Geometric Fox DIY

I guess you could say we have a thing for foxes around here, huh? This is a piece I made for my daughters room and it’s really easy and fun to make!

Did you ever play with a tangram? I did and it’s the inspiration for this project. To make this fox you will need some wood shapes (triangles and squares are best). I found the above package at a local craft store. The best thing with these is that they are thin enough to cut with scissors if needed.
You also need some paint. I used the above colors c/o DecoArt. I ended up using a cream color instead of black though because of the background I later used. You will also need a paint brush, glue, and whatever you choose to glue it onto. I just used a piece of scrapbook paper.
I looked up tangram fox and made a few out of the shapes I had. I did cut two of the larger triangles for one of those, but I really tried to just what was in the bag. I asked my daughter which one she liked best and she picked this one:
So I got out my paint and painted them. I did a different color for each piece except the tail pieces. I left those just one color.
While I was painting, my daughter made some creatures herself. She’s so creative.
You might need to do more than one layer of paint too. And you could also do a top coat of a sealant (I used mod podge). Then just glue the pieces on and it’s finished.
You could really do all sorts of creatures and have fun with it. A great kids activity as well.
Happy early Thanksgiving to you all! 
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    Really sweet! The background is a fun match, too. My Little guy is a little young yet for this (15 months), but I think I may have to do it for myself!

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