For Baby Jet’aime

I was so blessed to see one of my friend’s who are expecting a little girl during our trip. She’s due in four weeks and I’ll get to meet her over the summer! What is super special is that my friend is naming her after another friend of mine, who was my maid of honor and life long friend (literally. Friends since I was born; she was the oldest). So, here is a little bit of what I made for baby Jet’aime.

Baby Presents
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  1. says

    I love your blog! I randomly found it when searching for Anthropologie tutorials but then when I happened upon a picture of your gumball necklace I realized I’d seen your stuff on newlywife! What a small… internet…?

  2. Anonymous says

    super cute!

    and actually, you put the apostrophe in the right place..
    je t’aime


    love your creativity, kudos from another diy mom

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