Frozen Whipped Yogurt Blobs

Blobs….sounds so nice huh? ;) Well that is what these look like! Frozen blobs. But, they are yummy.


These regular yogurt frozen dots here have been pretty popular lately, but I read in the comments that they melt fast. So I figured I would grab some of the whips yogurt and try the same thing. They even encourage you to try them out frozen on the packaging and I have done that before and it worked nice.


I got a few flavors we would like and prepared it the same way as the above link did with regular yogurt (scoop some in a baggie, cut off tip, and squeeze them out in little dots on wax paper), then in the freezer they went!


They come out looking pretty much the same, but frozen.


Reminded me a bit of dip n dots.


I watched the clock to see how the melting process would work.


Ten minutes later, they were still frozen. The pic above is of the ones in my daughter’s bowl after ten minutes. They are still holding their own. She liked them. A fun way to put a different spin on eating yogurt.

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    You are so stinkin brilliant I can’t even stand it! I too have seen that pin around but never pinned it or tried it yet. And I never heard they melted fast either! So I am totally going to try this! My girls will love it! Thank you so much!

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