Gifts for the Girls (love Bibity Bobity Boo)

One fun thing about having a baby is getting cute gifts. Even better when it’s something for both of my girls :)

I received these adorable headbands from Katie of Bibity Bobity Boo a little bit before baby came.

I couldn’t wait to do a fun sister photo shoot with them :)

This baby was not into taking pictures, so I was surprised she didn’t cry when I put her on her sisters lap. I tried to do some of those cute staged newborn pics a few days after she was born, but she was having none of that! lol

It is so precious to see how much her big sister loves her. And, I took these a few weeks ago and can’t believe how much baby has grown already!

Katie also sent me these adorable lobster shoes!!!!! She has so many cute little baby shoes like these. You should go look at them. My hubby and I picked these because of our love for the ocean and the fact they could be worn by a girl or a boy (in case we have another baby and it’s a boy, just trying to plan accordingly ;).

So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH Katie for these wonderful gifts!!!! You blessed our little family for sure :)

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  1. says

    I have no idea where to begin with all the cuteness going on! The colors of those headbands…just gorgeous! Your photos are breathtaking and those lobster shoes have got to be the cutest things I have ever seen…especially on those sweet baby feet! Jess…seriously girl…you are blessed beyond measure!

  2. says

    Your sister photo shoot is GREAT! In my cousin’s family there is a similar story but the older one is a boy. He loves his lil sis. It’s so cute to observe.

  3. says

    So gorgeous! What’s the age gap between your girls? My daughter will be 3 and a half when our new baby comes and I’m hoping she loves it just has much as your big girl loves her little sister.

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