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Mothers Day necklace gift

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was a good one here. Not perfect, but good :) We even had our two girls dedicated at church. For some reason it had just never worked out when a church we were at was doing one until now. That made yesterday extra special. I sent some goodies to my mom and mom-in-law from us.

Mothers Day necklace gift

I made them each a necklace with silhouettes of my girls and their names. They are their only grandbabies at the moment, otherwise I would have done them all and made multiple charms. I found these neat picture holders at Hobby Lobby. It has two glass panels, so I just printed out the silhouette pic (which I made in pse using this tutorial) and stuck it on in.

For Nana

I had my daughter help me with these fabric scrap bird wreaths. I had originally wanted to fill up the whole ring, but she got bored after this ;) She picked out the fabrics (with my guidance) and helped put the bird together too. I always try to add things she made.

For mema

She just loves making gifts for people. Then, here is me with my girls yesterday. We had a lovely lunch out and froyo afterwards. Yum yum! These two take a lot of time, but I’m so glad they are mine :)

Me and my girls
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  1. says

    Happy Mother’s Day! (A teeny bit late).
    Sounds like you had a lovely day – you are very blessed with your girls. Yes, our kids do take time, but I hear you… I wouldn’t trade mine either!
    Love that you got the girls to make something for their grandmothers – so sweet! :)

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