• Jessica says

      Hi Gale :) This was a few years ago, but it was just with the regular lens that came with my Canon Rebel. That was before I bought some nicer equipment lol. A 50mm is a great lens and is what I use almost exclusively now at this point in my photography. Go as “high” on the aperture as possible (mine can go to 1.8). As long as all the people are on the same plane and the camera is far enough back, everyone will still be in focus. For ISO, go as high as you can without it being too grainy. I think if we had used more Christmas lights it would have helped a lot more too. I like using a black and white edit on this type of picture too because I feel it kind of “saves it” when it’s more grainy and dark. I hope that helps :)

  1. TS says

    I adore this! Do you think there is any chance I could pull off something similar with just an iphone or the imac photo booth?

    • Jessica says

      Oh for sure you can! That would be super easy :) I did this a long long time ago before so much editing options were available lol


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