabric at the same time).

Flower Puff Tutorial

5. Then gather it up and sew the ends together.

Flower Puff Tutorial

6. Trim any excess off at the end and finish the bottom how you like (this depends on whether you are making it a hair accessory, pin, etc).

Flower Puff Tutorial
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  1. says

    I’m not quite sure what they were exactly, but they were sheer, silky, satiny, etc. kind of fabrics. I call them “fancy” fabrics :) I usually pick up the leftover pieces in the remnant box and use for projects like this.

    • says

      I just made sure to make the underneath fabric “stem” as short as possible then I glued a circle piece of fabric over it. That will help give a flatter surface to glue a disc to it. Also, if the bottom just is too thick, you could always cut the shape, but instead of basting and gathering, cut out a piece of circle felt and glue the fabric around and around (starting on the outer edge of felt circle) until in the center and then finish it off. Would give a similar look and a flatter bottom. Hope you are able to make it work :)

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