Fresh Off the Crochet Hook

I have this amazing plan to make my daughter a ton of great play food, but we will see what I actually get around to doing. She really loves playing with her kitchen we got her for her birthday, so that encourages me more to keep up on this plan. I just finished up some delicious donuts.
All in a row

I used this pattern. I obviously wasn’t paying attention for the first few I did (note different sizes). I always loose count on these kinds of things! I usually have to write down what stitch I’m on every now and then for when my mind wanders away from counting.

Yummy new crocheted donuts for the little one

I had them waiting on her table when she woke up from her nap yesterday. She freaked out! She loves donuts. It’s pretty bad. She has such a sweet tooth. We have to keep the stuff out of the house, or I will never hear the end of it. She now has chocolate, cake, powdered, and strawberry donuts. I’m thinking of doing a felt pizza next.

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  1. says

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen these. How cute. Gosh you do it all don’t you. Were in the world do you get the time to do it all with a baby & a husband? Can’t wait to see the pizza. Tracy

  2. says

    very sweet! they look good enough to eat! ha! i do love those felted foods! my daughter loves to play in her kitchen too so i plan i buying some “food” for her birthday! have fun!

  3. says

    Great idea. They toy food you buy in the stores is not as realistic as some of the crocheted stuff. Please post more as you make them. I look forward to see them

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    what a cool idea. There are some great ideas around the net for play food. I saw a lady make all these felt things like cheese and lettuce and bread so her kids could make different sandwiches.

  5. says

    felt pizzas are great for the little ones! they can create and take apart the pizza as many times as they want. really helps with those cognitive and creative skills! (love the doughnuts by the way!)

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    Thanks for the link to the pattern. I always think that I am really going to learn to knit and finish a project but never find simple things….this is great.
    Do-nuts are very cute.

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    haha I’m trying to crochet play food now… you know to get ready for when we do have kids (and I have no time). I made a coffee cup. there are so many cute play food patterns out there! haha

    Love the donuts!

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