A Girl and Her Flowers

About two weeks ago, I had this idea to make some kid friendly flowers for my daughter to have to put on her table. This was to add to the effect of setting her play table with all her food and stuff.

Pom pom flowers

So, I did it. I crochet the stems and then stuck a straw in them to give support.
The flowers are just yarn pom poms I made and then sewed on. Simple and sweet.

Arranging Flowers

Now, she has “fresh” flowers to arrange and set her table with. Just like mommy.

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  1. says

    So cute, Jessica! I love all the stuff you make for your daughter. I use to knit but my joints in my hands get really sore and I cant do it anymore. I really wish I could!! Very creative!

  2. says

    So simple and so wonderful at the same time! I love the straw idea because it can be easily washed and the chances of someone getting hurt by them are pretty minimal. I’m always looking for ways to make crocheted details friendly for even the youngest of kids. Awesome job!!!

  3. says

    Love the crochet flowers, I always check your blog, even if I don’t have the time, cause there is always something to love! Sad news, my long term sub job is ending October 28th. I hope to find another gig, otherwise, lots more time for crafting, just no income…:( talk to you soon


  4. says

    You are all so kind! Thank you!

    “Will you be selling these in your etsy? “
    I will be more than happy to do a custom order for anyone interested. Just contact me about details :)

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