Getting Ready


Here are a few pics from the getting ready time before my cousins wedding. Miss J was so excited that she was able to get a little bit of makeup on just like the big girls.


She wasn’t really into letting me take her pics (as you can see in these next two pics).


But, she did ham it up for the professional photog. I was hoping they would have some up, but I’ll share a link when they have some up. Her not wanting me to take her pic is one of the reasons I didn’t get a good pic of her in her dress during this time.


I was also trying not to get in the way of the professional. I know some can be touchy about others taking pics at weddings (as I read photog forums and all), so I opted to not take too many pics and keep my camera away more than I normally would have.


It was a wonderful time and after this we were off to the church for the wedding!


After getting a sneak peek of the reception area of course ;)

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    So cute! Where did you get the flower headband? My daughter is in a wedding in May and I’m looking for something small for her hair and that looks perfect!

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    The headband was a gift from my cousin and I’m not quite sure where she got it. It was actually a bit big on her, but since her hair was down the longer sides were covered by her hair. Maybe check out a store like Claire’s? Or the Icing?

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