For My Helpers

I wanted to do a little extra something for my pattern testers for the Mod Tie shirt because there was a lot of things they helped me correct :). I wanted to try the posterized/image transfer method I did with this project on scrapbook paper, so this was the perfect time to try it.

Image Transfer on Scrapbook Paper
I went on their blogs and found some pics of their kids/pets and went for it. The only thing different from doing this on wood or a canvas is that you have to cover the scrapbook paper with the medium gel and let it dry first. Then continue on with it.
Image Transfer on Scrapbook Paper
Doing it on the paper was a lot harder though and didn’t work as well, but I’m happy that they came out enough to be presentable.
Image Transfer on Scrapbook Paper
The little frames were from Michael’s. They only had three colors left, so I painted some of them.
Thanks again girls :) And speaking of patterns, one is currently with pattern testers as we speak with another two on their way soon! Yippee!
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  1. says

    thanks! We loved ours too- The kids and I had to compromise on where to put them. They wanted them in their rooms, I wanted them in my sewing room. They now sit on their craft table in my sewing room. I would love to work with you again!

  2. says

    It was so nice to get this little present in the mail, although my middle daughter took them all into her bedroom. I asked her why and she said… um… I think they look better in there. ha.

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